People Share The Personality Traits They Couldn't Help But Pick Up From Their Parents.

Many people try not to be like their parents. Whether it's being too cheap, or being late for everything, it can be hard not to pick up certain personality traits.

Here's a list of things people couldn't help but pick up from their parents.


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1. Gotcha!

My mother has a habit of coming up behind people, pinching them on the butt, and making a high-pitched peep. I did it to my roommate without even thinking once. Horrifying.


2. So interesting!

I'm adopted and just reunited with my birth parents a couple of years ago. The weirdest thing I found out I inherited? Hand gestures. I make the same exact hand gestures in the same manner as my birth mom. I also make this weird happy noise when I'm excited and it turns out my birth sister makes the same noise.

Being adopted puts the nature v nurture thing right out in the open, and it's actually really cool!


3. "Oh god, it's like I'm looking into the future..."

My parents got a divorce when I was 9 and after about 10 wasn't allowed to contact my dad (new jealous step-father in the mix). Well, when I was around 35 we reconnected and he came out to visit. He's a great guy and whatever mistakes he may have made are in the past and my wife and kids love him to death.

It always surprised me how much our sense of humor was the same. We seem to have the same style of joking around and find the same things funny. It's been odd to me for the last few years. My wife even says, "He's just the grandpa-aged version of you."

I don't know how many times we've been with other family and he made some pun or dad-joke and I've thought to myself, "I was about to say the exact same thing. Oh god, it's like I'm looking into the future..."


4. Uh oh.

Anger and alcoholism.


5. That would be hard.

My dad has a terrible approach to problems. Shouting, aggression, defeatism. It's very difficult not to behave the same.


6. True!

I inherited my mother's ability to judge character.

She used to always warn me, "Son, if you hang around with dicks, you're just asking to get shafted."


7. I feel you.



8. The stress is the only bad part of this.

Being early for eeeeverything. My father is Air Force and constantly harped on "if you're early, you're on time. If you're on time, you're late."

It's now turned into some weird, anxiety-inducing need to be early everywhere I go. I'm 10 minutes early to work every single morning, a minimum of 5 minutes early for anything else. Being even slightly off schedule stresses me out to the fullest.


9. "Perfect mixture."

My mom is an artist and a traveler, my dad is a scientist. I'm a wildlife ethologist in Kenya. Perfect mixture.


10. From parent to child.

OCD. The legit kind, not the "hoo boy do I like sorting things!" kind.


11. This one is kind of cute.

I'm a sponge for accents, just like my mom. Give either of us two minutes around a southerner and we've got an unintentional drawl.


12. How does this work?

Short temper from my dad and patience from my mom.


13. Brutal.

My dad is terrible about repeating stories, to the point where if he asks me "hey, did I ever tell you about the time..." I can sum up the story before he gets 3 words out.

I do this too, to the point of it being a running joke in my group of friends. I'm roommates with a few of them, so there's a satirical article taped to my door with the headline "Man looks on in horror as friend tells him story he's already heard."


14. One day...


My dad does not spend money on frivolous stuff. He even repairs his tongs with nails and sticky tape when they're broken. I'm not at that level yet. But I aspire to be.


15. Here come the waterworks.

My mums crying when she's angry or frustrated has been inherited, sucks.


16. Better now than later.

If I don't make an active, conscious effort otherwise, I can be the exact same raging, narcissistic, manipulative, and stubborn jerk that my dad is. Being calm in the face of any amount of adversity is a struggle, but I'm glad I'm figuring it out in my 20's as opposed to my father who is still struggling in his 50's.


17. My mom does this.

Pointing out obvious things on road trips, like reading signs aloud or commenting on various flowers or views.


18. I like this one.

Sarcasm and slightly dark humor. But also extreme compassion for kids and animals.

Also terrible eating habits that I struggle to deal with, even now.


19. This is a tough one.

Difficulty communicating with people the closer they are to me.


20. Too bad you don't forget that you forget!

Lack of memory. I used to get mad at my mom for forgetting important things as a child but now I can't remember what it is I'm supposed to do today.


21. Dang, that's tough.

Thinking with my mouth open.

When I concentrate on something, or am just "going thru the motions" and have zoned out from reality, I do the task with my mouth open/slack jawed.


22. Sometimes asking for help is the bravest you can do.

My mom's...pride? I guess that's a nice way of saying it. I never want to ask for help because it makes me feel weak or dumb. I always want to figure things out and do things on my own.

It doesn't sound bad, but it's brought me a lot of grief. I would seriously rather sit there and struggle than let someone lend a helping hand and make it 10x easier.


23. Whoops.

Anger management issues. It pisses me off so much that I... wait a minute.


24. Shall I risk it today?

Constant anger, my dad gave me the Viking Rage. I get very angry, very quickly and I'm bad at hiding it. I also have resting mean face, also from my dad. We look like murderers when we're just neutral.

My poor husband has to constantly risk asking if I'm okay and angering me further or just finding out it's my face.


25. Okay this one I've never seen, personally.

I change my accent depending on who I'm talking to, tend to mimic their accent but I don't even notice.

(My mom does this a lot.)


26. Seriously, I'll get to it.

Procrastination. If I say I'll do something, I'll do it. There is no need to remind me every 6 months.


27. Sometimes it just comes naturally.

Weirdly, faith. Muslim dad, Catholic mom, they raised me as nothing. I was an atheist forever, and somehow just naturally found my way to belief.


28. Something to work on.

My mom has a habit (unintentional) of being pushy, rarely taking no for an answer, and using guilt if necessary. I love her to death and she came by the habit honestly - she had to work very hard to advance her career as a woman, and she NEEDED that persistence.

It doesn't serve me very well, though, and I work hard to overcome it. It's not very good for relationships.


29. So important.

When I'm thinking about what I'm saying while I talk, I look around and my eyes just kind of wander. My SO used to get somewhat frustrated that I didn't make eye contact when we had serious conversations; met my dad and she immediately understood.

I still try to make eye contact because it's important, but it can be a hard habit to break.


30. Neat!

I tend to sit sideways at a table when I eat, the strange thing is my dad says he's only seen my great grandfather do that. He died before I was born.


31. Oooooh, yikes.

Non-purposeful condescension / talking down to / over-explaining simple things. I try my hardest to catch myself, but often find myself doing it.



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