People Share The "Society-Deemed Flaws" That They Actually Find Attractive

Each of us have our flaws and struggles that make us who we are. Sometimes they make us feel self-conscious, but you'd be surprised how many people might actually find your biggest flaw attractive.

1. Awkwardness.

If a girl is awkward and socially inept that makes me feel more comfortable about being awkward and socially inept. Of course then we never talk to each other.


2. Raspy Voice.

A girl I knew in high school had a raspy voice that if I recall correctly was due to a messed up vocal cord. Girls with raspier voices -- natural, not like, pack a day smoker raspy -- are kind off attractive to me now and I don't know if it is because of her.


3. Laugh lines.

Those lines around peoples eyes. I think they're sweet and show the kind of person you are that you're always smiling.


4. Conservative clothing.

I am super attracted to girls who wear very conservative clothing. Turtlenecks get me every time.


5. Small boobs.

I honestly prefer it.


6. Big foreheads.

I used to have a thing for woman with big foreheads. When I was in high school I dated 3 girls with slightly bigger foreheads and didn't realized it until one of my friends pointed it out and made fun of me for it. To be clear, I said I used to because I'm married now and unfortunately she doesn't have a big forehead. Still love her though.


7. Shy in public, talkative in private.

When they are extremely shy and anti-social in public, but with their friends they are one of the most talkative people in the group.


8. Dark circles.

When otherwise average or mildly cute guys have slight dark circles under their eyes, like if they stayed up late last night or just genetics, that makes them 10x hotter.


9. The laugh-snort.

I knew this girl Jamie in high school. I loved making her laugh because she would snort. It wasn't like a porcine snort or wheezing. It was genuinely cute, and I kinda dug her.

When I made her laugh and when she did that cute little snort I was smitten.

Of course, I was about 16 and kind of immature so I never expressed my attraction for her.


10. I've always thought pointy ears were really pretty on women.


11. I love big noses on guys.

Not because I think it says something about other parts of anatomy, I just think it makes gentlemen look rather distinguished.



I'm like Kevin from the Office. "Could you just say... these are due back Thursday?"


13. Girls with messy, uneven and/or short hair.


14. Emotional guys.

Like, not "emotional" as in obsessively romantic but just in touch with all your emotions, and have no problem expressing them rather than trying to be all stone cold and silent.


15. I love girls with prominent noses.


16. Caring a lot.

Specifically for people outside your immediate circle of concern (spouse, family). People ask about those moments you "fall" for your significant other, and mine was driving in Seattle - over Ballard bridge if you know it - with my then not-boyfriend. At the same time, he and I saw a lady slump down on the sidewalk, drop a suitcase she had been dragging, and start sobbing. before I even had time to react he said "stop the car!" I couldn't pull over there so I had to finish crossing the bridge and park in a store. He sprinted back to her to see what he could do. Turns out she didn't need much, or at least we couldn't do much, but that wasn't the point. He shoes such compassion and willingness to actually ACT on it I fell for him instantly.


17. I think scars are attractive.


18. Honestly, a certain degree of 'neediness'.

Not a very extreme flaw but certainly considered a flaw by most.


19. Less than 20/20 vision.

People in glasses are so cute, even in thick, coke bottle lenses.


20. Being small.

I find myself constantly falling for guys 5'5" and less. The fact that I can hold them in my arms and cuddle it's just amazing.


21. Stutters.

They're kind of adorable.


22. Being willing to do stupid stuff on a whim.

Too often people try to be all suave and sexy, when honestly it makes you seem like a romance robot.

Half the time the people I've fallen in love with have been idiots who like to do stupid stuff on dares or because it was funny over people who think they're the Second Coming of Catherine Zeta Jones when their true personality is to be a cute dork.


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