People Share The Worst Case Of Entitlement They Have Witnessed.

From not doing any useful work or even house chores, to crashing expensive cars every few months, people share the worst case of entitlement they have witnessed. 

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Girl at my high school was given a brand new mustang for her birthday. She was pissed because she didn't want a mustang, so she crashed it so her dad would buy her another new car, which he did.


My friend once left a bad review for a charity that provides free vet care to homeless people's dogs because the charity wouldn't give her pet free treatment "just because I have a roof over my head."


My friend stuck her neck out to get her sister a job at a plant making $19.00 an hour to start. This is a woman with no education, no skills, and 3 kids. She had been beamed up from minimum wage hell for her one big break in life. She was one of those people who was always selling like a $5 item on Facebook. You'd think she'd be thrilled, right?

She quit in two hours and then IMMEDIATELY took to Facebook to justify it. She claimed she had TOO MUCH EDUCATION for this job when she spent 5 years trying to get an associate's and never did. She called the job AN INSULT TO HER INTELLIGENCE! I know people whose families are THRIVING working at this same place. She doesn't have two nickels to rub together, and she's insulted by the job.

I just found it so disgustingly condescending considering I have a lot of blue collar friends who are smarter and more successful than she'll ever be.


I know someone who bought a condo without realizing that it was very near a train track. Entitled person was outraged and called a major rail freight company and asked them to stop running trains at night.


My sister is dating a guy who is a total jerk but his family makes very large amounts of money. He is 26 and is sent 300 to 1000 dollars a day for whatever lie he tells his parents. 

Last I heard his parents cut him off and he has no work experience or drive to do anything.


My former roommate and I were talking about our high school grad parties.

I told her about my modest party and told her about how we made all the food and stuff and spent very little money.

My roomate replied, "my parents only spent $2,000 on my party."

I replied hesitantly, "That's a lot for a party...."

Roommate completely ignored what I said and continued with, "And my grandparents didn't even get me a car! They just gave me $10,000!"

I got up and left.


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A friend got into graduate school across the country, away from his family for the first time. About a month later he calls me, upset because he has to do his own laundry. He had a nanny until he was 18 and had never taken care of himself, even when he was doing his undergrad. He quit school and moved back home soon after.

God help the poor girl he marries.


I hired a guy to work in my store repairing PC's. Almost from day one he started telling me he was not being paid enough, he was being paid a medium wage for the position, but I tacked on a monthly bonus as a percentage the repairs he completed. I had 3 other techs who were thriving on this system, but this loser didn't produce because he complained all day.

Then I get a call from an organization that purports to represent minorities, they come see me and threaten a lawsuit and a picket line for not treating this man fairly. I explain the system to him, he asks if this man is given the same chance to do repairs as the other techs, I show him the shelves of uncompleted jobs he can choose from. Minority rep leaves, never hear from him again.

I knew when I fired him I would get an EEOC complaint, and I did. He lost at the hearing and on the appeal. He still complains on Facebook about what pricks we are.


I have a cousin who racked up 40K in student loan debt, and during this time thought it was a good idea to spend months following U2 around Europe for one of their tours. She asked my Grandfather, a man who was raised during the great depression and worked his ass off just to become solidly middle class, to pay off those loans so she could buy a house.

The funny thing is my Grandfather would have helped her in any way he could if he felt she wasnt just taking advantage of him. He helped me buy a car, helped some of my other cousins purchase a home, would gift you a new washer if yours broke, and was always there for our family in general.

After he turned her down she refused to let my Grandparents see their great grandchild for several years.


Someone I know had booked a post-Christmas vacation in southern Thailand in 2004. If that doesn't already ring a bell, let me remind you that this was probably one of the worst times in the history of mankind to go there.

She arrived the day after the tsunami and got super pissed about the hotel being destroyed and her tour operator not being able to offer a proper replacement. She also tried suing the hotel and operator, but to no avail. Like, what is wrong with you? What part of force majeure do you not understand? Or what part of human decency? Over 200k people have died and all you spoiled brat care about is that you won't be able to stay in your 5 star hotel? This has been almost 13 years ago but I still get pissed off about the self-righteousness in which she told me about all of this, probably looking for confirmation or something.


Limo driver here. One of my clients was mad when he landed at an airport one time that someone had a bigger jet than him. I guess he upgraded since that incident because when I picked him up he came in on a massive jet that could have been a commercial plane. I wish I had his problems.


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When I was 17 I worked as a teller in a garage selling fuel. The local chip shop owner (fast food outlet) had a son who didn't work but would turn up in his awesome white Lotus Esrit S1, the exact same car from the movie "The Spy Who Loved Me".

He would come in, put 20 of fuel in, then open his wallet and finger through a massive wedge of 50s, saying "Oh I have nothing smaller." And then he would pull the one 20 he had out and fling it with his finger tips like it was a bit of dirty toilet paper that disgusted him, tossing it on the floor.

His father spat at me once for suggesting his son got a job.

Bumped into the son years later... karma played out: he became a heroin addict.


A girl I went to college with grew up in the Hamptons, and thought that's what it's like everywhere. We went to a college in MD. She graduated the year after me while having everything paid for throughout college by her parents, including tuition, apartment, car, and groceries. But she still complained about not having money to go out all the time. Then she got a lot of money for graduating, and started a full time job a week after graduation.

She's on her own now, but has more than enough money to get by. I know this because she won't hesitate to tell me. She complains about a 2 bedroom apartment being too expensive, but she needs the room for all her clothes and refuses to live with a roommate. Meanwhile, I'm working full time and have just enough to pay rent and groceries living with a roommate, and most of our mutual friends have to work two jobs or live at home after college to save money.


I work at a movie theatre and my company has a paid loyalty program that allows special benefits at box office and concessions like being able to skip the line. But using a special gold line. Because of the special "perks" some people like to think they're royalty when it comes to buy items. On busy days we normally take two loyalty guests for every regular guest. One day I happened to be taking a guest and a woman in the loyalty line came up to the box office glass and started slamming her hands against the glass because she felt as if the service was taking too long and she wanted to be served right then and there. Mind you I'm still taking a guest so I'm trying to focus on the people in front of me while she is literally trying to break the glass next to my face. Every other sentence out of her mouth is "I pay for this, I shouldn't be treated like this" It's $15 a year lady, calm yourself.


My friend's girlfriend had her father buy her a new Jeep. The same week, she needed some extra money and decides to steal it out of her mom's purse. She got caught obviously and they took the jeep away. She threw a fit about having mean parents so the father sold the brand new jeep and got her a little beater SUV.

This family is rich too. I'm talking like "maybe I'll buy a G6 or maybe I'll buy another boat" rich. Her father invests portions of her money every month for her. She only spends tip money from her job, the rest goes to her savings (which her father handles). He's made great amounts of money investing in stocks.

She is wealthy enough to never need to go to college. Yet she's stealing money from her parents and complaining how bad they are. The parents are doing the best they can to discipline this girl but she is just too much for her own good.


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I used to work at the local park district as the weekend building supervisor. Basically, I just made sure the place didn't burn down during parties and such. One time a room had accidentally been double booked with a child's birthday party and a boy scout event. The boy scout leader was the most entitled jerk I've ever met. I was on the phone with my boss, trying to figure out where the boy scouts could be moved to, and the leader comes up and says "I don't want to cause a problem, but if you don't figure this out soon, I'm going to call the mayor." Dude was screaming at my coworkers, who worked the parties, and the parents of the party already going on almost called the cops. It was ridiculous. Eventually my boss gave me the okay to let them use our gym. Since there was food involved we normally wouldn't allow them in the gym but, you know, he was going to call the mayor!


I grew up in Palo Alto. I could tell you a million things. Not that all people from there are self entitled jerks, but with all that money there is a concentration of them. I will say that you see it more in the adults than in their kids. The teens there were pretty grounded for the most part.

But this one guy. Rich kid, never lived without a washer and dryer, fixed water, plumbing. We are in a class discussing the struggles in many African areas, in which people struggle for water, in which they walk long distances to wash their clothes and all. He suddenly goes "cry babies." Then attempts to defend his point with the whole "I could do that. Not that hard. They just cry about it" routine.

On the bright side, I got to watch that kid get face masked repeatedly in football practices by the starters who didn't like him, so he was treated like the jerk he was.


My cousin has two kids- 7 and 9 years old. Both boys. Spoils the heck out of them and let's them get away with terrible, bratty behaviour. Whenever one of them is having a birthday party, she tells attending family members, "Make sure you get both of them a present, or else there will be a case of EXTREME jealousy."

Telling your guests to bring a gift is a pretty terrible thing to do. Telling your guests to bring an extra gift for someone other than the birthday boy is just obnoxious. And what's more is that they are by no means rich enough to spoil their kids the way they do. And neither of the parents grew up rich and spoiled themselves, so I have no idea where they got this from.


My partner comes from a very wealthy family but he was never spoilt. His younger brother is 12 years younger than him and his sister, a "late baby", and spoiled as well. He passed his driving test and went to pick a car. My partners dad always bought his children their first car after they passed their test but I'm talking a second hand run around. But not this one. He demanded a brand new top of the range sports car. He got it. And then he crashed it within a month. He could have been killed and killed others on the road. But all he was concerned about was not having a car to drive him and his friends about in. So he took a huge tantrum and demanded a new car. To cut a long story short, he managed to wangle his sisters old hand car off her (she was in the process of buying a new one) and wanted it that day, there and then even though her new car wasn't ready to be picked up. He drove off in the car, made his dad pay the insurance and tax and didn't even appear grateful. And what did he do to that car too? Yup.


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My old housemate, best friend for 10+ years, is a great dude but some things just don't click with him.

I went to boarding school and essentially moved out of my mum's place aged 16 so when I move, I move EVERYTHING I OWN, which due to multiple moves is only a bedroom's worth of stuff plus kitchen supplies. The thing that bugs me is he complained about how much stuff I had when we moved house.

I have a loft bed so my desk fits underneath, everything is compact and I've got 2 cupboards with my stuff. I own everything in the kitchen but the fridge and microwave. He still has not one but TWO rooms at his parent's house that he frequents and when I explained to him that I moved out of home & I'm never going back he said it was the same for him. I don't hate my parents, but they live 4 hours away in a small town so it makes no sense to keep any of my things there. I think it's funny now, especially because his mum was helping us move once and he complained about my stuff. Then she piped up about how much of his crap is still taking up 2 rooms at her place. He shut up, I laughed.


My uncle owns a restaurant.

One time while I was there, 2 older men ordered their meals, both of which came with a soup. A few moments after getting their soups, one of the men angrily told the waitress that he wanted to speak to the owner. My uncle came over and asked what the problem was, and the man wanted to return the soup because it was too hot. My uncle told him to blow on it and the man started angrily shouting in the middle of the restaurant. He threatened a lawsuit, which I reckon isnt even a realistic case to bring to the court.

Not sure if im ever going to see something like that again.


I work at a coffee shop in a rich neighborhood. One of our regulars is actually a really nice lady, but very well off and not always aware of how the real world works.

The other day she came in and was telling us this story about how her daughter's just discovered this cool new store called GoodWill, where you take your old things and then you can buy used stuff dirt cheap. "There's some really great finds and it's like a treasure hunt game!"


Friend's rich cousin went skiing at Whistler with my friend. My friend set out his ski clothes on the bed and then went to the bathroom. When he got back they were gone.

His rich cousin was so used to his clothes being set out for him that he just put my friend's clothes on without thinking and went skiing.

Worst I ran into personally was a guy on my hall in college, very progressive guy always showing off how "woke" he was. Complained endlessly that his allowance had gotten cut from $400 to $300 a month because he got a part time job. Didn't make me happy when I was paying for my textbooks and everything with work study money.


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We were cleaning up the classroom before class starts. We followed duty rosters so everyone gets their own job to do. That day, Josh was in-charge of sweeping so we reminded him that he should do his job. Threw a fit, cried and threatened to tell his mother about it.

We were like "Dude, it's just once a week, the classroom isn't even that big." but he threw a bigger fit and cried in the corner. The following week on his duty day, he brought his mother along into the classroom. We explained everything but the mother doesn't seem to care if his son is on duty or not. She insisted that his son should not be doing chores and blabbered on how wimpy it is for boys to do chores. Josh added some more oil to the fire and lied to his mother that we were bullying him.

The whole class got scolded. From then on, every time his duty day is up, someone else does it for him while he sits there watching us with a smug face. I also remember that one day his mother actually came in, swept the floor for him and left after scolding us for being so useless.

We were 9 years old that time.


I was eating out with this fairly wealthy guy as part of a program for business mentorship. He told me "watch this" then proceeded to grab the waitress's butt and then gave her $100. She didn't look comfortable at all but I think she just left because she didn't want to start anything. 

After that I never touched the business field again.


A few hours ago I was in the airport heading home from Greece and there's this girl, maybe 15 years old, ahead of us in the queue for the gate and she is screaming at her grandparents (who have quite obviously brought her on holiday to this amazing island) that she doesn't want to go through the gate because "she might want something from the duty free" and she's not "waiting around" (for all of 30 minutes) where she cant get another caramel latte. She then stormed out of line and ran back through the airport followed by her grandpa who looked so embarrassed. If I spoke to my family like that I would've lost some teeth.


I've seen a lot from some people, mainly really spoiled types. But one "friend" (I use this term loosely) of mine quits every job she gets after a few weeks of being there. We met at work because I was good friends with her best friend. She starts to call in sick all the time, then eventually doesn't show up for shifts, then is surprised when she gets fired after a year of doing this. She felt like she was above the work. She has done this with every job she has had since. At her latest job, she left after a few weeks. 

She currently is telling me that she's looking for work. I believe that she enjoys the luxury of not having to work. Her mom and dad foot her bills as she lives at home, and her boyfriend works overtime nonstop to set up their future. She wonders why he works all the time, but she has no idea that he's probably scared to death that her lack of work ethic will make them bankrupt. Don't even blame him, to be honest. 

So funny to me how someone with very little education and with very few skills can feel "above" most of their jobs when I, and most of my educated and skillful friends, are working and won't go more than a few weeks without a job. I currently work at a job that isn't that exciting. Am I happy to be there? Not really. But I'm happy to have enough money to take care of myself.



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