People Share The Worst Case Of Attention-Seekers Who Took It Too Far.

This article is based on the AskReddit question "What is the worst case of attention-seeking you've ever seen? "

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1/22. My friend's wife died unexpectedly. His mother immediately began posting photos on Facebook of him having clearly cried himself to sleep, tissues strewn on the pillow, face streaked with tears. She even captioned them with things like "So SaD mIsSiNg WiFeY I gOt U BaBee Boi."

She also started posting pictures of the pets with captions about how sad they were too. Then there were photos of her posing at her dead daughter-in-law's gravesite, etc. She eventually began posting several times a day thanking God for giving her the opportunity to help her son raise her grandkids. I'm surprised she didn't lick the tears from his eyes. It was sick.


2/22. It was a couple of years ago, but there was this whole news story about these parents who had a weather balloon in their back yard, and supposedly one of their kids had gotten into the balloon and set it off. The parents were all worried because their kid was supposedly in the balloon.

Well once the balloon eventually landed, there was no kid, and it turns out that the kid was "hiding" in their basement the whole time.

It was later figured out that it was all a hoax, and that the parents did it to get attention.


3/22. My dad's second wife paid someone to write a biography about her mundane life, in which she tried to drag me, my siblings and my mom through the dirt, then she started handing out copies to as many people as she could.

She also runs to my dad to cry about my sister regularly because my sister calls her out on her lies, she's constantly negative about people to hide her own insecurities, she generally can't stand not being the center of attention and she will steer any conversation to be about her or her children.


4/22. When my daughter found out she was pregnant she thought she was only 5 or 6 weeks turned out she was 20 weeks, her mother in law posted it all over Facebook before my daughter could tell anyone.

When she went into labour MIL posted it on Facebook even before labour was confirmed and then gave an update every 10 minutes.

Fortunately she didn't get to post the first pics of my grandson, my daughter got to do that.


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5/22. I have an old childhood friend who is constantly either engaged to a new guy or claims to be pregnant. She once claimed to have had a miscarriage and then less than 3 months later was 4 months pregnant. None of her supposed boyfriends ever make an appearance with her or have an online persona. On top of such she's the type that will post the status of "things are awful but I won't say why so don't bother to message me" all the time. I honestly think she needs therapy but that's very thin ice to tread on.


6/22. My sister-in-law's cousin is hot. Everyone agrees. There's no denying it. When she walks into a room, all eyes turn to her. She's always got guys fawning all over her. She has plenty of attention, deserved or not, at all times.

When my brother got married, this girl, my sister-in-law's cousin, decided to wear a huge, frilly white dress with a hat/veil. She kept barging into places moments before my s-i-l excusing herself for causing confusion. I wanted to punch her face.


7/22. During a hot Iowa summer I was de-tassling corn (to keep it from pollinating) and one of the girls in my crew pretended to be stung by a bee and said she was extremely allergic. She started spazzing out like crazy so we called 911 and a helicopter ended up flying to the field to take her to the hospital. After they brought her in it turns out THIS GIRL WAS FAKING IT! Needless to say she got fired and I think she got some kind of fine.


8/22. I have a Facebook friend who says about once a week, "well now I know who my real friends are!" And I always want to respond with, "did you forget? That sounds like amnesia, you should get that checked out.


9/22. My cousin's girlfriend's son decided he wanted to play guitar and sing a song at my dad's funeral. No one else was playing music or singing. He gets up halfway through the funeral and starts singing. He's horrible. At the end of his song he actually plugged his "New CD" that he just so happened to have a bunch of copies of in his car.


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10/22. My sister. When she went off to college, everything got a lot worse. She came up with this lie that she has lived her life by, that I (her brother) was some sort of abusive asshole to her her entire life, and she told everyone that if God is good, I'm going to hell.

A couple month later she came home for Thanksgiving, and she blatantly refused to be in the same room as me- and let's say I would walk into the kitchen while she was making something with mom or my grandmother, she wold literally scream and duck behind the counter. Then at dinner, when I sat down at the table with the whole family, she screamed that she wouldn't sit at the same table as me, and was just being a huge attention seeker. It was absolutely ridiculous. Everyone knew that she wanted attention, and she has driven away several roommates because of her tendencies.


11/22. There was that story some time ago about some girl who convinced her boyfriend to commit suicide all so she could pretend to start a fundraiser for mental illness or something.


12/22. Worst case of attention-seeking I have ever witnessed:

Working behind the bar in an upscale hotel.

Enter aging woman. Obviously attractive but past her prime. Slinky black dress, high heels, alone.

Woman approaches gentleman sitting at the bar, initiates conversation.

Woman: Hi there. Wow, did you used to be a model?

Gentleman: (obviously flattered) Oh, what? No I do-

Woman: Because I did.


13/22. A kid I used to know who was desperate to impress people drew in class. He raised the notebook way over his head and made dramatic dashing strokes with his pencil so that everyone behind him could see how amazing he was at drawing. He wasnt.


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14/22. A few instances of attention-seekers I've seen:

Girl claimed she had lung cancer with only a week to live. Got into school the next Monday saying she was miraculously cured over the weekend.

Girl bandaged up her hand (palm) and told people she tried to slit her wrist but missed. (The most messed up part was this girl was heavily into First Aid and Halloween, so when she wore the same dirty bandage for a week that was caked in 'blood' but insisted on not changing it it became transparent) EDIT: She was a lifeguard so she took multiple first aid courses causing her to think she was just as certified as someone in a clinic or hospital. Halloween was her favourite holiday so she would go full out every year and buy tubs of fake blood.

A girl got super jealous over this guy seeing someone else so she tried saying she got HIV from him so he would talk to her but he knew it wasn't true so she pulled the pregnant card on him.


15/22. My old 'best friend' using the fact that I got bullied and have social anxiety, by saying it all happened to her and she tweeted her favourite celebrities my story in order to get a reply from them, when none of it happened to her.


16/22. You know how young children (usually preschoolers) will tend to be the mother hen of a group of other children and constantly over-correct and nag at them in order to feel bigger and more important? It's usually some kind of developmental thing I see happen often, usually in 3-4 year old girls with little siblings.

I have a nearly 30 year old cousin who never stopped doing this, and it is like nails on the chalkboard of my mind. If you paraphrase something that happened on the news, she'll overhear and shrill "ACTUALLY, they said ____." Or if you're telling a story about something that happened, she'll correct your grammar even if nothing is wrong with it. She always has to have the last word in every single conversation, complete with interrupting you while you are speaking. She also tries to pick fights in social situations like a preteen girl, repeating something awkward you may have said earlier super loudly on "accident" in front of others, complete with a smirk/fake shocked expression.

It's just awful and does this to every woman she encounters.


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17/22. This was in my early twenties. I would work with the young coworkers in the most laborious part of the company. Women were also there. We would all hang out after work. Good group of friends, except for one girl. She kinda interrupted conversations she wasn't involved in. I knew she was self centered but I didn't care, until the day she got fired.

One of the girls in the group got engaged and everyone was happy for her. Retelling and rehearing the way he proposed over and over since it was quite adorable. She had a face of jealousy. Suddenly we don't see her. Then one break we check our phones and she said that she's going to kill herself. We show our manager, she panics and sends me to check on her, track her down. I find her in her house eating chips watching TV. She was fired for abandoning the job.


18/22. I Volunteered at a summer camp over my summer. Like every summer camp you usually have a few kids who are sent to the camp most of the summer since their parents don't want to put up with them. During one of the camps there was a girl (6/7) who had made quite a name for herself amongst the counselors. She was known for causing quite a few issues but I didn't think she was that bad.

That was until about half way through the week when she came up to me and another guy crying saying that another kid bit her. Then she showed us some very visible teeth marks. After calming her down we go to the other kid to ask him why he did it. We were quite surprised since the kid was quite well behaved and hadn't caused any problems. We go up to him asking him why he did this, but as you would expect he said he didn't do it. We all assumed he was lying until one of the other volunteers noticed that the teeth marks on the girls forearm were missing the front tooth and the kid she blamed it on had all of his teeth. So we go up to the girl and ask her once again what happened and she admitted to us that she had bit herself in order to get the kid in trouble.


19/22. I worked with an attention seeking woman for about a year. Keep in mind this is a 40-something year old mother of 2. Highlights:

This woman and myself were 2 of about 5 females in the entire company of nearly 100. She played the "I'm just one of the guys" card, by TRYING to talk about cars and other stereotypical manly topics that she obviously didn't know. Worst of all was the need to make sexual jokes that were just so desperate. (continued)

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It got to the point where she would inquire about everyone's "meats" at lunch, making as many references to penises as possible...they didn't even make sense. If you were eating anything crunchy, she'd have to make some reference to nuts. As in ball sacks. Every. single. day.

Any possibly connection to drama became her personal tragedy. The best example is when a friend of hers had a daughter studying abroad in rural France during the Paris attacks. She was inconsolable, until someone else made some sort of comment containing sexual innuendo. (See above) Then she was alright...

personal injury- one time she fell in a parking lot and sent half the staff a very close up cell phone pic of her knee. It was a scrape. She took the rest of the day off. She also got into a fender bender and milked it for all it was worth, including a statement that she needed to "learn to walk and talk again" at physical therapy...???

She got fired a few months later for basically not even pretending to work... Now she's a a high level Manager for one of our competitors. This should be interesting.


20/22. My mother is the world champ of seeking attention! Among many examples, this one is by far the most egregious:

We were attending my aunt's wedding (so her sister's wedding) six or so years ago, and my mum was a bridesmaid. Here is the stuff she got up to:

Loudly complained (several times) that my aunt shouldn't be the one getting married since my aunt had been married before and she hadn't.

Got incredibly drunk before the ceremony and spent the entire ceremony giggling and fidgeting.

(This is the pice de rsistance) Literally defecated while they were taking the wedding photos. I'm not even kidding. Didn't mention she needed to go, didn't ask to be excused - and then when my aunt was like, "What the heck?!" my mum said it was my aunt's fault because the photos were taking too long.

So yeah, she made her own little sister cry at her wedding. Now she wonders why the rest of the family doesn't want to spend time with her.



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