People Share The Most Soul Crushing Way A Significant Other Has Broken Up With Them.

From breaking up on April Fools day through text messaging, to announcing infidelity and filing for divorce a day before christmas, 24 people share the worst way their significant other has broken up with them.

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1/24. He Facebook messaged me at 8:30am, just two hours after he'd left my place where he slept over. Said he couldn't do it anymore. But had literally hours before made me dinner and said "I'll see you tonight" when he left at 6:30am for work.


2/24. We'd been together for 4 years, engaged for 6 months and had started planning our wedding. One day, I kissed her and went to work, but when I got back, all of her stuff was gone, and I'm talking couches and dressers and a fridge. That was 5 years ago, and she still hasn't told me why or even really spoken to me. Also half of our mutual friends stopped talking to me.

Had to essentially beat information out of her brother. She told everyone I made her get an abortion. If she had one, I didn't even know she was pregnant. Shitty thing is, I wanted kids and she always said she didn't. Still kinda tears me up that I may have had a child. Then I found out she was cheating on me. Married the guy and had kids now. Guess she got over not wanting kids.


3/24. Dated for five years, mostly long distance. He broke up with me the day before I got a job offer in the city he was moving to after graduation. We now live near each other.


4/24. She told me "I know you can't help it, but it really bothers me that you're not American. Like, if we got married and had kids, they wouldn't be 'normal' kids, you know?"

English is my first language, and I've lived in America since I was a toddler.


5/24. We'd been together for 2.5 years, I had just bought a condo that we had planned on moving into & starting a family in.

Out of nowhere I come home to a letter on my pillow and a bag of things I'd left at her place. The letter said that it was over, but not why it was over. I tried calling her up but she had blocked my number. So had her best friend & parents.

Almost 3 years later & I still have absolutely no idea what happened or why she left. And i still can't really afford the condo all by myself..


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6/24. Check out this progression of events. This is how my first boyfriend broke up with me.

Older guy dates younger girl who just so happens to be a virgin

Guy pressures girl for sex constantly

Girl says no

Guy dumps girl

Girl stupidly takes guy back a week later

Guy proceeds to get girl drunk and pretty much forcibly take her virginity in a sleazy motel

Girl cries

Guy dumps girl for being "whiny and bad in bed" and leaves her at the motel without a ride

Girl, with no other option, is forced to call her parents for a ride

Good times.


7/24. Over email, while I was alone on the other side of the world for three months. He wrote to me to tell me he was moving in with another woman. Still hurts and I still love him, and I'm ashamed of that.


8/24. I planned a surprise hot air balloon ride for our one year anniversary. On our drive there she said she was getting back together with her ex. That was a long 90 minutes in a basket with her. I ended up getting hammered on champagne and barfed on the balloon operators khakis.


9/24. Back in '04 I went to Burning Man with my gf at the time. Long story short, I packed it in early (3am) one night and when I woke up, she was gone. Apparently she'd met some dude the night before and ended up going home to Portland with him. Never saw her again. Only know the whole story because one of her friends took pity on me and told me What'd happened.


10/24. We shared an apartment in California and she was visiting her mother in Peru, where she is from. She expected to be gone for several months. About 5 months later I was at a small party with a bunch of our friends and overheard someone say something about her new husband.


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11/24. Called me terrible names and said he was done with me on the microphone while he was DJ-ing at my birthday party in our local bar in front of all my friends.

The amazing part was we got back together after that. Then broke up again four months later.


12/24. We were together 3 years and then had to make it into a long-distance relationship as she moved abroad for work. We are doing our best to keep it together and going and I buy a ticket to visit her in New York (we are English) and then a few days before I'm gonna fly out she calls and says she doesn't want me to come and see her anymore. After that things fizzled out pretty quickly. I never thought she wouldn't want to see me so that really hurt.


13/24. We'd been together two years, lived together one, and had been re-modeling her house. She told me I should stay with my brother for a week while hunting so that we could save money on the gas it would take to do the one hour one-way drive every day.

It would also give us some time apart as we had been getting into little arguments. I agreed that it'd be a nice little split and we could then go stronger than ever. I thought we were on the same page and, unannounced to her, had asked permission from her family to marry her. We talked on the phone every day and I even came back one day for her mom's birthday. I was supposed to be back Sunday afternoon to do laundry and get stuff ready for work Monday morning. She casually told me during a discussion at 11PM Saturday night that she didn't want me to be in her house and that I needed to find someplace else to live.

Made a couple calls to get someplace to stay and when I went to get my work stuff found out she had all of my stuff packed in boxes already. Apparently she had been telling everybody for the entire week that we had already broken up. What makes it worse was that we both had kids in 2nd grade and she was always stressing that we were a family. Also found out after that she had been going to lunch dates with another guy and pretending they were business meetings. She basically left my son and me and our dog homeless. Fortunately I've got some good friends that jumped in to help out.


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14/24. He broke up with me and got back together with me four times all in the span of maybe six months (I was in high school and was too stupid to know better) and the final time he said he never actually liked me he just didn't want to see me cry.

And then a couple years after that he ended up sleeping with my best friend.


15/24. She went to stay with a friend (my friend) and texted me that she wasn't coming back. Ended up hooking up with him and leaving me with a 3 month old child. The things she said before she left, too. I have trouble thinking about them. She didn't say anything maliciously, either. It was all well thought-out and it was clear that she meant every word. About having never had feelings for me and all the rest. I had never been such a broken human. That was over five years ago and I still haven't regained the sense of empathy that I used to have.


16/24. Told me we were gonna hang out. I walked 35 min in the snow to get there. He's obviously not home. Call friend in friend group and ask embarrassingly if she can take me home since she lived nearby and I was literally freezing. She gets furious upon learning why I walked so far in a near snowstorm and tells me she knows he went to see a movie with friends. He ignored my texts and text message broke up with me the next day.


17/24. She started at the same college I was going to go to a semester early, but I came up to visit a few times. I had made a few friends on my visits, including this one guy who sent me a Facebook message telling me that she was cheating on me. He said that he was sorry to have to be the one to tell me, but I was a good guy and didn't deserve that.

I was devastated and decided to call her up. I asked her if she was cheating on me and stressed that I wanted her to be honest. She said, "No that's crazy." I told her that I had heard from someone that she was. There was a slight pause and she said, "Well that's a relief. Yeah, I found someone else."

The worst part for me was that she was a close friend before we started dating and to have her lie and betray me like that was just awful.


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18/24. Facebook chat on April Fool's day at 11am while I was at my job. Also, it was a work day where I had to do several long interviews with severely depressed patients. I thought he was joking. He was not joking. I cried under my desk in between patients. April Fools day is forever ruined.


19/24. We both lived in NY, but were on separate study abroad programs. I was in Ecuador and she was in New Zealand. She just stopped talking to me. Wouldn't respond to calls or emails for weeks even when I told her I would be going into the jungle for a month and would have no way to contact her. I was excited coming back from my month in the wild because I figured she would have sent something to me. Nothing. Not so much as an email. I was a half a world away and felt so helpless. I couldn't even tell if she was OK because I didn't know how to contact her parents. When I got her on the phone a week later and the conversation started with a pause and a sigh I knew where it was headed immediately. She ended up marrying the guy that she was fucking in New Zealand so I guess it was worth it for her. I know I wasn't perfect in that relationship, but that was pretty shifty of her.


20/24. My very first boyfriend dumped me in front of Cinderella's Castle at Disney World. I was 14, he was 16, and we were on a school trip. The kicker was that I had to endure 20 hours on a bus home the next day with him and our entire high school drama club while I quietly bawled my eyes out on my best friend's shoulder.

I've had some bad break ups in my adult life too, but that one really set the bar high. He broke up with me at the Happiest Place in the World.


21/24. It was valentines day, I ordered food from the best restaurant in town, I got her a box of chocolates and some flowers. I set up the dinner on a table in my small dorm room with a candle (she had social anxiety, and didn't like going out). I got a text from her that she wanted us to break up so she can be with her long distance ex girlfriend.


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22/24. My wife of 10 years announced her infidelity with a co-worker and our divorce 2 days before Christmas last year. Then decided to clean out the house on Christmas Eve a day later.

I came home to a sad, empty house on Christmas Eve, she even took our dinner to share with her new found love and because everywhere else was closed, I ate beans from a can and made a cheese sandwich.


23/24. We both agreed that if things were to go south there would be no text break ups, we were adults and should discuss it like adults (I was 33 and she was 36). She broke that agreement with a long winded why I'm breaking up with you and I'm doing it through text to avoid fighting.

My response was "OK whatever". Ok whatever was apparently not the response she was looking for because then she immediately started calling my phone until I answered to fight with me about my response.


24/24. I had been with her for 4 and a half years. Got engaged on our 4 year anniversary while planning to get married on our fifth. We had been living together for about a year and a half. I go away for a month of Army training and a few days before I get back, she tells me she has something special planned for when I get home. She picks me up right from my armory and we drive down to Cedar Point (one of our favorite places and where we got engaged). We spend the night in a nice hotel, spend the next day at the park, and then drive home. She drops me off back at the armory so I can get my vehicle and tells me she'll meet me at home.

I drive home and she's not there. I go inside and all of her stuff is gone. I get a text a few minutes later saying "I don't want to see you anymore. Please don't ever talk to me again".

Never heard from her again. I try calling and texting, no answer. I check her Facebook and find I've been blocked. I have a mutual friend check it and he tells me she already changed it to "In a relationship"....with a guy from her work. Her younger sister ends up telling me that she had been cheating on me with him for about 6 basically right after I proposed and she said yes.



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