People Share The Stupidest Thing They Ever Did That Somehow Didn't End In Total Disaster.

We've all done some stupid things, but if it doesn't end in disaster you might not realize how stupid it was until years later.

Here are some of the stupidest things people have done that didn't have disastrous consequences.

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1/19. I was a very, very lonely teenager and one day, I thought I'd search for friends online. I think I must've been about 13 and in a boarding school, where I was bullied a fair bit and my dorm-mates thought I was weird.

So, I would go on random sites that the school hadn't blocked and chat with random strangers. One day, by some dumb luck, I met someone that was currently studying in a boy's school not too far away.

We'd chat about stuff and send each other pictures of stuff we'd doodle and random quotes we found in books. It was very platonic stuff and I wasn't really into anything more; he said something similar to that and was supposed to be 18 and leaving school soon.

This went on for about a year or so, before he asked if we could meet. We had a couple of days off after the exams, before our parents picked us up so I was sort of okay with it. That was when we exchanged pictures; mine was basically an awkward-candid-headshot-school-picture in my uniform and he sent me a similar styled picture from the school he went to.

Everything seemed to check out, nothing fishy. I mean, I technically communicated with the guy for a year and it was all fine.

So on the day, I went to the place we decided on which was in a park that had a woodsy vibe; it's usually a good spot to meet people, fairly public.

He was already there and completely bald. He told me that he had cancer and made up this fairly dodgy story.

I mean, the guy is fairly skinny but I knew he was not undergoing chemo because at that time, two of my aunts were diagnosed with cancer and one had passed; I knew he was lying but I couldn't be too sure.

Nonetheless, I decided to take a leap of faith and agreed to go for a short walk. During that walk, he was so awkward and grabbed my hand. I should've stopped him but I just kept prattling on about the stuff we texted about. He would just give half-arsed replies.

At some point, he suggested that we go to a pub. I thought it was good to be around more people so I agreed. He then steered me to the corner of the pub and bought me alcohol. I got really, really scared at this point and basically flat out told him that he was lying to me and that I wanted to leave.

He then proceeded to admit that he was much, much older (36) but felt like "we had a connection" and told me that boys my age wouldn't get me because I was special, etc. etc. I calmed down a little and sat back.


He basically kept stroking my 13 year old ego (note, he knew a lot about me and I was also a super-loner) but also said things that makes my blood go cold to this day. I just sat there like a brainless idiot.

Thank goodness, my phone rang and it was this other girl from my Math class who wanted to know if I was interested in hanging out that evening. I said yes and just left, caught a cab and went back to school. We ended up being best friends and when I told her my story, she didn't believe me at first (the timing was too crazy-coincidental) but I showed her the evidence.

She then told me that the "doodles" he sent were just images off the internet and the quotes were probably stuff he got off them too. I felt really, really, really stupid but I'm glad nothing traumatizing happened.

As for him, he had never texted me since the day we met. I wanted to report but I had no information about him and I don't think I could identify him.


2/19. I walked home in the following condition:



*With a dead phone

*No money

*No weapon on me, just some pepper spray

*In a city I'd just moved to

*Where I didn't speak the language

*At 4 AM

*Without telling anyone I was leaving the party

I then proceeded to:

*Immediately get lost

*Accept a cab from a stranger who got in the cab with me

*realize that the cab had no markings, no gps, and the driver was ignoring me and speaking with the guy who had got in with me

*Realize that I was not in a cab and was being driven away from the city

*Jump out of the car as it slowed for a red light

*Run as the man who got in the car with me chased me, spraying pepper spray behind me the whole time

*Safely lost him and begged a couple going into their apartment to help me. The woman (who is an angel I can never repay) calmed me down, gave me money for a cab, called a real cab company, helped me tell the driver my address.


3/19. Not something I did, but my girlfriend's mother is a heart surgeon. During a surgery the patient flatlined and she was yelling for the internal defibs which they were frantically trying to grab. Time was running out so she did the most logical thing. She punched him in the heart. His exposed heart. And it resumed to pump normally again. It was the most metal thanksgiving conversation I ever had.


4/19. When I was younger, probably around 8 or 9, I loved to play with syringes. Now note, we had a couple syringes around the house that didn't use needles, like for cleaning out the pockets after a wisdom teeth surgery and stuff. I would play with them in the bath, just fill them up with water, squirt them in my mouth, shoot it at the wall, etc. It was just like a mini squirt gun for me.

One day my friends and I were playing around a construction site. I found a syringe there. This one did have a needle. I carefully grabbed it and took it home. I never told my parents.


I remember taking it to the bath and playing with it like always. I filled it up with water, squirted in my mouth. I was careful with the needle, but after playing for a while I poked myself. It hurt, so I decided to throw it away after that and I was done with it.

These days I'm just glad I don't have aids. I was playing with a syringe that was almost certainly used for drugs, that I found at some random construction site. And I eventually poked myself with the needle. I still shudder thinking about dumb I was as a kid....


5/19. Five hours into my shift I went on break and realized I didn't have my car keys. I freaked out and ran outside to my car. I had left my keys in the ignition with the engine running and the door unlocked. I could not have made it easier for someone to steal my car, but nothing happened to it.


6/19. I was walking to my house, just one block away, suddenly a guy in a hoodie comes to me, tells me to give him my stuff and shows me a gun. I froze and didn't say anything, this was my first time being mugged.

He tried to reach in my pockets and take my stuff by himself but I just started walking and went past him without saying a word like nothing happened, he just yelled "---- you" and that was it. When he yelled I knew that was the end of it and realised how stupid what I did was.


7/19. Thought a bad axle was causing vibration in my car that actually turned out to be missing lug nuts. Front wheel fell off at 65mph on the highway. Cue shower of sparks and the liberated wheel careening off into the median.

Not only did the wheel not strike anyone, I was able to recover it, attach it with a lugnut from each of the good wheels and still make it to work on time. No major damage to the vehicle.

But that's not even the best part. This is embarrassing but, even after replacing brake pads and the offending bad axle, I did not notice that the stud and nut from the bottom of the hub that attaches it to the control arm had been sheared off during the incident. Not only did I drive the car for another year afterward, but I sold it to my friend and he raced the car on a track before he finally noticed while trying to replace the wheel bearing. The hub was held on because it had been friction welded to the control arm while scraping across the highway at 60mph.


8/19. Quit my job on the spot with no plans on how I was going to continue making money. My boss pissed me off for the last time, so I told him I quit & walked out. Realizing what I had done, I contacted a friend who worked for a similar company & she set me up with an interview for there the next day. I got the job. I was unemployed for less than a day.


9/19. I'm an experienced hiker and backpacker, but I broke every rule in the book when one day I went hiking alone. Didn't tell anyone where I was going. I was supposed to go to a mountain I've been to 100 times, which is very safe and always teeming with people.

They closed the road to the mountain that week, and I wound up hiking another one nearby. I was completely unprepared. No extra food (just one sandwich), no extra water (two bottles, and one wound up being lost along the way), no extra clothes, and no cell (battery had died along the drive).

An hour into it, I got absolutely lost, bumped into another hiker (male - I'm female) who was also lost.


This was the most poorly marked mountain we'd ever encountered. We wound up stumbling around on that mountain for 7 hours, in the dark for the last 2 hours. He only had prescription sunglasses on, and luckily had a cell phone that was alive so we used that for a flashlight. He would shine it around randomly while I looked for the light to hit the reflection of trailmarkers (he couldn't see in the dark).

We wound up crawling over a BEAVER DAM to find our way out (the dam was the only landmark we remembered from the beginning portion of the trail). After appx. 15 miles of being utterly lost, we found our way out.

Nothing bad happened. But man, was that ever stupid.


10/19. Rode a home-made bobsleigh (Bathtub with two skis and a snowboard bolted to the bottom) down an artificial ski slope with about 3 or 4 others in.

A few hours later, some other friends did the same, it flipped and really badly broke a girl's leg.

Thing was heavy. It could easily have killed someone.


11/19. Leaving my front door unlocked and letting dudes I met online come over and come up to my room and sleep with me without ever having met them before.


12/19. I hopped a fence and stole a puppy from a family in the middle of the day.

They were abusive to it.

She's sleeping on my dining room table right now.


13/19. I didn't look where I was stepping at night. I stepped over a king cobra but it didn't notice. The next person wasn't so lucky.


14/19.When I was in high school us kids played with homemade explosives and incendiaries and the like. Unsupervised, no safety precautions. The worst that happened was scorching a deck but it could have went wrong so many times.


15/19. I tied my friend's arms and legs to a lawn chair and threw him into the deep end of his pool. We were both about ten, and his parents weren't home. To be fair, it was his idea, he wanted to try and escape like Houdini.

We agreed that the signal for help would be him blowing bubbles. Well sure enough after a minute he starts blowing bubbles, so I had to swim the chair to the surface every 30 seconds or so for him to breathe while I tried to untie his arms. Apparently, and I know this now, rope swells up when its wet and gets much more difficult to untie. I got one of his arms out so he could start helping untie, and eventually we got him free, no one drowned, and we never told his parents.

What's kinda weird to me is that I didn't panic and stayed calm, I didn't really recognize the gravity of the situation until afterword.


16/19. Little kid me had trouble sleeping so he would pass the time in his room throwing tissue paper into the space heater and watching it burst into flames on contact. Somehow I did not start a massive fire, burn myself, nor get caught.


17/19. Riding a crappy motorcycle on a slippery highway with dangerous curves and a really pronounced angle, at night, foggy weather, no helmet, no passport, bad brakes in Thailand.


18/19. Trying to buy drugs in the Philippines.Finally got the guts to tell my best female friend that I was really attracted to her and wanted to be in a relationship with her.


She's really weird about emotional and relationship stuff, so I knew this might really hurt or kill the awesome friendship we had. And I cared so much about her that losing that friendship would have been devastating.

We've been dating for a few months now :)


19/19. I sprayed deodorant into a plastic bottle, put in a fuse, lit it, and ran away, hoping for a cool explosion. It did not explode as I had hoped, but rather shot across the yard with a bluish flame coming out of the end. Then it hit a tree and sort of splatted.



I was desperate on a final exam and decided to cheat off of the person with the highest grade in the class. During the exam the TA walked over to my area to answer a question a student asked and I was in danger of being caught. I panicked and let out one, long, loud fart which caused the whole room to erupt in laughter. The TA laughed along and quickly walked away from me saving me from being discovered. I got a B on the exam and my grade was saved at a solid B. I changed majors shortly after and I'm doing well on my own with something I want to do in life.


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