People Share The One Thing That Makes Them Instantly Lose Respect For Someone.

All it takes is a moment of ignorance or an outlandish statement, and all respect for a person can be dropped in that instant.

Below are where people draw the line and what makes them lose all respect for a person, as told on AskReddit. Check them out! A link to more sources can be found on the last page.

1. I have no patience for people who ask me for help and then start vocalizing their doubts about my abilities when I provide aid for FREE.


2. Lying about small, mundane things that they don't need to. If they lie about trivial things easily than they'll definitely lie about bigger things.


3. If they expect me to listen to/comment on every single thing they have to say, but they do not pay any attention to anything I have to say.


4. When people brag about things they really shouldn't "I cheated my way through college and high school" "Drinking and driving is so easy for me" "Yeah I hooked up with her and then left in the middle of the night before her boyfriend got home"


5. Insulting someone else to make themselves look 'better' in comparison. That doesn't make you look better. It makes you look like a jerk.


6. People who repeat outlandish "science" they hear.

No, chocolate won't cure your cancer.

No, not all chemicals are bad for you.

No, climate change isn't made up by the Chinese.


7. They drink and drive and brag about it.


8. People that make jokes at their spouse's expense just to get a laugh at a party.


9. When someone disregards doctors/scientists/professionals, only to praise homeopathy and "alternative medicine".


10. People who emotionally abuse family/significant other and defend it by saying it's not physical. Abuse is still abuse, no matter what type.


11. Throwing co-workers under busses to impress management/ get promoted or to shift attention away from your own mistakes.

Talking crap about someone you appear to be best friends with, like they're your nemesis when said person isn't around. There is difference between occasional venting of gripes and character deformation defamation.

Not calling out a friend's bad behavior because it's "not your place to do so" or not standing up for your friend when you need to because "you don't want to get involved in drama".


12. If they get in the left lane and drive the same speed as the car next to them.


13. Liars and one uppers. Hate them. Just making up stuff to try and sound cool or smart. Especially if you're trying to share a personal story and some random guy has to chime in with 'oh that's nothing, check this out.


14. If someone is a cheater.


15. People who blatantly litter without caring at all.


16. Not nice to their pets.


17. People who can't control where they direct their anger. If you're angry with your wifi, don't be angry with everyone else because of it, otherwise you're just being a jerk.

I also find it irritating when people get frustrated and snappy over things that can't be changed. Stuck in traffic? Cool, ride it out, maybe enjoy some music on the radio, there's nothing you can do about it. That's the sort of attitude I brought with me from living in South East Asia, and I'm really surprised people over here in Europe don't see it the same way.


18. The moment I learn they can't admit they made a mistake or say they're sorry.

My ex-father-in-law was someone I really admired and had a lot of respect for. He was hugely admired by friends, family, church members, the community, etc. Then I started to notice that he'd bristle at any suggestion that he was in the wrong (and in one particular instance, he did something that was really unfair and thoughtless and hurt a lot of family members). Sure, no one likes to be told they've done something wrong, or that it made another person feel bad, but I was so shocked that he wouldn't acknowledge his mistake, how it made others feel or say he was sorry. Instead, he blamed us for a situation he created going like it did, which was ridiculous and made petty gestures to each of us afterward. I lost basically all of my respect for him after that. I also saw him in a new light: he was never wrong. Rules didn't apply to him, either. He was kind of a bad guy who did whatever he wanted and thought he was better than other people. I also better understood, partly, why my ex-husband is such a major jerk with the same problem, but only much worse.


19. They post all over Facebook about how they just started selling for whatever pyramid scheme they're into now.


20. Constantly interrupting.


21. When I've realized that they lied to me.


22. Saying anything along the lines of, "I just think letting gays get married would ruin the sanctity of marriage".


23. How you treat an animal.

Hunting for food and things like that, that doesn't bother me. I'm not a vegan or anything like that. It's those who purposely enjoy torturing and killing something as defenseless as a house hold pet. If you can willingly laugh at an animal that gets hit or about baby kittens being abandoned or anything like that you're a psychopath.

Anyone who can enjoy the suffering of something completely helpless? Get out of my life before I remove you.


24. If they talk crap about people who aren't there. 

If they are talking crap and the person IS there that's a different story.


25. Any kind of manipulation. Someone who is willing to mess with people's minds, hearts, money, reputation, and just life in general for selfish reasons is just a piece of crap.


26. When they throw things at you when you are trying to speak. Or when they grab your arms and hit you with your own hands while saying, "Stop hitting yourself."


27. Being glued to your phone in social situations.


28. Anyone who takes a stupid amount of pride in being right. Like their horse is so high they can't even breathe to supply their brain with enough blood to realize how much of a jerk they're being.


29. Hypocrisy. It makes my teeth itch.


30. People who only care about money. My mom's family has been split in the last few years because her mom and aunt keep saying things like, "the price of land is pretty high right now." I swear if they sell my Great Grandmothers farm I'm never speaking to them again. 

My great grandma's parents placed a marker on the spot where their farm was to be built and dammit if I lose that family history from the 1890's up to now I'm never going to forgive those who sell it. Hell if that happens I won't show up to my grandmother's funeral just out of pure hatred.


31. Dishonesty or people who treat servers and janitors like dirt.



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