People Share The Most Ridiculous Things People Complain About That Never Actually Happen In Real Life.

There are certain things people always complain about; the weather, traffic, and gas prices are common ones. But sometimes, when you stop to think about what people are actually complaining about, it doesn't always make the most sense.

Here, people share things that are always complained about but never actually happen in real life.

1/29. Getting yelled at for saying "Merry Christmas".


2/29. Transgender Imposter Bathroom Abuse. I can't remember the last time I went to a public restroom (I'm a woman) and actually made eye contact/stared down the other ladies in there to see what they look like.

I go in a stall, do my business, and leave. I don't care who you are. It shouldn't bother people. It wouldn't bother me if a GUY used the women's restroom... I wouldn't notice.


3/29. Rainbow parties.

There was a big hubbub in the news a few years back about teens having get togethers where the girls would wear different colored lipstick and go around blowing all the guys until their wangs were rainbow colored.

There is not a single confirmed case of this ever happening even once.


4/29. Immigrants taking their job. You are far more likely to be replaced by automation or see your job shipped overseas.

And if you can't compete with a non-English speaking laborer, you have deeper issues to contend with.

How about anyone taking a job. A job isn't a thing you can take away from someone. You just can't sneak up to someone and - yoink! - snatch their job away.

People don't take jobs away from other people. Companies give jobs to people. Is this an important distinction? Yes. Because saying immigrants are taking jobs makes them the villain, like they're coming in stealing something away from people and there is nothing we can do about it except punish them.

But when you call it what it really is - that is companies taking jobs and giving them to other people - then the companies become the culprit. But it's certainly in the company's best interest (as well as the politicians supported by the company) to have the attention focused on the people who they are giving the jobs too!


5/29. Maybe not "literally never" but many things are overstated, like the notion of stranger danger or things like razors or poison in Halloween candy.


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6/29. I've held doors open for hundreds of people throughout my life, and I have never had a woman tell me that she "doesn't need a man to hold the door open for her".


7/29. Being made fun of/talked about at the gym. The vast majority of people don't care at all what you're doing.


8/29. If __ wins the election Im moving to __. No you're not, shut up.


9/29. Being scolded/insulted for having tattoos. I won't say it never happens but I live in an incredibly rural, southern, conservative town and have never received anything other than admiration or interest. Sure I occasionally get a "what about when you're older?" or "I could never do that!" but in ~10 years I can confidently say no one has ever been rude to me about it.


10/29. About receiving weird looks, stares or words from cashiers when buying something. Nobody gives a damn about your purchase.


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11/29. LGBTQ individuals trying to recruit the children (or anyone).


12/29. Getting autism from vaccines.


13/29. Making less money because you moved up a tax bracket in the US.

People don't understand the progressive scale when paying taxes.


14/29. It happens but people act like 95 percent of people on the sex offenders list got there for innocently peeing in public.


15/29. I have never seen a woman with a Gucci handbag, newest iPhone, fancy hairstyle, nails done, who drives a Mercedes and buys lobster who uses food stamps.


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16/29. Video games turning people into psychopathic mass-murderers.


17/29. "The friendzone". What is that, exactly? When you like a girl and she doesn't like you? That's called life, champ.

We didn't have that when I was growing up. Either a girl was into you or she wasn't. If she wasn't, you could still be friends. Sometimes you might even put yourself out there and write a note to Ellen in grade 7 telling her you like her, because your friend Drew convinced you that you "totally should tell her" (he was right though, embarrassing as it was). And she might get embarrassed and turn red and show all her friends as they point and giggle and then corner you later near the upstairs bathroom to say she doesn't like you "like that". And that sucks and you're mortified and you swear you'll never recover. But you do. And there's no friendzone. There's chemistry and a dynamic or there's not.

This so-called "friendzone" is a newly-created construct that I've never heard of outside of the internet.


18/29. Annoying vegan people. All vegan I ever met were very opened and didn't say a thing about being vegan without being asked.


19/29. Breastfeeding women getting flak: I've breastfed all three of my kids in public, in the Midwest US, and never heard any nasty comments I've got plenty of snarky replies ready, too.


20/29. In the UK, police asking people not to wear England football shirts or display flags in case it causes offence to minority groups. It's a ridiculous nonsense statement the invariably makes the rounds whenever we play national sports games and is used in a poor attempt to stir up hate. I've seen it posted many a time, typically followed within a day by an announcement from whichever police force confirming that they are asking no such thing.


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21/29. I don't think I've ever run into a crazy, man-hating feminist in real life. People make it sound like anyone who is a self-described feminist hates men and is totally extremist.


22/29. The government taking everyone's guns away.


23/29. Trickle down economics actually working for the lower class.


24/29. Buying weed and the dealer just happened to lace it with (insert other illegal drug here) without telling you, and you smoked it.

That's not how dealing drugs for a profit works.


25/29. People complaining about other people who brag about not reading. Not once in my life have I ever heard anyone brag about that.


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26/29. Moms assuming all men are pedophiles and getting hostile if you smile and say "Hi" back to their kid in the checkout aisle.


27/29. I've never seen a restaurant patron "give their tip to Jesus instead." I live in the south so it seems like it would be more prevalent here. Maybe I'm just not paying enough attention.


28/29. I have never actually run into or encountered someone that identifies as a non-human.

I've never met a wolfkin or a dogkin or a man who identifies as an attack helicopter.


29/29. Someone who's offended by the American flag, people post to social media or have bumper stickers that tell people to leave the country if the US flag offends them.




In life, sometimes there's wrong and "technically not wrong" - and the difference can often be hilarious.

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