People Share The ONE Thing They Never Want Their Significant Other To Do With Someone Else.

There are some things that you just would never want your partner in crime to do with someone else.

Below are 22 couples who share what exactly they wouldn't want to see their significant other do with another person. Check them out!

1. A woman thinking or calling my husband her "work husband" sends me over the edge.


2. New into my relationship with my boyfriend, I had a habit of staying in his dorm room. One day he told me his female friend was coming to hang from his hometown - cool! I'm game.

Until I asked "Where is she staying?"

He replied "She's going to sleep here with me, so you'll have to go home."

I was gobsmacked. What the heck, right? To ask your girlfriend to go home so some girl she's never met can share your bed with you...

I responded with "No. If she does, I walk."

He found her another room to stay in. Happily together 4 years later and I love that female friend of his, but all hell would break loose if he ever tried to pull crap like that again.


3. My husband was a DJ when we were younger and one time I came into his bar and the female lead from the live band at the bar was wearing his hat. Strangely I felt annoyed and strangely she quickly took the hat off and returned it to my husband when she saw me.


4. Anything they refused to do with me but did with someone else afterwards.

I'd be crushed.


5. Actually just dumped my ex a week ago because she had absolutely no filter. I would bring her to meet new people, and next thing I know she's informing them that I lasted 30 something minutes in bed and love eating her out. I mean... they hadn't even swapped names 10 minutes before this. I'll tell ya, some secrets don't warrant discussion, they're obvious . Especially with a new person.

She also told MY mom I insisted on trying (Continued)

She also told MY mom I insisted on trying anal, which is not something I had even mentioned to her at that point. Can't convince my mother otherwise though, now.

Or how about the time she came into my job and kept talking about how much weed she smokes... I don't care much for letting everyone know at my RETAIL JOB what I do with my free time, thanks.

Yeah, she's gone. I couldn't deal with it anymore. Would much rather be alone than miserable and lied about, or exposed for no reason other than her getting attention.


6. Plotting my death.


7. I had a girlfriend who decided that instead of asking me to come along to a movie premier that I was really interested in seeing, that she would just go alone with this boy she knew. I asked her about it beforehand and she said since her "friend" only asked her that it was too late for her to ask if I could go with them. I ended up going with some friends instead on the same night in the same theater and saw her with him on their way out. Month or two later, she broke up with me and immediately started dating him despite saying that she had no interest in him and that she only viewed him as a friend. So yeah, that is not okay.


8. Hanging out with other dudes who want in her panties just so she can get high for free.


9. While working at a site, someone asked for instructions while I was in the middle of lunch. So, I was standing on a plant floor, explaining while eating a half-wrapped PBJ.

As I pointed and gesticulated, a woman, being playful, was moving her head to following the sandwich. I held still and she scarfed a very large bite (right where I had last bitten.)

Her BF was near, saw and it started an argument. I had no idea they were together.


10. I always felt that physically cheating wasn't all that hard to deal with, situations involving marriage or kids aside. It usually represents a finality; once you know about it, you know definitively where you stand and what you need to do to move on with your life. That kinda stuff is way harder to deal with in my opinion, because on one hand you want to be able to trust your SO, give them the benefit of the doubt and not come across as possessive, but on the other hand you can't help but feel how messed up it is when you get that horrible gut feeling that you're not the person they're closest to emotionally. You're trapped in this limbo of uncertainty and it makes you miserable, but you don't want to talk about it out of fear of possibly ruining something good when it might just be your own paranoia and insecurity messing you up.


11. Inviting someone of the opposite sex to their house alone, and sharing a bottle of wine. Come on, Deborah. I wasn't jealous of the guy, I was concerned about our relationship.


12. Confiding secrets about our relationship.


13. I told my husband this the other day. I don't want him to do what Alan Rickman's character did on Love Actually. Even if he didn't actually cheat.

Don't give another woman a nice, expensive or romantic gift and give me something average and platonic. He's never been "romantic" so if he was romantic towards another woman I'd probably lose my mind.


14. Hanging with a dude who has a crush on her.

Yeah I know you aren't going to do anything, but he might. And you're hanging with him. Stuff ain't Coolio. I trust her though.


15. Sleeping in the same bed, cuddling, or holding hands. Little intimate things like that. Don't touch my boyfriend. And he should DEFINITELY not be touching you either.


16. Just found some text messages on my wife's phone from a dude she used to date. "Just drove by your house, I remember snuggling." she appears to not have replied, but also didn't delete or say, "hey, I'm married ya know?" then below that looks like she sent him a pic of her "cute Christmas socks" but the picture is gone, just the reply to it... Merry ****ing Christmas


17. I actually did catch my now ex-wife sneaking out of bed to chat online with a quasi-boyfriend. She had been begging to get Christmas eve to go 2hr up north to meet with old girlfriends she hadn't seen for years. After seeing her Web chat I knew the real story. Apparently they'd met at some club (also a "girl's night out" lie) after meeting online and shared a super romantic, nonsexual evening. They'd planned to have sex if she'd have made it up north that Christmas but I unwittingly foiled that by requesting she spend time with her family and I. After reading the chat, which I admittedly demanded I do, I was crushed. Every little romantic thing she'd stopped doing for, with or to me, she'd been doing to some loser on the Internet. She even stole my nickname for her and hers for me, suggesting that she came up with them for the two of them. Needless to say a troubled union was downgraded to life support and planned out my exit a month later.


18. Watching Gravity Falls. I love it. She doesn't. If I ever saw her watching an episode with someone else I'd be wrecked.


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19. Going on a run together with another girl without telling me. We had our first "date" together doing a breezy 10k together and then he cooked for me. Running together is our favorite thing and i would be kinda jealous if he did it with a female friend and not tell me beforehand! Now I feel weird for being jealous for just running


20. Stroking another man's beard in front of your husband and his family.

Was meeting my boyfriend's brother and wife for the first time at a bar, when his wife decided to call a stranger with a full beard over. Started feeling all over it and going on about how nice it was. Her husband had just started growing his and didn't say a word. It was quite an uncomfortable situation. She made a great first impression for the years to come.


21. Scratch his back. My wife has this things about the feeling of skin under her nails and will not scratch my back, meanwhile I can't go to bed at night without her having me scratch her back. It's already a sore spot that I give and never receive so it'd devastate me to find her doing it for another man.


22. Sending/receiving good morning or goodnight texts to/from a male friend. I'm weird in that I get bothered if I don't get a goodnight text, because I feel like everyone knows when they're going to fall asleep, more or less, and I just want to say goodnight. I don't want to be left hanging. So if she does it for someone else, it crosses a boundary for me.



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