People Share The ONE Thing That Makes Them Instantly Start Raging.

Do you have a thing that, maybe even irrationally, just makes you rage hotter than the sun? For me, it's when the ear buds get ripped out of my ears. can't stand it. Day ruiner.

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1. Stepping in something wet with fresh socks on.


2. Lots of things because I am a bundle of rage. Summed up, bigotry and people who litter.

I was made into a rage monster the other day at a party. Someone found out that I was bisexual from a passing comment I made and immediately got creepy with me and asked me for a threesome. They got really sexual with me even though it clearly made me uncomfortable. I was so pissed off because I get that a lot and to be honest it's really demeaning because I just feel so objectified.

It's like those kinds of people don't see me as a person, just as a flexible sex machine that can get them off. Just because I like more than one gender doesn't mean I want to have sex with your creepy self and your long-suffering girlfriend okay.



3. Witnessing sub-reportable child abuse. When someone hits a child I know what to do. There doesn't seem to be a solution when a parent laughs in a child's face and tells them they'll never amount to anything. Have tried throwing disapproving looks but those parents are skilled at avoiding the gaze.


4. Inconsiderate people who believe their time is more important than others / they are better than others.


5. Earbuds being pulled out of my ears. 0-100 rage.


6. People who text and drive!


7. People being rude to their server for no reason.


8. People denying things they know to be true because they're too stubborn to admit it.


9. People who stop in the middle of the sidewalk/hallway and don't get out of the way of general traffic flow.

They just stand there. Oblivious.



10. Slow left lane drivers. Move. The. Heck. Over.


11. Seeing dogs get abused.


12. People who don't turn on their headlights when it's raining. It's for me to be able to see you better on the road. Such a simple concept to grasp, but some drivers fail at it.


13. People who refuse to vaccinate their children.


14. Waking up for work.


15. People who cut you off in just straight fatal ways. Like, dude, do you realize what you're sitting in? Do you actually grasp that could've ended both our lives because you apparently have somewhere to be? Or is impatience worth your life?

There shouldn't be tickets for those people, there should be a system in place where they get dropped off at temple, full of monks, to learn meditation for a year and when they're done they have to walk back.


16. People throwing cigarette butts out of their car window. Or any garbage I guess, but cigarettes rage me the most!


17. I get so mad when I get the wrong order at a fast food restaurant at the drive-thru.


18. When people hurt animals. Dogs, cats, whatever, being a dick to an animal automatically makes me hope that you suffer forever.


19. When you brake in front of me while we're trying to merge or merge 20mph below the speed limit. You trying to get us both killed!?


20. Being accused of things I didn't do.

People touching my face without my permission.

Incompetent drivers.

Lack of the Oxford Comma.

Obviously bad lies.


21. ASPCA Commercials. Why are you getting video of that 3 legged dog in a sad cage in the rain? Help it!


22. When I'm proving someone wrong and they tell me to "calm down" when I'm already perfectly calm...


23. Parents who let their kids run around restaurants/coffee shops/stores screaming, touching things, putting items from the shelves in their mouths. Not everyone wants to deal with your bad parenting. If your kid is screaming take them outside and calm them down then come back in. If they won't stop leave. Don't make the whole rest of the restaurant sit and listen to your children scream. We don't like it, and we're paying too.


24. Hearing people chew with their mouths open/slurping loudly like a pig.


25. When I can't find something

Ready to go I'll just grab my wallet and WHAT? WHERE IS IT? IT WAS RIGHT HERE! THIS IS BULLCRAP! Oh here it is...

I rarely get angry, but for some reason this will make me go from 0 to 100 instantly.


26. I get furious when I am about to take someone's order and I ask "How are you doing today" and they reply "I'll have a coke, etc. " So rude.


27. People who stand in the middle of store aisles like do you not have any self awareness that there are other people around you?


28. People who spit on the ground in public.


29. People who are late. Especially when they do it everyday. Once I can see as a mistake but after that how hard is it to leave 5 minutes earlier.


30. When clothing hangers get caught on one another. I absolutely lose my mind.




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