People Share The Craziest Relationship Request Ever Made Of Them.

Love forces us to compromise, but some people just take things way too far.

Here are 24 of the craziest relationship requests people have ever been given.

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1. A girl once asked me, "So could I just go have sex with other guys and maybe you NOT have sex with other girls? Kinda what we have now but I get to be with other dudes?"

"Why would I even agree to that if I don't get to be with other chicks?" was my answer.


2. My ex asked me to take her to her ex boyfriends house at 2am because he called her and just had a bad dream about her dying. I asked her why she had to go, she said, "He wants me to spend the night so he can make sure I don't die".

I'm dumb but even I know what that means.


3. I once got in an argument with a girl over what the boundaries are in an open relationship. She insisted there were none, and I insisted that there had to be some (like no banging immediate friends)

Anyways, she slept with my friend, so I banged her younger sister. I think I proved my point.


4. I went to work only to come home to find during the day my ex had changed all the locks and would not let me in to get my stuff after an argument.

So I went to the rental agency and got myself off the lease and onto another one and moved into another apartment.

She emails me:


"You could at least pay a few months rent to help me out"



5. When I was 16 and in a relationship my girlfriend cheated on me, got pregnant but cried and said she was sorry and that she wanted us to raise the kid together. I broke up with her faster than the wind.


6. I started seeing a girl last summer when she was a couple months out of a serious relationship. We were friends before this, her ex and I are what you could call acquaintances. One thing leads to another, and this girl and I become more serious. I know she still talks to her ex occasionally, but I'm a very trusting individual, and she swears she's done with him.

Fast forward a few month to when she tells me about a dinner the two of them had the night before, where he asked her to stop seeing me, because it was so embarrassing for him (I am an undergrad, she is graduated, he's pursuing some crazy doctorate degree, and we have many mutual friends).

Sex comes to a screeching halt. She wants some space to figure out why she's complying with her exes requests. They start seeing each other again, and through mutual friends, I hear that he doesn't want her to communicate with me whatsoever. I even had one of her credit cards she left in my dorm, instead of picking it up she had to cancel it.

Fast forward 6 months. Out of nowhere she starts texting me, a lot, from both of her phone numbers.


Hear from a mutual friend that she just broke up with this guy again. She wants to hang out and catch up because she has no idea what I've been doing for the last few months. So transparent, this is making me angry just thinking about. The worst is my friends : "cool, you guys can bang and make up, and we wont have to choose who to hang out with or invite to parties." My response? "sorry guys, I'm a lot more invested in this than you guys are. Please stop telling her which bars we are at so she will stop showing up and trying to squeeze back into my life".


7. An ex cheated on me for three weeks while I was away on business. When I found out, I was livid, and I ended things. Unfortunately, we lived together. She had never paid any of the bills, and asked me to continue paying for everything while I was moved to a futon and they had sex in our bedroom.

She then asked me not to tell him I was her boyfriend, because she had told him I was her roommate and she didn't want him to think of her as a "cheater."

I told her to have her stuff out in three days, and that I hoped her new buddy liked housing a money grubbing slob.

Oh, and I complied with her wishes not to tell him she was a cheater until she had all her stuff moved out and the locks were changed. Then I called and gave him the good news.

She showed up three months later with suitcases. I laughed at her, slammed the door in her face, and never talked to her again.


8. My long term ex-gf and I were going through a rough patch where we both cheated but were trying to work things out. The guy she had slept with was a close friend of hers and she told me she loved him too but wasn't sure which of us she honestly wanted to be with. Then she told me "If you proposed to me that would help me figure it out". I quickly said nope sorry and that was the end of it.


9. "I'm sleeping with Mike and if you're not ok with it you don't love me"

And that was that.


10. My wife of 90 days wanted us to remain "married" after I caught her cheating on me and divorce quietly. She wanted us to live in the same house and for all appearances, be married until the divorce was finalized.

She also expected me to be there for all her emotional baggage because she considered me her best friend.



11. I stayed with a girl that cheated on me with a bunch of other guys. When she told me she might be pregnant, I thought I was going to have to get myself together, and step up for this kid. Then I remembered that A) we had never had sex, and B) I am physically incapable of impregnating a woman, because I'm a woman. Finally dropped rocks on this girl, and it feels fantastic.


12. The guy that cheated on me got another girl pregnant and asked me to still be with him to help raise the child. He said "it's common". Well it's common to dump the guy that screwed you over so I kicked him to the curb.


13. Every time a relationship ended (whether by me or him), the guy asked for one more time in the bedroom. I guess that's not unbelievable, but I was amazed out how they went from crying to "So... One last time out of the question?" And how it happened every time.


14. For our one year anniversary, I made my ex a cute little snowflake cutout thing that was redeemable for a local ski trip. Obviously, it was all expenses paid type of deal. I should also mention that he gave me no gift for said anniversary, but I digress.

Well, I broke things off before the trip ever took place. He had the gall to call up a month or so later asking if I would still take him on said trip. That was an awkward conversation.


15. I had a boyfriend who didn't want his ex-gf to know he was dating someone else. Being young & stupid, I didn't care very much, cheating or some such didn't occur to me.


Turns out, he didn't want his immediate family to know either. I was less okay with that, but I don't always tell my family every little detail of my life, I didn't know how his family situation stood, and he said he didn't want it to get back to her via them, so I still didn't object. But when he asked me not to openly display affection around our mutual friends (who'd never met the ex) I broke up with him.

It's been a couple years, and he keeps trying to get me back... under the same conditions. But I am wiser now.


16. My wife decided to help the man she cheated on me with to move across the country so that she can obtain, "...closure." She asked me to remain at home because she will be returning to, ""


17. Right after I found out my ex cheated (more than once) and confronted him, he begged me not to leave. He said he would "try so hard" not to do it again - but couldn't promise to actually stop. The situation was so absurd I had to laugh. I told him to get out and haven't seen him since.


18. To have me run onto a busy freeway with him and die together at the ripe old ages of 15. He thought it would be romantic to have our guts in a "beautiful spiraled pattern, intertwining." HIS WORDS. Our families were relatively wealthy at the time so we had NO REAL PROBLEMS. A while after this I broke up with him because it was getting weird.

He later threw himself in front of a car and died.


19. I used to love and date this gorgeous upper class girl. Deep black straight hair athletic brunnette with almond eyes. She was a knock out. But her rich family hated me because I was dirt poor and apparently had no "family values" since I had been living alone for 4 years (since 19) and had severed all family ties (with good reason). We got along great and I guess I loved her (I was 24).

We were best friends. She was also insatiable and demanding but also very devout to her family and later to Jesus Christ. She did, however, propose to maintain a secret relationship with me, while going with this family sanctioned rich guy. She proposed this on new years eve. It broke my heart. I obviously said no because it meant she didn't love me except for perhaps my well trained body, wittiness and willingness to always be there for her (her words not mine).


I spent months agonizing over her. The hurting was immense. But it eventually subsided and I found another girl. I later found she got dumped by that same rich boy and got herself pregnant by some other religiously fanatic guy who she married with. Every now and then I still think of her and my heart skips a beat, even though I am in a relationship with 2 kids. I know she has it very tough now and I can't help to feel sorry for her.


20. Going out with a girl, all is fine. After a while she breaks up with me and dates my friend for a week or something. Breaks up with him and crawls back to me, begging and crying that I take her back. I take her back because I'm stupid. After two days I find out that she was followed home by 2 guys after she went swimming with her friends. Cheats on me with one of the guys.



21. Within minutes of dumping me from a multi-year relationship, with tears in her eyes, my long-term girlfriend begged me to stay friends with her because and I am quoting "I can't imagine you not in my life."

But...didn't you just tell me...less than a few minutes ago...that you wanted to take your life in a different direction...without me? And I had no say on the matter whatsoever?


22. My ex-father-in-law turned out to be gay, and he wanted to stay married to his female wife and move his male lover into the house and live like a family. She said no.


23. A good friend of mine cheated on her boyfriend, and I can genuinely see she regretted it and has come to terms with how awful it was of her to inflict that on him. We were hangin' out at the mall one time and she got sick and started vomiting profusely. It was because she had seen the guy she had cheated with, and it repulsed her stomach. She couldn't stand to be in proximity to him.

Now, I know everyone will react differently to varying circumstance, but being expected to sacrifice like you are either makes you the best goddamned husband in the world or the most naive.

I wouldn't be cool with it, because in my opinion, closure would be between the two of you - not between her and this fling.


24. She and I had broken up and I was dating other girls and she decided that we made a mistake and were now back together.

Apparently I don't get a vote.



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