People Share The Worst Case Of ‘Rich People Problems’ They Have Witnessed.

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"What is the worst example of 'rich people problems' you have seen?"

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1/23. My friend wants to marry her boyfriend. They're going to school in America but are both from China (she is from Beijing, and he is from Shanghai) They both pay ~$60,000/year to go to high school here. However, she can't marry him because his family "only" owns two houses in Hangzhou where as hers owns seven in Beijing.


2/23. I worked for a girl who had a speaker go out in her Ferrari and she refused to drive any further under those circumstances so she pulled over to wait for one of her house staff to bring her the Porsche. True story.


3/23. My rich aunt doesn't let us park in front of her house because it makes her mansion look bad.


4/23. Had a former friend who went into despair because hurricane Sandy flooded her living room of her childhood home. Told everyone she was homeless now and she knew what it felt like to lose everything the way her Jewish ancestors did in WWII.

Thing is she had an apartment she lived in on the island. Her parents owned several more vacation homes up and down the coast. They were a little inconvenienced maybe, but far from homeless.


5/23. Local billionaire Paul Allen wanted to put a helicopter landing pad at his waterfront compound on Mercer Island several years ago but the city said no.

So Paul Allen had a custom made helicopter landing pad ship built that motors out 100 yards into the lake beyond the city's jurisdiction whenever Paul wants to takeoff or land via helicopter. Zoning regulations are for normies.


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6/23. My rich friend has had to respray his car multiple times because a peacock on his land keeps seeing his reflection in it and attacking it like crazy.


7/23. I knew someone who traded in his Porsche and bought a new one every year. His parents were wealthy, died when he was in his teens and left him a multi-million dollar trust fund.

What was sad was that he felt that he couldn't pick up women without flashing his cash and expensive sports car, but he would dump them all in a couple of weeks because "they were only into me for my money." Loneliest guy I ever met.


8/23. I saw a guy on Instagram who couldn't wait for a car he custom ordered so he went and bought one from the dealer while he waited for the custom one.


9/23. I work at a place where I interact with a lot of rich people. I have come into contacts with lots of rich people problems. Here are a few I've witnessed:

114 year old kid looking despondent, and I asked him what was wrong. He replied, "We're going to Paris....AGAIN! I hate it! It's so boring!"

2Moms talking, "I took her to her little friend's birthday party but I didn't know what to bring. Do kids like coach bags still? I have no idea!"

3 Ladies talking: "They can be expensive, but buying nicer cars like Porsches and Mercedes is worth it. We had a GMC once and we only drove it for like four years and we had to have something fixed. And it just felt old.

I get it, Paris is a crap hole and I can definitely understand that it is boring for a fourteen year old kid. The point was that complaining about taking multiple international vacations a year is definitely a rich person problem.


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10/23. My neighbour is this really down to earth guy who managed to work his way from nothing to being quite wealthy (he has his own company and pulls in north of 200 000 usd per year).

A few years ago he married this beautiful brunette that can safely be said to be on the upper scale of maintenance cost. She was given perhaps too much freedom when they redecorated their mansion, and ordered custom made stairs that cost about 100 000 usd, which were made of glass/steel.

Once she had them installed though, she noticed that they didn't really match her choice in furniture so she had a virtually identical set of stairs made that only differed from the last set by a few shades of white.

How this guy puts up with her crap is beyond me.


11/23. My friend has a house in England (she's English), a house in India, a house in America and a house in the Cayman Islands. She's really kind and quite down-to-earth, but yesterday she was looking for a better property in Grand Cayman.

The reason why? The house over there was next to the ocean, but she wanted a house next to the ocean with a pool. The house next to the ocean already had a jacuzzi, but she still wanted a pool, a jacuzzi and an ocean view!


12/23. I have a friend who's dad is a Billionaire. A few years back I was sitting at their kitchen counter while the Dad talked to his son (my friend) about the spring break travel plans to Panama City Beach. This was the part of the convo that made my brain explode;

My friend: so we will take the G5 jet to Florida, I've got 4 people that are for sure coming to the beach house.

Dad: the G5 is having some problems, there's no air conditioning at the moment so it is out of commission.

My friend: Damnit, why didn't you say anything before?! I have already promised these people rides to the beach house!



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13/23. I was once friends with a Chinese girl whose family net worth appeared to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. She told me a story about her rich uncle who owned a super yacht and loved to travel around the world. Apparently his favorite thing to do was pull up into a port and bathe in the stares of everyone admiring his yacht since it was always the biggest one. Well one day he goes somewhere, say the Bahamas, and he pulls into the port and he isn't getting the usual attention since someone else happened to have a bigger yacht then him for once.

This girl said it ruined his whole weekend. He was in a terrible mood and couldn't enjoy anything.

I was speechless.

Also, this is the same girl that constantly complained about how all her friends weren't that smart or nice and how she doesn't know what to do with all her free time and money. That girl taught me something. Apparently there are a lot of rich people that have so little problems, they just make them up.

And yes, I've seen her Facebook pictures, met her friends, seen her cars, and talked to her long enough to confirm That she probably wasn't lying.


14/23. Wife is a flight attendant.

Wife: "What would you like to drink?"

Passenger: "I'll have a water....wait. Where is your water from?"

Wife: "Uh...What?"

Passenger: "What country is your water from? I only drink water from France.


15/23. My godmothers twin nephews complained about the colors of the ferraris they got for their 14th birthday.

They wanted the colors each other had but refused to trade each other because "just because they were twins didnt mean they had to share everything" their father got them replaced with the correct colors and within 6 months both of them had custom paint jobs the time they were old enough to drive them they hated the cars because they were old and both got McLarens anyway.


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16/23. I occasionally hung out with a kid whose dad was super rich. He would just ask for money and get it. He tried to use a ATM and had no idea how to, so he asked me or someone else to get money for him. It was so confusing for him. Most simple task were because he was raised not to lift a finger.


17/23. My cousin's best friend yelled at her dad and said that she hated him because he wouldn't take her to London to buy a dress, even though the exact same dress was available from the exact same store back home. She needed the one from London because "they make things better over there.


18/23. I went on an amazing trip (southern USA) with my girlfriend at the time during the summer and she had an uncle who was very rich and she was used to all his wealth. I was not. I couldn't believe that we got to do all the amazing things we did. Money was just not an object or something you had to worry about.

The third day of the trip I was getting aboard his yacht (he owned the largest one in the club) and it was incredible, glass stairs, stone walls and dark beautiful wood. We all sat down near the back at a table and the wife FREAKED out. She yelled, "Where are the mats?!" Apparently there were supposed to be 'mats' to be set down on the table before the giant glass bowl of chips and freshly made guacamole could be placed in front of us. She was really mad and almost embarrassed.

I've never been so weirded out by someone's anger. I couldn't believe that it was SUCH a problem I said to myself, "It's fine, seriously I could walk in there and grab them in .4 seconds"


19/23. Drove a client's wife home from the airport after the first big snowstorm in Boston this year. I felt SOOO bad as she told me 'Oh, Roger is so sad! They could only clear the snow from in front of two of our garage bays. He wanted to take his BMW out, but he's stuck driving my Mercedes for another week.


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20/23. I had friends who "had to break their phone. It was the latest iPhone model and perfectly working but there was a newer one coming out that they wanted and their parents would only buy it if their other one was broken. I had to endure these kids throwing their phones against walls and being frustrated that their phone wasn't broken yet.


21/23. I knew someone who was screaming in the driveway of his mansion and rattling the gate. He was out there at least ten minutes before I got to him. I asked him what was wrong and he said "The gate's not opening and I can't get out!" I lifted the handle and swung the gate open. He is a billionaire in his forties.


22/23. I work at an airport that handles private jets. One of our customer's son was upset because his dad wanted him to take the smaller jet(a Citation CJ3) to the Rocky Mountains to go skiing instead of taking the larger one ( Citation Sovereign). He flat out refused to go until his dad called us and told us to prep the large jet for him to take.


23/23. Bentley and Lamborghini technician here. Fixed a champagne cooler for a customer who absolutely needed their car back by the end of the week. Replaced a wood panel interior trim piece for someone that took 2 weeks to get because it had to be cut from the same tree that the rest of the panels were cut from (They were pissed when a panel came in with a slightly different grain). Had a customer with an Alfa Romeo 4c we sold well over msrp at $100,000 get extremely upset because she found out someone was driving the same color and model car as her (She specifically bought the car to have a daily driver that no one else owned). Honestly I'm full of rich people problem stories due to my career yet I live in a low income neighborhood...



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