People Share Their Biggest Misconceptions About Sex Before Losing Their Virginity.

Experience is a great thing. Before you actually try something, it's hard to know what you don't know, but it's also hard to know which of your beliefs are totally wrong.

Here are people's misconceptions they had about sex before losing their virginity.

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1/31. I thought the penis went into the vagina much like a hot dog goes into a bun. I was shocked when I found out it would be INSIDE of me.


2/31. I thought after I would have sex that I would never have to masturbate again.


3/31. Not me but a friend thought to impregnate a woman you not only insert your penis but also your nuts. When you pull out your nuts will stay inside her. After a while you would grow new ones and could have sex again. I just hope he figured out the truth before he went into action.


4/31. When I was really young, I thought the amount of testicles you had meant how many kids you could have. I thought each testicle was an egg, and would transfer from daddy to mommy when they kissed, and would form into a baby. I seriously thought my dad had 5 balls at one point.


5/31. I was late to the masturbation game, and had heard stories from friends at summer camp. One story that stuck with me was how unfair it was that men only get one orgasm while women could have multiple.

When I came I was filled with such shame and remorse because I'd just used my one orgasm that men get. I hated myself because I thought now I could never have children.


6/31. Thought swallowing was gross. Realized it's a time saver on the clean up process.


7/31. That wearing a condom would "feel just as good as not wearing one" according to all my health teachers. Boy were they wrong.


8/31. I didn't realize just how low a vagina is. It's not tacked on front, it's literally next to the butthole.


9/31. Was raised a conservative christian, I thought it would be this life shattering intimate moment that would fulfill all the years of abstinence and frustration. I thought our souls would connect. I thought every time we did it we would be so wrapped up in love that the world would melt away. I didn't expect it to be fun, awkward, weird sounding and wet.


10/31. I had no idea how soft a vagina was. I kind of thought it was a rubbery, hardish slit.


11/31. That giving oral sex is something you do for their enjoyment. I'm going to enjoy myself, too!


12/31. Just how great the initial moment of penetration is and then how warm and soft it is inside.


13/31. That there wasn't such a thing as bad sex or oral sex as a dude.

Holy crap that is very untrue.


14/31. I didn't realize how much sound it would make!! All the slurping and body noises.


15/31. I thought fast always = better. I was ridiculous. I wish I had listened to more tenacious d in that regard.


16/31. There's less primal shouting than I imagined.


17/31. That I would somehow feel different after losing my virginity.


Other than, now, knowing that sex is awesome and I wanted to do it all the time, nothing profoundly changed.

This is what happens when you are raised being told your virginity is special and precious and amazing. You get disappointed when you find out you could have been having so much more fun in high school.


18/31. I thought sex was like a prize that women would reward men for being nice to them.

I was glad when I learned that women enjoy it just as much.


19/31. I thought you were just supposed to stick it in there and hold it there. Porn mags don't really give you the in & out concept. Luckily I stumbled across some videos before I had a chance to make that monumental mistake.


20/31. How desensitized I would be from years of self pleasure and now having to wearing a condom. Also how intimate it can be.


21/31. You don't really get too good of a view of the action. Sure you can spread em and take a little peek when you're doing it from behind, or get some nice bounce when she's on her back, but usually you're preoccupied with the whole having sex thing instead of watching it happen.

Also, positions are pretty limited. The weird stuff they do in videos is totally for the camera and doesn't feel good or even really work for most people.


22/31. I was sort of running on the assumption that once I got laid I would just randomly become THE BEST.

Like with no effort at all.

It's not exactly like that.


23/31. My parents, in an attempt to keep me from having sex, really downplayed the whole "feeling good" aspect to the point where I didn't even realize that it was pleasurable until I was old enough to start reading books with sex scenes in them.


Even beyond that, until I actually lost my virginity, I was still somewhat convinced that media exaggerated how good sex feels.

I was wrong. Sex is awesome.


24/31. It's been said that one's eyes can deceive them.

Personally, I just misunderstood what I saw.

I grew up with a decent understanding of how sex was supposed to work, but it wasn't until I was about ten years old that my curiosity about it started to give way to an actually distracting desire. Unfortunately, this was back in the days when Internet connections were comparable in download speed to tin cans and string, and I had to be incredibly selective about the pornography that I'd attempt to view.

My method of searching (on Yahoo!) for the term "naked ladies" might not have been the best way to scour for smut, but it still offered some decent results. One site in particular provided me with small, easily obtainable images of a voluptuous redheaded woman showing off all that she had, which was exactly what I had wanted... and although the images weren't particularly graphic or obscene, I was confused about one detail:

Women, it seemed, really liked to eat baguettes while they were naked.

This was an honest misconception that I held, and for far longer than I should have. In my mind, the act of eating bread was clearly some kind of a cultural requirement for copulation. I wasn't entirely clear on how or why that was the case - and I wondered if maybe I'd found the cause of "yeast infections" - but I did manage to find some historical evidence to back up my theory. (Apparently the term "fornication" stems from the practice of boinking in an oven after eating a baguette-like piece of bread. No, really. Look it up.)

It would be years before I realized what those "baguettes" had actually been... and that realization came just in time for me to start worrying about my "size."


25/31. That although not impossible, it was pretty unlikely that you would get pregnant your first ever time having sex without a condom. WRONG.


26/31. That you're supposed to do more than just move your tongue in and out of the hole when going down on her. I didn't know the clitoris existed the first time around.


27/31. That having sex in the shower would be amazing. It's not.


28/31. I thought you impregnated a woman by combining male urine with female urine. As a male, I was so afraid of going to the bathroom right after a girl used it that I would flush the toilet several times to purify the toilet of any errant pee.


29/31. I never believed when I was told that sex is a lot better with someone you really care about. Sex with someone for sex vs sex with someone you love are two completely different things.


30/31. Vaginas get really wet on the inside. That surprised me for some reason.


31/31. I didn't think I'd have to play so many mind games with myself just to stay in the game. I have to keep myself aroused enough so that I stay hard, but not so aroused that I climax too early. It's a weird balancing act that's sort of ruined sex for me. I feel like an engineer in the boiler room of a ship, running back and forth checking gauges and adjusting levers and stuff.



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