People Share The Most Ridiculous Things That Represent The 2010's

People Share The Most Ridiculous Things That Represent The 2010's

Theme parties are tons of fun, but can get a little complicated when it's time to go shopping and nail down that wardrobe choice. One Reddit user asked:

What will people wear to a 2010s themed party in 30 years time?

and it got us thinking... what would we wear? We know we'd wear leggings, obviously, because once you've been freed from the leg prisons of "real" pants there's just no going back. But what else? We had big hair in the 80's, everyone was a Spice Girl in the 90's, low-rise jeans were a must in the early 2000's... take a look at 20 ideas about what a 2010's themed party outfit might look like.

We Might Actually Be Wearing This Right Now.

Saggy beanies, thick rimmed glasses, flannel, and skinny jeans.

The Basic Uniform

Starbuck's cups, leggings, and a circle scarf.

That About Covers It

  • Distressed acid-faded jeans.
  • Their faces will be transformed into irradiated, shimmering mirrors with excessive highlight application and their contouring will resemble smears of mud, someone will add a little levity to their costume with adhesed cutlery to their faces and aligning it along their cheeks, eyes, and brows.

    • Rose-gold accessories.
    • A Starbucks cup.

      • Leggings.
      • Oversized cardigans that obscure one's body from shoulder to knee.

        • The Coachella or burning man look: gentrification of homeless aesthetic.
        • John Lennon glasses accentuated by the beret and stripes or the black boater hat and crop leather jacket.

          • Prematurely dyed grey hair.
          • LMFAO

            LMFAO styled clothing, like those weird plastic sunglasses with the slits in them or neon cheetah print.

            Kickin It Old School

            Stuff from the 1980's, because there's nothing more 2010's than 80's nostalgia.

            Like The Fred Durst Red Cap, But Worse

            "Make America Great Again" hats.

            Guys, Take Notes

            Man buns. Poorly grown beards, neck beards, or goatees. Skinny jeans or khaki shorts. Boat shoes. Short sleeve button up shirts with dumb patterns. Polos. Anything with the Supreme logo. Hoodies. T-shirts with an ironic quote.


            If you are still alive, whatever dirty and soot-smeared rags you manage to dig out from the radioactive ruins of your local Walmart.


            A T-rex costume.

            Lincoln's Beard

            They'll wear beanie hats with fake beards attached. In the future, we may view the current facial hair trend the same way we view the Civil War era - a bunch of President Lincoln lookalikes dressed in plaid.

            The 2010's Mullet

            Instagram Eyebrows. The 2010's mullet.

            Frighteningly Accurate

            Avocado toasts and tide pods, tied together with chainmail made of fidget spinners

            "The Dress"

            That dress that had all of internet arguing over whether it was wither white and gold or blue and black.

            The Half Shave

            For women? Half their head shaved, big earrings, with skinny jeans. Flannel all around, and thick-rim glasses.

            Obnoxious Sneakers

            Supreme Tee, those sweatpants that start baggy and get progressively tighter as they approach the ankle, some form of obnoxious sneaker preferably yellow.


            Headphones with wires.


            A Snapchat dog filter.

            Bonus Points If It's Got A Cool Tail

            Animal onesies.

            Please No.

            Crocs with socks

            Nailed It.

            I'd go as a metro lumberjack with google glasses and skinny jeans sporting the Yukon Jack oiled up 'stache.

            H/T: Reddit

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