People Share The Worst Secret They Know About Someone That Has No Idea.

This article is based on the AskReddit question "What dirty little secret do you know about someone, but they don't know you know?"

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1/22. I know that one of my friends is cheating on her husband with at least 5 other guys. One of them is her husband's best friend. She does it for attention, and to see if she is still attractive. She's 23.


2/22. Someone I know once went away with her boyfriend for a few months, allegedly to travel the world. I (accidentally) saw some documents lying around that makes me pretty sure that she was [cut] pregnant and dropping the baby off with an adoptive family.


3/22. My aunt had a baby boy when she was a teen. To this day, my grandparents are not aware of their first grandson's existence and still believe I am their first grandchild. The only other person she told was her sister (my mom). I only know because my mom told me.


4/22. My brother started the fire in our backyard that destroyed half the property and my dads whole shed full of tools.

The fire was centered around the very spot my brother had been sneaking out back at night to smoke, and he would always put the cigs out on the dry pile of logs stacked right next to him. I saw him out there every night cause my window pointed to the back yard, and I was planning to use the information for leverage to get him to take me to Gamestop on Halo 2 launch night. But after the fire I kept my mouth shut; I could tell he felt guilty enough about it since he spent the whole week after helping my dad clean up the damage and repaint/repair what they could.

I still got Halo 2 at midnight, so it had a happy ending.


5/22. My neighbor is having an affair. She and her husband leave for work every morning and she comes back with another dude around lunchtime about twice a week. I don't think she knows I work from home and realizes how big their picture windows really are.


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6/22. My friend's mother is a stuck-up, judgmental, holier-than-thou, preachy woman...and she has no idea that I know about the son she had as a teen with another man, and refused to acknowledge him when he found her.


7/22. My dad took my mom to an intimate French restaurant one year about an hour from home on a Tuesday night since it was their anniversary. In walks a married coworker with his (the coworker's, not my dad's) secretary. The guy didn't see my dad but my dad was pissed. My dad would use this as a lesson to us kids - he'd tell us that you never know who sees you doing something wrong so be honest, ethical and decent.


8/22. An individual I know is very anti-porn. Speaks out against it on Facebook, stops talking to people if she finds out they watch it, the whole works. Doesn't stop her from watching it with her back conveniently turned to the wall. She's also not as discreet as she thinks.


9/22. At my old job, my manager at the time was sleeping with 2 of the female coworkers. Both of then where unaware of each other. They called him the boyfriend since they did not want anyone at work to know. I knew about them, and the fact that he was cheating on both of them. I over heard the manager fighting with one of them from the other room and grunted "i love you" to her.


10/22. My ex husband was fired from a job because he made a massive mistake. He fixed someone's truck, but put it back together wrong. So when that guy was driving down the interstate, his whole tire fell off, and he almost crashed.

I don't know if he even knows. I think they told him he was too slow or something. I found out from a friend who worked at the shop, who had got my ex husband his job.


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11/22. I know a dirty little secret about myself, that my mother doesn't know I know.

When I was born, I was given up to a religious services group, but less than a month later, my mother, with the help of my grandparents, hired a lawyer and filed papers to get me back. It took a few months. My uncle (her older brother) told me this a few months ago, and I haven't brought it up with her. I don't know if I ever will. I'm not sore about it, in fact, it just goes to show that I was wanted, even if I was an accident.

The people from the service came to my mother when she was still doped up on painkillers the day of my birth. Apparently this was a common practice in the 80's and earlier.


12/22. My ex-wife is remarried (last June) and she's still hooking up with random guys off of some website. But I guess that's okay because the new hubby is still banging his former girlfriend as well. Both of them are truly awful human beings.


13/22. My dad cheated on his ex-wife with my mom. My older brother (from 1st wife) has no idea that my dad cheated on her (assumed they were already divorced). I actually don't know if my mom knows either. Dad's been married to my mom for like 25 years now, so no point in stirring up trouble now.


14/22. I know that one of my close colleagues husband (ex) killed himself many years ago. No one at work knows, I don't dare tell a soul. Now her current partner has been diagnosed with cancer. After learning that information, I understand why she has the demeanor that she has. I secretly have a really big soft spot for her. She is a remarkably strong woman.


15/22. Through a conversation with my roommate, it turns out he talked a friend of mine out of killing herself about a month ago. He found her sobbing on the sidewalk and kept her from running into traffic till his buddy found her friend came to come get her. He doesn't know my friend, and she doesn't know I know.


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16/22. My dad has had multiple affairs over the past 10 years, and I'm the only one in our family who knows. He does a lot of international business for work, and a few years ago I became suspicious of how he spends his time, so I got access to his email and phone records and found out about 3 long term mistresses spanning a few years time period, all outside the US. I wanted to tell my mom, but I knew it would absolutely crush her, and despite his infidelity, he's always been a good provider/father for us, and this information would have completely torn the family apart and left my mom in ruins.

I never confronted him about it, and from what I can gather he had a change of heart and completely stopped about 2 years ago, but to this day I still sometimes wonder whether or not I did the right thing by not saying anything.


17/22. A botany professor at my university managed to impregnate his wife and a colleague within one week. He is now known to some as The Pollinator. He is still married and still works with the mother of his other child.


18/22. This girl I was casually dating a few months back (nothing developed out of it sadly) had a YouTube channel that I discovered. She would basically make vlogs, with her last one being 3 years ago (her channel wasn't big she never had many views) and in one of her videos she even mentions how none of her friends or parents know she has a YouTube channel. Sometimes in real life we would have conversations about YouTube in general (who we regularly watch, etc.) and I was always curious if she'd ever tell me about her channel. Never ended up telling me anything. Not really a big secret but just something I thought was funny.


19/22. A guy who was my best friend had an affair with my co-worker. They are both male and we were living in one of those small towns where they couldn't possibly have been in the open about their orientation, which was really sad. I happened to see the other guy leave my friend's place through a side door, looking around furtively and when I went to my friend's place, all the blinds were closed and he looked really guilty. I put two and two together pretty quickly but left it alone. I figured if he wanted me to know he would tell me but I always felt so bad for both of them to hide who they were. Eventually they each moved away and I lost touch but I always hope that they both found happiness in a more tolerant environment.


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20/22. At a hardware store I used to work at, one of my coworkers used to have sex with his then girlfriend (who also worked there at the time) at the store during their shifts. They'd do it in the customer washroom, supply closet, lumber yard, everywhere. I found out through his "friend" who also worked with us (clearly not a great friend if he told other people about his secret rendezvous).

He eventually got promoted to manager since he was working there for a good few years.


21/22. A girl I was friends with got married and divorced when she was 19 to a guy she bad never met 3000 miles away, she moved to the country and the guy divorced her as soon as he could, literally split within a week. Not that bad but she portrays like she's holier than thou and is super judgemental. Her best friend told me all the details.


22/22. The president of our company held a Christmas party at his house. My manager was there and brought his wife. As the night was winding down, his wife was absolutely plastered. She wasn't the happy-go-lucky cheerful kind of drunk, nor a particularly angry or at all emotional kind. She was the kind of drunk that sat by themselves and braced a hand on any nearby object to maintain balance while slow-blinking with a gently wobbling head. She motioned her husband over a couple times and whispered something in his ear, and he looked frustrated as he mouthed words I couldn't hear and went back to mingling. My brother and dad both went to rehab for alcoholism, so I was fairly confident from her mannerisms and his reaction that she had a legitimate alcohol problem.

Fast-forward a month or so and my manager asks me for the recipe of something I brought to a company potluck a while back. I email it to him and get a strange email back with the text, "I'll meet you there at [some time I don't remember]" with an address. I looked up the address and found it belonged to a nearby rehab clinic. I responded to the email with, "Think you meant to send this email to someone else" and he responded with "Wrong address, too." Obviously he was covering his tracks in case I looked it up, but I never said anything to him or any of my coworkers about it. My manager's a cool guy and having a family member with alcohol problems sucks, so I figured it would be best to keep the exchange between us and feign ignorance.



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