People Share The Most Terrifying Theories Known To Mankind

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1. AI and the end of the world.

The idea that once we create an AI with the same level of intelligence as an average person, it will take a matter of hours to become more intelligent than the sum of all mankind, conclude we are the source of all its problems and kill us all.


2. Split brain syndrome.

There is this surgery people get that separates the connection between the left and right side of the brain. People who get this done often have this strange thing happen where their left hand gets a mind of its own. For example, if you lay a bunch of differently colored objects out in front of them and ask them to pick the one that's their favorite color, they will pick up two that are different colors.

People hypothesize that there may be a second consciousness living on the right side of your brain, but does not have the ability to communicate.


3. The Yellowstone supervolcano eruption.

It'd be a mass extinction event for North America at the least. Wouldn't be a good century for the rest of the planet for sure.

Slightlycharred2 & PolarisC8

4. The "Big Bounce" theory.

What it states is that if the big bang occurred from nothing, then there will be no changing factor to make a difference in what is created when it happens. This means that when our universe ends and another is created, it will be created in the exact same way, with the exact same galaxies, planets, species and so on. If this is true, our entire universe is in an endless cycle of creating and destroying itself, and you will be born into every universe, endlessly.


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5. The universe is a false vacuum.

This is, in short, a theory scientific hypothesis that our universe is actually in a false phase state as part of a larger universe, like if it were in a temporary thing (think the real universe is a pot of boiling water, and we are just within a bubble forming at the bottom of the pot). Eventually however that false vacuum has to pop- yes, even after billions of years in this false state!- and we and everything we know in our visible universe will disappear in an instant with no warning whatsoever and there's nothing you can do about it. Sweet dreams!


6. The Great Filter.

An extension of the Fermi Paradox. There are large events that filter out which species "make it." Humanity has either made it past more than almost anything else in the galaxy, or we've yet to hit it and the human race will crumble in the foreseeable future.


7. Super-resistant bacteria/virus.

Eventually there will be a super-resistant bacteria/virus that will leave us completely defenseless against its spread.


8. One of the most frightening theories is one of the simplest.

There is no conspiracy, there is no illuminati or small group of hidden, super rich, mega powerful leaders. Everybody is just looking out for their own, and following their own beliefs.

All the travesties and pain in the world are because of that.


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9. Humanity is a seed planted by an alien civilization to terraform the planet.

We were never meant to survive.


10. Nobody is real and you're all alone...


11. The Fourth Dimension.

Forget the name, but the idea that there are fourth dimensional hyper beings existing around us that we cannot see, just as two dimensional beings wouldn't be able to see us. But they're always there, always watching.


12. Time may be a finite dimension.

We could reach the end of it and just stop.

We reached the edge, there is nothing after that. Everything freezes, the end forever.


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13. Death by Asteroid.

An asteroid zoomed between the Earth and the moon three months ago. It was the size of a house and traveling at 4 miles a second. Sometimes, they're found just days before the fly by. Like literally, no one knows they're there until just days before they fling right by us.


14. The Terror Management Theory.

In nutshell its explanation would be that Every thing that humanity has ever accomplished beyond basic survival has been motivated by a fundamental and irreducible fear of non-existence and things like Culture, Religion, family etc. are just a massive shared delusion to mitigate our fear of the unknown and ultimately of death.

Basically our lives are pointless, our achievements are pointless, our existence in this universe is pointless.


15. That we are all part of a programmed game being played by beings far more intelligent than us.


16. Solipsism: a theory you cannot disprove.

No matter how accurately we can map the brain and log what electrical signals fire when and wherewhen you and I eat chocolate, even if our brains activity is identical, we can never check whether or not we're experiencing the same sensations.

Solipsism is this notion, but on steroids: one can never definitively prove that others are real, and not a figment of one's imaginationlet alone whether or not they're experiencing anything as real, conscious beings like oneself.

It's perfectly plausible that the 'I' one experiences is the only conscious, thinking entity in existence.


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17. Universe Self-destruct button.

There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. There is another theory which states that this has already happened. -Douglas Adams


18. Two possibilities exist:

Either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. -Arthur C. Clarke


19. "I hear a lot of people say that the idea of existence, as well as the universe itself, is pointless, as if this is something to be afraid of."

I feel like it's strange to perceive this as a frightening concept. The existence of sentient life in the universe is pointless, and the universe itself is pointless. According to what we believe we know of existence, that appears to be completely true. What other way is there to have it however?

If you're religious, you might say that religion is the reason for existence. Life is fleeting and only acts as a way of measuring subjective morality. The afterlife is what really matters. But why does the afterlife matter? You live for eternity, but for what? For the omnipotent being? What reason does it have to continue existing? Does it just have a symbiotic relationship with its creations? If so, what's the point of that relationship? To further exist? You might notice the cyclical nature of that concept. Replace the omnipotent being with the universe, as discussed above, and the end result remains the same. In fact, if any reason for existing that you might state involves continuing to exist (whether you're conscious and sentient in an afterlife or whether you're just a pile of bones), then it is self contradictory and doesn't actually answer the question for the presence of us and the universe (story continues on the next page)...

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(Continued) Ultimately, existence in itself, whether that is as an inanimate object or as a sentient being, doesn't matter in any way. For anything of any level of intelligence or power. We will follow the rules that we as a collective set out for ourselves. If you believe that that is bullshit, then there is nothing you or anyone else can do about it. There is no choice available to you to reject the pointlessness of existence. You can only measure yourself according to the rules and characteristics of the existence you may experience.

It's like a video game. Ultimately, the idea of a video game is pointless. You play it to enjoy it and improve your character, but in the end the state of your character or the state of the game is moot. It doesn't mean you shouldn't play it however, after all the existence of the character doesn't matter, nor does the game, nor do you, nor does humanity, nor does the universe or any omnipotent beings. So live life to enjoy it, do what you can, go out and do something you've always been afraid to do. But don't avoid being afraid because in 2000 years time nobody will remember, avoid being afraid because existence itself, whether that is today or 2000 years from today, is entirely incapable of producing any form of result that matters in any way. Just exist for the sake of existing and be glad that you were something that had the ability to perceive existence itself.


20. Assuming the multiverse is real, there's a world where you just died while reading this.


21. That we are living in a simulation.


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