People Share The Most Ridiculous Reason They Had For Deciding To Date Someone.

Let's face it, we all have someone in our dating history that we have trouble understanding. But the truth is we all have our reasons at one point or another for who we're dating.

Here are some of the worst of those...

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1/24. Wanted to try and sleep with her mother.

We would all take the bus from the same stop in the morning 6th 7th 8th grade I knew this girl, Courtney.

Courtney was a classic tomboy...all around a pretty cool and fun girl... one day we had a "field day" where we got to have games all day and play outside and leave school early (Florida).

I was hanging out with Courtney and her mother came to pick her up, her mother...... .... oh my god this woman..... This was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, everything about her was magic to my young boy mind. I was just starting to get into girls and just beginning to understand what about girls I liked.

That is the day I fell in love for the first time. Seeing her long beautiful red hair fall past her shoulders and settle softly around her breasts, time seemed to slow to a standstill. She got out of her corvette, hot florida sun putting a thin layer of sweat on her already golden skin.

The sun nearly blinded me as it reflected off of her pearly white teeth, this is a moment I still cannot forget even after so many years....

Days turned into months, her image being the object of my nightly alone hour, I would keep Courtney very close over the years, try to hangout with her as much as possible to try and get a glimpse of her mother.

As the months melded into years, we are now in high school, 10th grade, Being friends with Courtney she decided to break the friend barrier and ask me out, this was my chance! I wanted her mother to observe a loving and kind man that I was on the outside.

I made sure to treat her daughter like a princess for the entire time we dated, showered her in gifts and love.

I was lucky to mature quickly into a very handsome young man, football practice and good genes gave me an advantage, I looked much older than I was.

It was a trip we took, the mother, Courtney and me all going to a water park, my chance to show her the muscles I've grown and the body that she could have.


For the entire day I made it a point to make sure she knew, double-tube rides with her, me sitting behind.

Drifting in the water, the wave pool, I drifted a little too close... she didn't tell me to stop rubbing up next to her.

I could sense the subtle and yet all too real hints she was dropping me, this kind and loving boy was now a man in her eyes. This boy who was nice to her daughter and kind and friendly and always around. I was the man in her life...

She raised her daughter alone for 18 years, never taking a boyfriend in all of that time, she focused on her daughter and her career.

During that day at the water park I made sure she knew that I was ok touching her. I would pick her up and throw her around in the water, in the lazy river we made sure to push her around while she layed in the sun on her raft... my hand may have accidentally touched her bottom, she didn't tell me to remove it.

It was later that year, after we had graduated, after my girlfriend left for her first week at college... I had stopped by her mother's house to grab some stuff she left behind... I was going to bring it to her new dorm... her mother was home that day.

Was it everything I wished it could be? ... it was more..

Was it everything I wanted it to be? ... I was not prepared at all for what happened that day.

I left there a new man, a man that nothing could stop, a man that had a dream and accomplished it...

I left for college myself a week later and began my own life.

I ended up dating Courtney for a few more months but due to long distance and college life I was able to break it off with her easily without hurting any feelings.

I've kept in touch with her mother over these long years, and she is now a beautiful grandmother.


2/24. Free mozzarella sticks for 2 years.


3/24. Because she was my Ex's roommate. Revenge is a dish best served through paper thin walls.


4/24. I hope I'm not the only one who's done this. I once dated a girl pretty much just because she liked me. I didn't even really like her, it was more just the idea of having a girlfriend. After about two months I realized that I could no longer pretend to want to be with her. She was heart-broken. One of the bigger mistakes in my life.


5/24. Because she looked like Topanga from boy meets world.

Girl was dumb as a box of Rick Perrys.


6/24. I was a lonely, kissless, 19-year-old virgin and she paid attention to me. We had almost NOTHING in common, was very stuck up (her family had money), and she was very loud and obnoxious in public. Always had to be the center of attention. My friends and family were annoyed to death by her, but I couldn't see it at the time as I was adrift in a sea of poon.

I'm in my 30s now and I don't really regret it. I mean COME ON, I was a virgin.


7/24. I got this. I stopped believing in love, so I conducted an experiment to prove that anyone can love anyone. I married a woman who proved me wrong.


8/24. She always packed Twinkees in her lunch and if I dated her I got to mooch.

I would do it again in a heartbeat.


9/24. To get out of a speeding ticket. Her father worked for the county and could get it thrown away for me. After he did I stayed with her an extra two weeks to make it seem legit.


10/24. I got drunk and made out with a way older guy. This was totally out of character for me. I then dated him for almost two years trying to prove that I hadn't been a drunken idiot on that one stupid night.


11/24. She had Cubs season tickets. I don't even like the Cubs. But the seats were RIGHT behind home plate. Once the summer was over, I cut it off and started re-dating my old gf. Now we're married without baseball tickets.


12/24. Free subway and he was ugly so I thought he'd never cheat on me.


13/24. I liked the star tattoos she had on her hips.


14/24. Didn't start dating her for this reason, but kept dating a girl for a couple months because she threatened to kill herself if I left.


15/24. Better than being alone, and trust me when I say being alone would have been much better.


16/24. I thought she had a pool. She did, but the house was a rental so they never opened it. We're still dating, though.


17/24. So her friends would shut up and leave me alone about it.


18/24. Not me but my brother... Asked a girl out jokingly and she said "If you are joking I am going to kick your butt." Well she was a black belt in karate... They dated until we had to move 2 years later.


19/24. She had the largest breasts I had ever seen, and was into my kink.

Worst GF of all time. Hands down.


20/24. Because she was extremely hot, and was a virgin. Many guys had tried and failed, it took me 4 months, but I succeeded. She was 18 at the time and extremely gorgeous, so I felt very accomplished.

Looking back, was a serious jerk move, but I'm being honest here....


21/24. I was broke and he liked to go out to eat. So I guess my worst reason is so I could eat a real meal sometimes and not just ramen every night.


22/24. Because she looked 95% like my ex whom I couldn't get over.

Their personalities were way different but I didn't care.


23/24. I didn't date him for long, but I was once going out with this guy named Phil. It was casual, and we weren't exclusive. A guy I wasn't really into, also named Phil, asked me out and I went out with him for the pure novelty of seeing two dudes with the same name at once.


24/24. My best friend broke up with his awesome girlfriend and she was heartbroken. I slept with her, knowing that she was going to grudge fuck somebody, so it may as well be me.

I also knew as soon as she was with someone else, he'd want her back. Sure enough (the next morning when we were in bed) he showed up, I left.

I was best man at the wedding!



This is opposite, but I thought it'd be worth sharing.

The worst reason I ever left someone was because of peer pressure. I was with a girl whom I thought was very beautiful and she the best personality ever! (at least for me anyway) We had a lot of fun together for 2 months and I was very happy, until my "best friend" at the time made a comment about how she was overweight and not attractive. My other friend (I only had two friends) started in on her too and told me that she wasn't the right girl for me. Anyway it was at that moment that I decided to break up with her. Being socially akward, I thought the best way to do this was to just never respond to her ever again. So I did and she was understandably heart broken.

Fast forward 5 years and I see her on Facebook. She lost the little amount of extra weight that she had when we were dating and honestly looks like a model now and she's dating a model like looking guy. My "friends" that convinced me to break up with her left me long ago and now I sit here, lonely and sad, thinking about what could have been...



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