People Share The Moment They Cut And Run From A Relationship

Guys, it took me way too long to get my love life together. I don't learn. You ever have one of those relationships where you know everything that's happening is messed up but you still don't leave? I had a dude dump a bowl of popcorn over my head at a restaurant once. Think I left? Nope. I married him.

Looking back, that absolutely should have been a moment where I bailed out (I did, eventually and I'm SO GOOD right now, calm down guys) but like I said, I don't learn. So when one Reddit user posted:

What is the most "F*ck This I'm out" moment of your relationship?

I knew I owed it to myself (and those among you who are also clueless hot messes) to learn everything I could and share it. So of course I was all up in the responses like:

Here are some of the more popular, messier, more ridiculous responses. Learn well, guys. Learn well.

The Thief

He stole my debit card and traded it to his dealer for some methadone then helped me look for it when I panicked.

Eventually I saw him laughing with his dealer via text that he helped me look for my card. I confronted him about it and he was mad at me for looking at a text over his shoulder.

Yeah, bye bud.

Thing is, that wasn't even really the worst of it. That was just the straw that broke the camel's back. His parents locked EVERYTHING including the garage and the pantry. He would sell ANYTHING. He sold his xbox, my Nintendo 64 (tried to convince me I took it back home with me), his moms jewelry, his dads tools, anything in his grandmothers home... literally anything. My parents wouldn't allow him in their house. This particular time it was methadone but he also sold stolen belongings for weed, booze, plant food, X - literally anything he could get his hands on for the high.

I once found him staggering down the highway nearly falling down because he was so high. I have so many terrifying stories. So. Many.

Eventually I got him into a treatment facility for a 30 day detox/treatment that he obviously wasn't taking seriously. Apparently they still let you have nicotine in treatment and he rolled a few joints in cigarette casings. No one checked apparently to see if he brought anything in. I arranged that after the completion of that program he would be placed in a halfway house situation to "continue his sobriety."

Once he was in a safe place I walked away. I told him that I couldn't build his life for him but I gave him all the tools. Told him I loved him and to call me after 5 years sobriety.

He was a very manipulative person, as most addicts are. His whole family was like that, though. His mom at one point told me if he failed it was my fault. I was 18 and wanted to help people. After I left him he stalked me for 2 years (changing his phone number constantly, showing up at my work, writing me letters, having his friends show up places I was and take pictures of me, even convinced a new girlfriend to stalk me and try to ruin my life) and eventually went to jail on probation violations. Wrote me letters from jail that I never even read. I just threw them away. It has been 7 years since I walked away. Last time he contacted me was a little over a year ago. 10 days before my wedding day in fact. I told him I was getting married and he hung up. Haven't heard from him since.

- HiImDana

Take A Nap

When he went on a business trip for a week and I decided to surprise him at the airport (he told me when his flight got in) so he wouldn't have to Uber an hour home. I waited down at baggage claim and his coworkers looked shocked to see me. I asked where Josh was and his boss said "Wait- he didn't tell you?! He left the convention early- his father is in the hospital! He came back two days ago!"

His father wasn't in the hospital. I called him and acted like nothing was wrong. He told me had just landed 15 minutes prior (and it was a bumpy flight). I asked him where he was, and he said about to leave the airport. I said "That's funny-- because I'm standing right outside the lower level exit!"

He went silent. Long story short, he said he came home two days early because he "wanted to take a nap. " He told me he had gotten a hotel room instead of just going home so he would be able to get good sleep. Dude then blamed ME, saying "Well, you shouldn't have picked me up from the airport without telling me you were going to! If you didn't there wouldn't be a problem!" That's when I got the fuck out of that relationship. He was clearly cheating on me.

Two months later I got my confirmation - the girl was pregnant. He ended up marrying her, switched jobs, and moved across the country.

It's been a long time, and he's recently started trying to contact me again. He was coming back to my area on a business trip, and said he could stay a couple extra days so we could spend time together. I asked him how his wife would feel about that, and he said she didn't have to know, he would just tell her his trip was longer than it actually was.

All these years later, and he's still trying to use the exact same method to cheat on his wife as he did to me. The wife he cheated on me with! Pathetic. I've blocked him from my phone and email.

- elle___

Game Of Thrones


She still went over to her ex's house "to watch Game of Thrones." They're now married.

- [deleted]

The Roof

When she said she cheated on me "to provide for our daughter and make sure she had a roof over her head". I was working full time and staying with my family, we had money AND a roof.

- TriIIuminati

We Don't Talk

She didn't speak to me for a 2 weeks solid, didn't answer my calls or texts. I was really confused because I didn't do anything wrong. Then she rings me up out of the blue, crying asking me why we don't speak anymore.


see ya

- kezzerb


He tried to convince me to just take a break for two weeks so he could f*ck other girls while he was on vacation.

- tallerkoala

Bucket Of Snails

She got drunk and started calling me all sorts of mean things such as fat and a "c*ck sucking bucket of snails"

Needless to say it didn't last very long.

- Zombiesarehonest

Bending The Rules

He ruined my birthday by being a stickler for rules. They didn't matter and everyone just wanted to have fun. My younger brother is on the autism spectrum. A small group of us were playing Monopoly and he absolutely refused to bend the rules so my brother could play, too. All we wanted was to make things simpler so my brother could keep up.

My ex sat there spewing some hurtful crap like "You can't bend the rules just because someone has a disability! Real life doesn't work that way!"

He was intentionally making my brother cry and didn't care that it was leading to a meltdown. We literally only wanted to bend 2-3 rules of the game, and it wasn't much, it was just so my brother could keep playing and having fun, too. He was being intentionally cruel to my brother because he didn't want him to play with us.

I'm so glad I dumped him. On Valentine's day two years later he sent me a text from his new number saying that he missed me. I blocked his ass.

- RattusDraconis

The Dog


We were getting ready for bed one night and I went to wash my face. When I came back he was already in bed. I smelled something burning and jumped up thinking there was a fire or something in the apartment. Searched everywhere, he helped me look! But he kept telling me he thought everything was fine and to just come to bed. Went to kiss my dog goodnight in her cage, the top of her head smelled like burnt hair. He wouldn't admit to anything, but it was clear he had somehow burnt her fur.

We dated a few more weeks where he started getting increasingly jealous of my dog, claiming I paid more attention to her than him. We had only been dating 5-6 months and my dog was about 8 years old, sorry bud. She wins.

He came over one day and my dog was suddenly scared of him, she's not scared of anyone. Broke up with him that night. I'm pretty sure he had done something to her and if she didn't like him, that was all I needed to know.

Later, he claimed he did accidentally burn her by dropping weed from his bowl onto her head while she was in her cage. I don't believe that and I'm pretty sure he's a psychopath. Dodged a bullet with that one.

- bostonlilypad

A Hyphen

It may sound minor, but it was an important moment for me.

We were in the stage where marriage was on the table. I mentioned that I planned to hyphenate my last name with his on legal documents. He turned on a dime, from the sweet, intelligent man I thought I knew to a vicious, sexist asshole.

We were driving in a car and he started speeding dangerously and screaming that he would never "allow" any wife of his to have a hyphenated name because "everyone knows" women who did that were bitches, and anyone who ever saw it would know that he was whipped.

That was a huge WTF moment. I wasn't ready to throw in the towel at that second, but that conversation was the turning point which opened my eyes to who he was.

- AvocadoVoodoo

What's your "WTF I'm out of here" moment?

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What is the strongest opinion you once held but no longer hold, and what make you change your mind?

Jade-Colored Glasses

I used to think that being cynical/negative was realistic and somehow smarter than being positive. I've since realized that a "be prepared for the worst but expect the best" is far better. We can't control the outcome of anything in life. Being negative makes you miserable rather than protected from bad things happening.


Cant' Have A Conversation With A Parrot

I used to be a conspiracy theorist. Believed that 9/11 was committed by the US government and that we never landed on the moon.

Once I started looking outside of the echo chamber I was in and started looking at alternate explanations, theories and listening to different viewpoints I soon realized how ridiculous those notions were.


A Big, Mysterious Universe

I used to be a strict, hardline atheist. I was the kind of bastard that would bring the subject up for no reason, just to argue. I don't know what the hell my problem was. Now I feel like, the universe is big, I don't know what all might be out there, I don't really care. I live as if there is no afterlife, because that makes sense to me. But if you don't, and you believe in one, that's perfectly fine, and maybe you're right. Who knows?


Portrait Of An Artist As A Young Man

I used to believe anyone can be a successful artist if they just put the time and effort into it. There is no such thing as talent, only hard work.

What changed my mind: Art school. There were quite a few people that tried hard, but just weren't able to achieve professional level art.


You're Not Your Emotions

For the longest time, I thought my emotions were in a sense the most "real" part of me. I was always a very emotional person and I didn't make a real effort to control it as I thought it was a good thing, that I was just being honest with myself. Over time though, I started to become very depressed and the negative emotions just keep adding on and on. I thought "this is just how I am I guess". Unfortunately it started hurting other relationships I had, and everything changed when my girlfriend broke up with me. After a lot of reading I found that emotions are not who we are at all. They're just reactions and there's nothing that requires us to act on them or feed them. I'm learning to let it go through me instead of hanging on like I used to.


Don't Forget Big Willie Style

I used to think that hip hop was bland, repetitive, and all about clubbing and sh*t. Then one of my friends pointed me towards people like Kendrick Lamar, Eminem, Nas and Run The Jewels, who all have great songs and clever lyrics, and I realized that Hip Hop is pretty great.


The A**holes Will Always Find A Way

I used to think that the catholic church was responsible for all of the hateful people in it. I gave people the chance to challenge my opinion and someone explained it very nicely to me. Basically, the hateful people use the church as an excuse, if you remove the church they will gladly find another excuse.


High Times


I used to tell myself that I would never stop smoking weed, and that I'd be happy if my kids grew up to be pot smokers... Now I have a kid, don't smoke, and realize what an idiot I was when all I did was smoke all day. I could probably be in a much better position if I hadn't smoked all through college.

But I mean, I still think pot's okay... Just in moderation.


The Road Less Traveled

"All taxation is theft, man! I made my money without any help from public institutions or the infrastructure they support, I should be able to keep every last dime of it!"

Naturally that was when I was 18, living at home rent free, and working at Pizza Hut as a delivery driver who relied upon public roads for pretty much every cent I made.


All Those PSA's Didn't Do Much

The whole D.A.R.E anti-drugs. Yes crack and heroin is bad, but they over dramatized what happens when you do smaller drugs. Weed isn't even a gateway drug, alcohol is more of a gateway drug. When I saw weed for the first time I thought it was tobacco (This was after all the D.A.R.E training too). Letting the government teach you your morales and philosophy is a thing that sheep do. Don't be a sheep.


Where Would We Be Without The Kindness Of Strangers

I used to think people on welfare and state assistance just weren't trying hard enough. I grew up spoiled and entitled and it seemed like any kind of charity was a stigma.

Then, my husband became chronically ill, and the economy took a shit. My family has been close to homelessness more than once, and have relied on state insurance and assistance off and on throughout the past few years. There are definitely people out there who abuse the system, but some just get stuck in a horrible cycle of poverty.

I also work in a school that has a high number low income and refugee families. It has really opened my eyes to the struggles that some people face.


He's Still There For You, The Best He Can Be

I could go through life and could seek meaningful advice from my Dad who has always been there for me.

Now he has been reduced to a feeble condition, I am starting to understand I'm out there on my own, and even what he's sure of is suspect given his mental and physical facilities have been rapidly deteriorating in his late seventies. I feel horrible that I have noticed this long before he did - or at least admitted as much.


Clear Your Mind

This was before I received an ADHD diagnosis. When my doctor referred me to an ADHD specialist, first of all I refused to believe him and was kind of slighted that he even suggested that I could possibly have ADHD.

I had a very strong opinion that if I get a diagnosis that I would refuse to take prescribed amphetamines because they are "bad" and "addictive" and that they would ruin my life.

Then I actually tried the prescription and it was like magic.


Going Through The Whole Spectrum

Used to be fairly open with my views on immigration policy. Then I worked for a while down near Corpus Christie doing immigration work. I'd say one out if every hundred people that came through our office was going to somebody who actually wanted to work and try to make a living here. So many people simply wanted to exist enough to get welfare. Many were young men who we would later defend against exportation as a result of their criminal activity. I began to despise the work of defending these men and wished they would be deported.

Now, I'm dating a foreign girl and we are in the legal immigration process. She has advanced degrees and skills, so that makes things a little easier. But it does make me resent people who just bypass the system. We can't bypass the system because I imagine my participation in immigration fraud could get me disbarred.


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