People Share The Things They Tried Once But Will Never Do Again. EVER.

It's always good to be open minded and try new things, but that doesn't mean you have to like everything.

Here are 27 times people tried something they'd never try again.

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1. Pregnancy/childbirth

I love my son. I am not doing that again.


2. Drinking five shots of absinthe in less than an hour (I only aimed for 3; the other two were a dare). What a wonderful idea that was. I ended up wandering the streets of Prague, alone and late at night. I eventually passed out at a bus shelter for a few hours, waking up from time to time only to vomit and tell myself "NEVER AGAIN." Somehow I'm still alive and was not robbed or assaulted.

Everyone at my hostel who saw me the next day and knew what I'd done all exclaimed a variant of "OH MY GOD YOU'RE STILL ALIVE! THANK GOD."


3. Jumping into a small but deep, fast flowing river in North Wales in winter. I thought "Oh what fun! Aren't I wild and crazy!" and then froze immediately....I couldn't lift my arms or kick and the river swept me downstream.

Lucky I was young enough to fight!


4. Trying to impress my crush with drinking.

She was more disgusted than impressed and I was feeling worse than I imagined.

All of my butterflies flew out over the toilet.


5. The one time I got punched by a gorilla is probably also going to remain the only time that ever happens in my life. I just can't imagine lining up that one again.


Went trekking to see the wild mountain gorillas in Uganda (which is definitely up there as one of the coolest things I've done!). You must stay a minimum distance away from them at all times, but turns out there's no equivalent if they want to come check you out. And, well, it turns out there was a teenage male in the group I was seeing, named Obia. Obia means "Punchy" in the local language because he was a teenage male, who like teenage males of many species liked to play the game "I punch you, you punch me back."

Soooo Obia came over to me so quick I couldn't do a thing, and punched me in the gut. A "play punch" to see if I wanted to play, so honestly the rangers dragging me off hurt more lest he think I really wanted to play his game.

All told a cool experience I never expected to have!


6. Smoking weed. I don't see the big deal about it and all it made me do was feel a little sick and then eat all of my TRISCUITS INSTEAD OF SAVING THEM FOR WORK WHERE I ENJOY SNACKING ON THEM.

Eff you made me eat all my triscuits.


7. Drinking Vanilla Extract.


8. I punched a girl in the face when I was in kindergarten because she slapped me repeatedly. Absolutely nothing good came of it and it will never happen again.


9. I was taking a pig butchering class, when we accidentally killed a pregnant sow. Because we all felt so bad about it, we decided the best way to honor it would be to not waste any part of the pig.


We BBQed the fetuses and fried the placenta. When we had our big feast I tried one of the fetuses, it had no muscles yet, so the "meat" was just jelly like nastiness. After that I was unable to try the placenta. Never will I ever eat an unborn fetus of any animal.


10. Chasing a shot of tequila with milk.


11. I was 12 years old and at a party. Some guy who had a crush on me for years kept harassing me to give him his first kiss. He eventually guilt tripped me into doing it. It was terrible and pathetic and sadly my first kiss as well. Never kissed that guy again and never let myself get guilt tripped into anything by a guy ever again.


12. Cave exploring.

Not the kind with a tour guide on a tram....Crawling deep into a mountain with amateurs and a forestry major. It begins and ends with going through a sea of bats, with lots of intermittent terror in between. Last place in the world you'd want to get injured, and that can happen very easily.


13. Masturbating with/in front of another guy. Not in a hot tub or anything, but a friend of mine suggested it because he wanted to try it with someone he trusted and my philosophy is "don't knock it until you've tried it."


Jesus, there are few times I've been more uncomfortable than that. Never again.


14. Sugar free Haribo gummy bears. I only bought them because the amazon reviews were hilarious and I needed to see for myself. Yeah don't buy it!

From one of the reviews. "I rather take my chance with real bears. My guts are making a noise like a cross between a Skrillex track and a herd of cattle being boiled alive."


15. Went to help my grandparents with their yard, got bit by a black widow. No thank you.


16. Having a Friend With Benefits.

As much as you can go ahead with the idea of having no strings attached. It will end up eroding the friendship that brought you guys together in the first place. Be careful.


17. Taking a Greyhound bus from Tucson, AZ to Myrtle Beach, SC. To see my now fianc. It was a 48 hour Trip, which actually wasn't too bad... Until we were almost in Atlanta.


I was sleeping pretty heavily until I woke up to lips on my face, a hand on my breast, and a hand between my legs. Suffice to say, I was pretty shaken up. The man kind of stalked me through the Atlanta bus station afterwards until I let one of the attendants know what was going on. I'm not sure what happened after that. I broke down in my fianc's arms the night I saw him. I just felt so gross and disgusting.


18. Thinking "wouldn't it be a great idea to put a tissue over a candle while at someone's house."


19. Morphine. I got so high. At first it was cool, I was having these hallucinations every time I closed my eyes.

They started off nice. It felt like I was in a video game, with cool video game music and everything. Slowly my trip got worse and worse. I started seeing the darkest stuff you could imagine. Dead babies, mass graves, some really bad stuff. I will never mess with morphine again.


20. Getting properly drunk. 3 Smirnoff double blacks and 3 ciders in an hour.

I couldn't taste the alcohol. Ended up yelling at my closest friends for an hour, then crying in a corner for the next 2.

Me and alcohol don't get on well.


21. Being blackout drunk and waking up to a place you don't remember being at.


22. Cave diving. Finding out you have a mild case of claustrophobia under 15 meters of water in a cave without any natural light or air pockets is not fun.


So I was panicking big time. As a result I absolutely burned right through my oxygen and got even more scared which caused me to burn my oxygen even faster. Nope not gonna do that again..


23. Cheap Boxed Dry White Wine

The most disgusting thing i've ever tasted.


24. Skiing. I went up on a bus trip during high school. Had never had a lesson or anything but was with two more experienced friends. They got us on the wrong lift and instead of going down the bunny slope the first time, we found ourselves at the top of the double black diamond. I biffed hard, immediately, and scooted down the entire mountain on my butt. By the time I got to the bottom, horrendous flu symptoms were overwhelming me (it turned out to be altitude sickness). I spent the day with my head down on a table in the cafeteria until the bus was ready to leave.


25. I make it a point to try foods again, even ones I've had before and know I didn't like. I figure tastes change and preparation methods differ, so occasionally I find some new favorite food this way. This habit has served me well. I tried lutefisk once. Never again. That stuff is beyond vile.


26. Had liver and onions once. The metallic taste combined with the texture of pudding is a sensation I will not be entertaining again. Blech.


27. Left a friend at a bar because I was tired and had been drinking water to hydrate before me and another friend drove off. We went to the apartment and chilled out for a what was only half an hour before the friend we left behind called and said he was done and needed a ride.

It was 2am and I pulled up to a stop sign, vehicles were parked along the curb and I had to pull forward to look around them. Sirens flash behind me.

I felt okay but a tiny bit lightheaded. I passed both field sobriety tests. The third trooper did not want to waste time and do another but told me to call someone to drive my truck home instead of me. I still hate myself for even chancing the possibility of a DUI. That label ruins lives.


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