People Share Stories Of Being Stabbed In The Back By A Close Friend.

There's no worse feeling than when a longtime friend does something horrible to you behind your back.

Below are some of the worst stories of people who were stabbed in the back by a close friend.

I was in a geek rock band in college. We played around Chicago almost weekly. We also had a side-job as a jazz band. We were pretty tight. We went to each others' weddings, hung out outside of gigs, etc. After several years of this friendship, I was going through a divorce. I kept gigging with them.

One gig with the jazz group was rough. I wasn't there emotionally. I didn't miss a note, and had some pretty sweet solos, but I probably looked like I'd just been beaten and drugged. A few weeks later, I get a mass email saying, come to our next gig, with new bassist, Joe Schmo! I was devastated. Not one of them had said anything to me. No one had checked in, no one had cared enough to say, "You're going through a rough time, maybe you want to take off for a bit."

One of the guys is a fellow teacher nearby and I have to see him a few times a year. Breaks my heart again every time.


My roommate tried to convince my girlfriend that I was secretly a pedophile, got his girlfriend and some others and held an "intervention" where she couldn't leave until she said she was going to do something about me.

Luckily, my girlfriend decided to talk to me, realized it was all bullcrap, and is still by my side today. My roommate dropped out of college and still hasn't finished their degree.


So, several years ago my grandmother died. Driving home from her house (she lived very close to us) we ran into one of my best friends driving the other way. He had known her and had eaten Sunday dinner at her place on several occasions, so we stopped to let him know that she had passed and when/where the funeral would be.

While we were at her funeral, he and a couple of other guys broke into our apartment and stole all of our stuff. Then, a couple of nights later, they tried to break into her apartment too but a neighbor saw them and scared them off.

This guy had been near the top of my best friends list and we'd known each other for about 12 years (I was 18 at the time).


A couple of years ago I got really really sick and moved back to my parents' house for a couple months. My roommate asked me if some friends of ours (his very long-time friends) could stay in my room for a few days because they were temporarily homeless. They had like 4 kids and the kids had to stay somewhere else. It was Christmas time and these people were pretty poor and weren't going to be able to afford presents for the kids. My parents were actually going to give them a couple hundred bucks to help with presents. I came back to the house a week or two after they came and stayed only to discover they had stolen my MacBook, another laptop, a kindle, a set of gaming headphones, and my external hard drive (like 15 years worth of pictures stored on there). They also stole my roommate's college ring. I'm still mad and it's going on three years later. You don't steal from friends. Especially ones who are saving your homeless necks.


My best friend, my fiance. We were together six years, lived together most of it. Lived apart for the last because we went to school in cities two hours apart. We had an argument the day after thanksgiving so I made a surprise drive to visit her that night. Caught her red handed cheating on me. She swore up and down it was a misunderstanding, and since I loved her, I believed every word. We spoke briefly for the next month because of finals, but afterwards she invited me over. I drove two hours to see her, and when I get there the cops show up minutes later and hand me a restraining order. I found out, months later why she did: she didn't want me to find out she was already getting married to the guy she was cheating on me with. Messed me up for years.


A group of my friends from high school had talked for a long while about going to Japan. Around age 24 or so all of us finally had jobs and money, so three of us finalized the plans. Then another friend joined in, and then yet another.

Just before we booked the flights one of them called me up and said "the four of us don't want you to come on this trip. We have different interests. The others can't even bring themselves to call you and tell you, but I figure this way is better"

I talked to some of my new colleagues about how awesome it would be to go to Japan and ended up going with them on the original dates that were planned - a great trip, too. Of my high school friends, the only one I have any contact with, and the only one who kept any of my respect, is the one who called me and fessed up.


My ex cheated on me with my bass player, two very close friends, and most likely a few others.

On the flip side, this means that all of the people she cheated with also betrayed me.


I had a great friend that I knew since 4th grade. When we both got out of the military we decided to get an apartment and were room mates for about 8 months.

I was working 2 jobs, so I was not around a lot. One day our apartment manager caught me in the hallway and asked me if I had the rent. At the time I was giving my room mate the rent and he said he was paying it. Turns out he had not paid the previous 2 months and had pocketed my cash. I ended up paying for 4 months of rent for both of us, got evicted, and lost my security deposit.


So after my high school girlfriend and I broke up, it was a nasty situation, she cheated on me as I laid in bed with pneumonia, but anyways, I accepted it but she continued to harass me in various ways. The last time she did it, she went onto my Facebook, because I never changed my password when her and I set it up, because why would I? 

She decided to blast me on my own Facebook about how awful of a person I was, and that dug a thorn into my side, and the next day when I decided to confront her about it, one of my closest friends sided with her saying it was my fault for being that stupid, my rage went to sadness because my friend of almost 10 years just couldn't support me.


I used to have 2 very good friends when I was ~19 years old. We always hung out and smoked weed together.

One day, the two of them teamed up on me and said "We think you are only friends with us so you can smoke our weed. If you want to prove that you are really our friend, you should pay for all the weed we smoke for the next two months."

Each of us, including me, had always fairly contributed to our purchases, so this was completely unwarranted. Also it's completely ridiculous to ask your friend to prove his friendship by paying things for you.

So yeah I told them to piss off and blocked them on all social media, never saw them again.

Two years later, I met one of the two at a concert. He told me that he wasn't friends with the other guy anymore because he realised what a manipulative jerk that guy was. He explained to me that the guy had talked him into ganging up on me back then and I forgave him, so we became friends again.


"I'm so sorry honey, I don't know who could be spreading those rumors. They're sick and they don't know you at all."

Rumors had been spread that I, an awkward nerdy girl who'd never done more than hold hands, was not only sleeping with the whole school, male and female, but also that I was pregnant! Yay! News to me, right??

My best friends swore they'd defend me and when they found out who it was they'd make them regret it.

Then I went down to the lowest floor of the high school (foreshadowing much?) and walked up behind my best friend and noticed she was talking about... Me? About what a jerk I am? That she'd never be friends with me? The girl she was talking to started frantically signalling to cut off her convo but GUESS WHAT too late.

I switched schools halfway through that year and never looked back.


Dated my best friend for about three years. About a year and a half in, her mom passed away and she took it really hard. For several months, I was there for her everyday helping her cope. It was difficult but we got through it together. A year later my dad died from a sudden heart attack. She broke up with me after two weeks because "you're just not fun to be around anymore."


Back in November I took in a friend whose boyfriend kicked her out. She lived with me completely free of charge up until this month because she was unable to get a job. Well, at the start of the month she got a job finally and of course we agreed she'd start paying the same rent and bills as everyone else in the house. 

That was all set and fine until she decided she wanted to get a tattoo with her first pay. I said thats fine but make sure we have rent money first and tattoo afterwards. You would have thought I told her her first months rent was the soul of her first born. She went wild. Screaming about how I'm a horrid person whose never done anything for her and she shouldn't have to pay because it isn't fair because she wants to use her money for her things. She screamed and swore until my neighbors came over because they were worried. This all coming from the girl that I had given everything to. Food. Clothes. A home. I shared my bed with her, but the second I told her she was expected to contribute to the house, I was suddenly the worst human being to ever take a breath. So she left last night after making that huge scene, called me every name in the book and had her next victim pick her up. Poor guy. Soon enough she'll do the same thing to him. She's done this more times than I can count.


I was in a band with some friends in high school. I wrote all the songs we played. They kicked me out and said they didn't like my music anymore and wanted to go another direction. I later found out they had booked a show and played my songs they said they hated. I felt pretty crummy after hearing that.


Was friends with a guy since middle school. We were inseparable. I helped him with his depression, got him to move out of his parents house, supported him when he was emotionally wrecked, etc.

But the moment I lost my job and became depressed, he wasn't there for me. Stopped talking to me, hanging out with me, answering my messages. Asked him why he was ignoring me and he said I was being too sad.


My roommate and good friend in college had my email/school password -- you know, as happens over time. She didn't like the guy I was dating and that I ignored her criticisms of him (I literally never brought him to our room while her boyfriend used to stay overnight). So she dropped classes off my schedule and deleted emails about my study abroad and financial aid. Caused hours of headaches and I didn't catch her until like halfway through the semester.

As you may guess, we are no longer on speaking terms. Screw her. Oh and I'm engaged to the guy, so he was worth it.


Best friend of 12 years decided 2 weeks before my wedding he didn't want to participate (he was my best man) because on the wedding day, his girlfriend (now wife) had planned a non refundable trip for them to take. Even on the day of our fitting which I had planned a dinner for everyone as an early thanks, he came to get fitted and then blew us off for dinner because he had a party to go to instead.

His girlfriend knew it was my wedding day, as she was invited as well. She never liked me, feeling was mutual so it never bothered me. So I cancelled their invite, wedding day came, my brother in law stepped up and helped me that day.


My best friend in college just stopped talking to me one day. Wouldn't respond to any texts or anything. It hurt, but I let it go. A year or so later I read in the paper that an old friend of ours had died, so I texted her to let her know. She responded with 'you have the wrong number'. Maybe that was the truth, but I couldn't help but think that it wasn't and for some reason this hurt more than her breaking things off with me.

Years later she apologized out of the blue on Facebook which is nice I guess. But who does that?


I invited all my high school "friends" to my birthday party and none of them showed up. Luckily I had my 2 close friends from outside of school show up and still have a good time. Went back to school that Monday and instead of sitting at their table I took a chance and sat with this girl I had a crush on, we dated throughout highschool and then some so it worked out.


2nd grade I had this abusive teacher who would sharpen pencils to throw them at students and smack us on the head with textbooks. One day after talking to my parents about this issue they told me to run to the principle's office next time this happened. About 2 weeks later she got mad because one kid fell asleep in class she started chucking pencils at us and one stuck me right in the shoulder (wasn't deep but it stuck) so I ran to the principle. Long story short they never believed me and she was able to keep her job. Worst part is the counselors would come down regularly and talk to us about this issue but didn't believe anybody in class since the teacher would suck up to them when they walked in.

I did find out though that a couple years later one kid's father was a FBI agent and truly wanted to investigate and set up a camera inside the classroom to record some evidence. She ended up serving some jail time after he went straight to court


I hired a guy who was desperate for a job. He was older than me by about 15 years. One day he dressed up in a suit, around my back went to my boss and convinced him to make me his subordinate.

One thing lead to another and I settled out, got paid to not work for a year.


Back in late 2008 I had one of my groomsmen/best friends train my fiance (he had a personal training studio business) because she wanted to tone up for our wedding. Shortly after that, her and I were constantly arguing and I was always doing something wrong. Come early 2009 I left on a weekend trip and when I got back she broke up with me. Two weeks later they were together. 6mo later they got married. Now like 8yrs later I think they're expecting their 4th kid. I don't talk to them anymore, but good for them, they seem happy. At least it wasn't for some temporary fling.


"I met someone and she opened my eyes," said my husband three weeks after our son was born. I'm still bleeding from that stab wound.


Best friend of many years tried to break up me and my then- boyfriend by fabricating evidence he was cheating on me. Never figured out if it was her being possessive of me or if she wanted to date him.


Dated a girl all through high school but when school ended we started drifting apart because real life was coming at us fast and it's just the way things were. We didn't officially break up, but we became a lot less close than we had been. Then one night my phone rings at like 2:30am and it's my best friend calling. I figure he needs a ride home from a party or something so I answer to see what's up's her. Well, it was him calling. But I hear her in the background laughing, at which point he starts laughing too. I'm thoroughly confused and pretty much start yelling into the phone "What?! What is going on?!" and then I hear the unmistakeable sound of naked skin slapping naked skin with her moaning like crazy.

Yeah, she cheated on me with my best friend and called me in the middle of the sex as a joke so I could hear them going at it via speakerphone.

Relationship instantly over, friendship instantly over. That was 16 years ago. Haven't spoken a word to either of them since and the few times I've seen him (I believe she moved away, thank god) I just breeze right past him as if he doesn't exist. I've had trust problems with people ever since that night though. It would be one thing to have a relationship end, or a friendship fall apart, but to have both of them, the two people I trusted most, that had been by my side for years, do that to me? Done.


I stabbed my friend in the back.

One day in grade seven, I was sick so I stayed home from school. Since I wasn't deathly Ill, I played Runescape (A game my whole friend group was playing at the time). When I logged on I saw my friend Jordan online.

Jordan and I were talking about how Dylan has the coolest items in Runescape (Dylans other friend was a member, so Dylan had good items). Jordan askes if I knew Dylans password and I said no but we're best friends so I can guess. I tried logging into his account and I got his password correct eventually.

We took most of the important things from his account. Money, Items and Armor. When Dylan logged on, He was very upset. He eventually found out what we did and he really didn't care that much after a while. However I always have felt bad about it. Not because what I did was too horrible, but because he is the nicest guy and I betrayed him.

Dylan and I are still best friends to this day (we are both teachers) and we hang out every Sunday and play chess.


I was a mentor to a young lawyer who had no self confidence and was in a very male, conservative company. I taught her, advocated for her (actually fought for her) and got her 3 promotions over 10 years. She went through a terrible depression and I literally did her job for 4 months and covered for her while she sat home and cried (this is important later). I truly believe I prevented her suicide twice. Eventually she got better and became the general counsel of a huge company, and still called me 3-4 times a week to make big decisions for her. I decided to go out on my own and needed a 1-sentence blurb for my website (totally bland, like "Greeperfi is a smart lawyer whose judgment I trust.") She refused and said she doesn't give recommendations. She also refused to consider me for a job in her organization. The real kicker was when someone called her for a job reference she said she wasn't aware that I ever had managed a certain kind of project -- when the project I did for her while she was depressed was exactly that. When I confronted her, she said that I may have done the work, but I was not the project manager (she was).


Living with 5 very close friends in a 2br apartment. Lease is in 2 of their names (they're a couple). The rest of us pay them rent, they pay the landlord.

Dude of the couple is a slob. Gets worse once he actually finds a steady job driving a forklift in a plant. He gets some money, buys a TV and playstation. Ends up skipping work and staying at home to play video games. She doesn't like this turn. They break up, she leaves.

Close friend since highscool is sad, but he's got a gaming addiction to help him cope.

Little did we know, after he lost his job on week #2 (no-call no-shows for MW3 coming out apparently don't fly in automotive plants), he just stole our rent money for 3 months. Disappeared in the night after robbing our rooms. Week later we get a letter from the landlord "This is your third and final notice, you have 7 days to vacate."

So, the rest of us all go our own ways. I find a new apartment and everything ends up okay.

Turns out he robbed us, then pawned the car that his dad had given him (to 'help him get back on his feet'), went to the casino, blew all of it, and had his aunt pick him up.

Happened like 10 years ago, but he's still the one person in the world who I would up and punch him if I saw him walking down the street. Everyone has tried to help this guy, through money or time or goods. He's always almost gonna get out of the hole he's dug himself.


Just posted this story yesterday on a luckiest moment thread but I'll elaborate on the friend part. So this kid I had worked with needed a place to live and when he was 21 and I was 19. My grandparents had a fully furnished apartment in Staten Island N.Y that I had moved to at 18. I originally had no friends whatsoever so when he pleaded with me I allowed him to move in for six months rent free. He had his own bedroom and things went by alright- later I had to really force his hand to get him to ever leave (all while I knew we would still have to work together). So another year or two goes by and we still make small-talk at the job and start hanging out again a little bit. Then one night when I was expecting him at my door I opened it up to get punched in the face and jumped by five dudes (one was him) I struggled with them from my front door to the back of my bedroom (where he knew I had my most valuable possessions and money because I could not open a bank account due to some random stuff I was put through at 18 while living in Nj). 

Anyways in the struggle I got stabbed in the back not just metaphorically but literally and also slashed on face and arm.. it's just crazy you take someone in and help them out and when you try to tell them they have to move on the help is expected and you are resented for not offering it.. people are dangerous!


Got kicked out of my house and my best friend, we'll call him Karl, invited me to live with him and his girlfriend for the summer before I went back to college. Before I met anyone, he told me I was going to want to date his friend, Liz. Then forbade me from dating Liz with no explanation other than "she's basically my little sister". I then met Liz and really liked Liz.

Karl then tried to set me up with his friend Amy. Amy and I got along okay, went on a couple dates before I found out she was dating another guy on the side. Was no skin off my back, since it was a casual set up in the first place. And that gave me an opening to start seeing more of Liz.

I started dating Liz and Karl got grouchy with me, telling me I wasn't good enough for her, and all sorts of overprotective macho nonsense, but we mostly just moved on until I moved out and went to school in another city.

Liz visited me a couple times, and eventually Karl and Liz went to visit a friend of ours who lives nearish me. I was like "oh sweet, I'll come too and It'll be a big ol' friends reunion!" And Karl tells me that's a no go because a guy who lives with them hated me for no reason that was ever given, and apparently none of my other buddies would stand up for me. That hurt, but Liz said she would visit me after.

So fine, that happens. Liz comes to visit. And she has a tale to tell. Turns out, Karl and his girlfriend had been having relationship issues, and I had been invited to live with them as a buffer. I moved out and things got worse, they were now on a "Break". The reason Karl forbade me from dating Liz? Liz was his back up girl and I was cock-blocking his prospective target. The reason my buddies didn't have my back? Karl told everyone I cheated on Amy, and Karl was using that trip to try and get in Liz's pants despite her and I dating.



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