People Share Their Best "Thin Walls Apartment" Story

Thin walls mean everyone can hear everything. The question is: do you keep it down, or live your best live? Guess it depends on what stage of life you're in.

ok_corral_ asked: What's your "thin walls apartment" story?

Submissions have been edited for clarity, context, and profanity.

Oh college.

From the room next to me:

squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak squeak
Oh my god, I'm so sorry, are you okay?


Holy sh*t, was this in a college dorm? I experienced this exact situation on the other side of my thin dorm wall.


Yup. College dorm last year.


This is uncomfortable.

Always gross! My bro and I one time came home it was maybe around midnight. Got about halfway up the stairs (my brother a couple steps behind me) and heard my parents going at it. My mom moaning and hearing the loudest claps I've ever heard..... we both wanted to die and we both ran outta the house.


"Claps" Lmao.


I'm imagining one of them actually applauding in the act and it's hilarious.


How neighborly.

Fell out of my tub after showering. Husband was downstairs, blaring the TV. Screaming for help. Neighbor next door asked if I was alright. He went outside and banged on the door to tell my husband to check on me. Thanks, neighbor I only ever talked to once!


Were you alright?


Thank you for asking :) I cut my arm open and hit my head on our heater. I didnt feel stable enough to get myself up on my own.


Dog don't care.

I once ripped a major fart after a long night out. I heard my neighbour sleepily accusing her boyfriend, then the boyfriend even more sleepily accusing my neighbour's dog. I was good pals with that dog, and I sometimes still feel guilty about him taking the blame.


Did the same, but neighbors were awake to hear me. We all laughed.


Next time, make it a race.

Upstairs neighbors had sex twice a month and it lasted about 4 mins.


That's two times more then most people on here.


And twice longer than most people here.


Slow your roll, buddy. I'm 2:01 thank you very much.


The two minutes of fumbling with the condom doesn't count.


This is awesome.

Unknown to me, the woman who moved into the adjacent apartment was an accomplished pianist.

She heard me practicing the piano part for a Beethoven piano concerto and suddenly I heard her supplying the orchestra part on her piano to "accompany" me.

It was a perfect duet, and an interesting way to become introduced - even with a thin wall separating us.


We had a weird crackhead move in next door to us. Turns out he was an amazing pianist. We would drink on our balcony and listen to him play, it was like a private after dinner concert every night.


Got any "weird crackhead things" stories to share?


I don't know a whole lot since I never interacted with him except the concerts but apparently he decided to remodel the apartment (that he was renting) and completely gutted it, and did a really poor job of rebuilding it. Cost the landlord a pretty penny.


What a silly tradition.

I sneezed really loudly and my neighbor said bless you.


A couple of weeks ago at about 3am, I burped loudly while half asleep not realizing what I was doing, and my neighbor yelled "disgusting!"


i just imagined your neighbor screeching 'disgusting!' like lemongrab and i couldnt breathe for like 5 seconds.


Good guy neighbor, very polite!


This is cute.

My neighbor has two droopy little hounds. One of them must have his special sleeping spot against the shared wall in my bedroom, because every night i hear the little dum dum dum of a wagging tail hitting the wall. I like it.


That's actually kinda sweet!


Mission accomplished.

My husband was sick as hell, just trying to get some sleep, and the neighbor's kids were being loud as hell. I went next door and politely asked, "our bedroom is just on the other side of the wall and he's very ill, can you please ask them to be quiet or maybe play in another room?" I walked back to my apartment and my husband was laughing, so I asked why. Apparently while I was walking between the apartments, the mom walked into the kids room and yelled "can y'all shut the hell up, you're pissing off the white bitch next door."


When I was little we lived on the top floor of a house with two apartments beneath. Whenever I was loud I was told i'de wake the baby downstairs. Took me years to realize there was no f*ckin baby.


Alcohol, of course.

In college, my roommate Todd rearranged his room and his bed ended up on the same wall as another one of my roommates Alex (I'm on the other wall). This roommate had a tendency to deny that he ever brought anyone home with him, despite not being the quietest person.

About a week later, Todd brings home some random girl and they go at it. Next morning, we're all hanging out in the living room and I ask him about last night. Todd says he has no idea what I'm talking about. He didnt have anybody over. Alex jumps in with a "Bullsh*t, I could name your f*cking positions."

Todd: "No you can't, nothing happening."

Alex: "Missionary, cowgirl, then she got tired so you switched to doggy."

Todd: "Sh*t..."

He moved his bed back the next day.


To be a fly on those thin walls...

One of our neighbors called my brother and I "The Tupperware Twins" because they never heard any noise coming out of our apartment, and we had extremely thin walls in the building. They passed around the story that we'd both just come home and lock ourselves in Tupperware, hence the lack of noise. (We were just very comfortable with silence, except during Colts and Pacers games.)

She eventually moved out though, and we had two 20-something girls move in who passive-aggressively dealt with each other's noise by getting louder and kinkier during sex. One of them was dubbed "the goat" for obvious reasons.

I hope all of those young gentlemen realized how fortunate they were.


and we had two 20-something girls move in who passive-aggressively dealt with each other's noise by getting louder and kinkier during sex.

Ladies, THIS is the type of passive-aggressiveness you need to adopt; not "mistakenly" leaving my just-purchased gallon of milk out overnight because you're mad I was too exhausted to do the dishes when it was my turn. :(


Nothing like being young.

Lived next to Loud Sex Girl in college. Her boyfriend would visit once a month and they'd go at it like rabbits for 48 hours straight. They'd only stop so she could take a shower after every single time. My roommate and I could hear every detail of everything. Wish we could have predicted when he'd come around.


This is my exactly my roommate, but his girlfriend comes over here. Plus they go to the kitchen for snack breaks apparently. Always an early morning gym session when she comes around.


That's when you record the noise and play it back over loud speakers. Guarantee after that they'll find another place.


Horton hears domestic violence and does something about it.

The laundry room was connected to our apartment. One day our landlord heard my abusive ex screaming and threatening me. He didn't do anything right away but a few days later his wife called me at work and asked me to meet her for coffee nearby. She told me they knew the relationship was bad and had talked to a lawyer and they were going to renew the lease in only my name and kick him out and change the locks so I didn't have to come up with money to move or find foster homes for my three pets. A lot of people ask "well, why didn't you leave?" but when you've been bullied your whole life and you're working full time but still struggling to make bills and your credit is shit from financial abuse/control and then you go home to hell and are sleep deprived... you just don't have the energy to even believe that getting out is possible even when you want it more than anything. I will forever be grateful to them. After 13 years I got out with their help and support. I had to move a year later because he was stalking me and had broken in, but once I had the space to feel sane and well-rested again, I just kept pushing forward and new possibilities blossomed.


I actually created an account to respond to this. When I had to have my husband arrested, neighbors swarmed me to let me know they knew. I texted my boss that day that I'd done it, and she replied "Good. Are you okay? I'm on my way."

I never told anyone. But people know. And if you're as lucky as you and I seem to be, the people who care are just waiting for their cue to enter.

My god, never let yourselves live like this, everyone. Abuse can make you go mad. You start to think you deserve it, and that is NOT RIGHT.


That's so badass of them, and good for you for getting out!


Kudos to your landlord for doing this. So glad you're in a better place.


Walls to thin to hold in this scalding hot tea.

My neighbor in college would have her boyfriend over a lot and they'd have lots of sex, but when he wasn't there I'd constantly hear her talking shit about him on the phone with her friends. Kind of funny, kind of sad.

Bonus story: one time after a 30 minute session of him just acting like a god amongst men (saying things like "yeah baby SAY MY NAME" and just straight up jackhammering away for half an hour) she says "yeah baby that was good, you got me kind of close for a little bit there."


I find it kind of funny,I find it kind of sad. The walls in which I'm hearing all the moaning and the lies.


I find it kinda funny

I find it kinda sad

That the sex with which she's tired

Is the best he's ever had.


Missionaries staying true to their title.

I posted this in a ex-Mormon thread recently.

So I was living in an apartment when I was 19 not too far from a Mecca for young Mormons settling down.

I swear to GOB that a TBM (true blue Mormon) apartment neighbor dropped "holy cannoli I can feel the spirittttt ahhhh!" as they came and it has haunted me ever since until a year or two ago where I thankfully forgot it.

A comment on Reddit reminded me of the horror and now you all have to share in this too.


Lololol. If I ever want to end a relationship but am too chicken to do it, this is how it'll go down.


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