People Share Minor Annoyances That Give Them Major Headaches.

For me, it's brunch. I'm brunch orthodox. I believe that meal takes place between 10am and 12pm, period, full stop. When someone texts me at 3pm asking if I want to grab some brunch... I explode.

Now please enjoy, as these Redditors share the tiny pet peeves that absolutely drive them wild. 

There should be a federal law that if a manufacturer puts a sticker on a product, that sticker must be easily removed by the consumer with no residue left.


In The Force Awakens, when Chewbacca and Rey return from the Star-Killer Base, Leia sadly realizes Han was killed. So she hugs Rey. NOT CHEWBACCA, Han's closest friend and someone Leia has known for years. It's bull! Leia should have hugged Chewbacca.


Every construction site should have a sign facing the street that tells folks what that building will be when it is completed.


Why do you have to register for nearly everything now? I had to register for GoPro's app just so I could use the camera. Pretty much everything else these days asks for you to register. News site? You get a registration pop-up before you can even read the article!


Saving Private Ryan lost Best Picture to Shakespeare In Love.

It still makes me angry and it's been like 20 years.


If you live in a country that drives on the right hand side of the road, you should keep to the right on the footpath too. It allows for overtaking and makes for less congested paths.


Once, I was returning home from vacation and I was waiting in the very long line to go through customs. The line was one where you followed the maze-like path laid out by the rope barriers. There was a pretty generous amount of space between the ropes and an older foreign man just pushed through everyone who was waiting patiently for the line to move. (continued...)

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People argued with him about his line-cutting several times but he didn't care - he just kept pushing towards the front of the line. I was quietly seething until he got to the front, went up to the counter, and found out that our line was for citizens only. As someone on a visa, he would have to go to the back of the next line over.

Oh man, was it delightful. He probably cut the other line too, but watching that walk of shame was fantastic. Just wait your turn!


Radio commercials should be banned from having any car sounds, honking, crash noises, sirens.

Too many times I've looked to see who is honking only to realize it's the ad.


I cant abide laugh tracks. If it's funny, I'll laugh. If it's not funny, then you playing a recording of people laughing won't convince me.


Boneless buffalo wings are NOT wings. They are chicken nuggets in wing sauce.


Vanilla is an amazing flavor, and everyone treats it like it's just some basic thing that's expected. It's complex, and rich, and just a delicious flavor. But then we go around and describe the most dull and boring and normal things as "vanilla" and it totally detracts from the flavor. 

Chocolate ice cream is fine, ice cream with nuts in it is okay, but if I had to choose only one ice cream flavor for the rest of my life… I'd choose vanilla in a heartbeat. Go take your chunky monkey somewhere else.


I believe... That sandwich ingredients should be eaten together as the form they were intended to be. A SANDWICH!!

I made a sandwich for my girlfriend once and you know what she did? (continued...)

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She ate the bacon first, then some cheese, then the turkey, a nibble of lettuce here. Some tomato there.

Why not just eat it as a sandwich and enjoy it all together? It's blasphemy is what it is!

It's not a turkey club anymore! You're just eating ingredients!


The Oxford comma.

With the Oxford comma, you can invite your parents, Hitler, and Wonder Woman to your dinner party.

Without the Oxford comma, you invite your parents, Hitler and Wonder Woman (how did they ever get together in the first place?) to the party.


The dishes in my house should be placed so they take up the least amount of space. Apparently the rest of the household likes to think otherwise.


Websites that automatically sign you up for their garbage spam list. Please don't assume that I am interested in every little update from you for the rest of my natural life just because I once made the mistake of using your site for two minutes.


Fellow ladies: for gods sake PLEASE don't hover when you use a public toilet. In your awkward attempt to not get butt bacteria from a once-dry toilet seat, you left a smattering of pee for the next person to either clean up or unwittingly sit in.

Also, people who leave about half a roll of toilet paper in the bowl without flushing… what went wrong in your childhood?


If you're the mayor of a city/town you should live in that place. The mayor of my city lives in the next city over. How can you decide what's best for the community if you're not even a part of it?


The mayor of Tijuana lives in San Diego and says everything is fine. Really? You live in San Diego!


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WATERMELON "EATING" CONTESTS. I've never been in one myself, and I never would. Why sign up for such a sham? It's not an "eating" contest at all. They should at least be honest and call it a "slam and grind your face against a watermelon as hard and fast as you can" contest.

Every time, the "winner" is just some jerk who just pushed his face against the melon so that it all breaks apart and liquefies and falls to the floor around him. Meanwhile, there's always another contestant sitting beside the "winner" who was a good honest upstanding citizen, genuinely trying to eat the melon, and you can just see his naive faith in humanity being shattered.

And if it isn't bad enough that the charlatans running these operations allow this to happen, the crowds all cheer and oooh and ahh and share videos online where more people continue to comment about how crazy awesome it is someone could eat so fast. OPEN YOUR EYES STEEPLE!


I cant stand peacocks. Theyre just stuck-up pigeons in drag, and they think they're so special.

…I was pecked as a child.


As a chef, I hold two strong but unnecessary opinions.

1) When using a steel on a knife, it's not 'sharpening', it's 'honing'. You use a stone to sharpen. 

2) Just because you're using a grill doesn't mean it's BBQ.

For it to be barbecue, the heat has to be low and slow, and usually indirect. Over an open fire or pit. Most pit masters will tell you smoke has to be involved, and thats what gives BBQ the distinct flavor. 

Grilling means direct heat, and high temperature. I love both methods, just like using the right definitions. But if my friends throw a "BBQ" and are just grilling hamburgers and hotdogs, I'm not going to be a jerk and correct them.


American morning radio shows should be outlawed. Between the fake laughs, fake radio names, and fake bits - theyre intolerable.

Know this my brothers and sisters: when you flip on your radio and some DJ named "Spyder" or "Gravy" tells an inane story about shopping at the dollar store or something similarly screaming at your radio… you are not alone.


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I am adamant that when you close a plastic or ziplock bag, there should be NO air inside. When I see people close a bag with lots of air inside, I get very unsettled.


Pianos should be tuned at least once per year, even if they're not played regularly.

Otherwise, the strings become brittle and the tuning pins unresponsive to holding the pitch firmly in place.


Tuna is tuna. Don't call it tunafish.


Sliced bread. Oh my god, sliced bread is one of the highest forms of capitalist control. Everyone's all like, "X is the best thing since sliced bread!" Y'KNOW WHAT THAT IS? Brainwashing.

What you gotta do, at least once in your life, you gotta buy a full loaf of bread. You gotta buy one, cut yourself a thick hunk of yeast, pop that bad boy in the toaster, and butter it up real good. It's liberating. I swear, you'll never go back to that thinly sliced tower of GREED and LIES. Bonus points if it's Irish Batch. Breakfast of a true rebel.


The Minions were cute in the first movie. Before they got individual personalities and were just a hoard of brainless yellow Tic-Tacs, they were a funny concept.

But as soon as someone realized that they were the most marketable thing on earth, which was likely the plan all along, they just kinda overused a joke they shouldn't have overexposed.


There should be no red lights from 12am till 6am unless they are absolutely needed. I drive a truck for a living and it's infuriating having to sit for two minutes when I'm the only vehicle around.


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Telemarketing should be illegal. It's annoying, it's basically harassment (getting 3-4 phone calls at 9am on your free Friday is not a fun way to wake up, and no, I don't want to buy "the healing power of crystals").

I have reached a point where I just don't answer my phone if the number isn't saved in my phone book or is hidden. I suffer from mild anxiety and I feel bad after I just close the call. I've moved beyond the politeness point where you say "no" almost infinitely - I shouldn't feel bad, because most telemarketers are just glad they don't have to waste their time, but I still feel guilty.

The thing is that if you're expecting an important phone call and accidentally answer a telemarketer instead, then your number seems to move up in their list. Like bright red alerts go off in their system: we found a sucker who answered! Let's all bombard that number! Because once you answer the number once, you start getting 3-4 calls a day for weeks.


Cookies n' Cream filled Oreos are my pet peeve. Oreos are already cookies with cream! I know it tastes different but it irks me every time I see them and I don't know why.


You don't itch a mosquito bite. You scratch it because it itches. It's not that difficult. You could be itching to scratch your itch, but you can't be itching to itch your itch.


Disney's Cars universe makes zero sense. It's just not possible for living cars to build a society like that. It's ridiculous. And don't give me that cop-out theory about it being post-apocalypse either. Bunk. How do they reproduce? Build tiny components with wheel hands? Do they die? Where is their brain? WHY DO THEY HAVE DOORS?!


50 Shades of Grey is about abuse. 

It portrays BDSM inaccurately and in a manner which is extremely dangerous to anyone not educated in it.

He stalks her. He tracks her phone. He belittles her. He gives her ultimatums. He gets angry with her when he finds out she's a virgin. He assaults her. As many people have said, if he was poor and ugly, it wouldn't be acceptable.

I mean, you'd THINK that people would realize that this is highly dangerous, and frankly psychopathic behaviour, but apparently its "romantic."



Whoops. That snip was just a hair too far....

Your first bad haircut probably made you want to die a little when you looked in the mirror. Imagine how the person cutting your hair must have felt. Although, maybe they didn't care at all, as evidenced by the bs excuse they gave you when you finished in the barber chair.

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