People Share Their Biggest Pet Peeves That Instantly Make Them Lose Patience.

We all have our pet peeves, but there are some things that can instantly put you into a mood where everything becomes annoying.

Here are things that instantly make people lose patience.

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1/41. People. My day starts off WONDERFULLY when I wake up to my cat and dog... Then I get to work, and there are PEOPLE. I'm ready for this zombie apocalypse.


2/41. My grandfather used to have this habit of starting an innapropriate story in the worst possible moment.

During his sisters funeral he actually started to talk about the guys she dated in high school and how she had horrible taste in men. Her husband was there... it was a mess.

So yeah, no patience for people with no social awareness.


3/41. When people eat loudly, when they don't shut their mouth while eating and you see food being grinded and chomp chomp sound. Arrrghghghhghghghhghg

story time -

I have this friend from college, we've been good friends for 6 years now. He does this, like, every time. Trying to be a good friend to him I frankly told him about his nasty eating, and he waved it off saying, "I enjoy eating that much... chomp chomp chomp chomp".

Another instance of this was when we were at a restaurant with several friends, and two lady friends joked around the line of, "you seem to be enjoying your food too much" and proceeded to imitate him "chomp chomp chomp" and he just laughed and continued on eating.


4/41. The sudden pain when you're eating and you accidentally bite your lip. Then 10 minutes later after you've started to get used to the tenderness, you accidentally bite it again on the same spot.

My anger hits a 9/10 for like 5 seconds and I cannot focus on anything or anyone else while I try to justify who or what I'm actually angry about.


5/41. When in an argument, letting the person make their point, then them turn around and interrupt me constantly as I try to explain my side of things.


6/41. People not using their turn signals.


7/41. When a bunch of little annoyances occur together.


Perfect example: I'm in a hurry and carrying a laptop bag, lunch box, jacket, coffee, and my keys. Get to the car, fumble and drop keys, then laptop bag slides off shoulder as I bend down, and then I drop my jacket.

Once in the car, my stuff falls off the passenger seat, I get coffee on my hand which then transfers to steering wheel and then I hit every red light.

Kill me.


8/41. People walking in a horizontal line on the sidewalk more than 2 people wide. Get out of here.


9/41. When I am driving and there is no one in front of me or behind me, and someone decides they need to pull in front of me from a side road at the last second and not accelerate to speed.


10/41. Being volunteered to do things, and absolutely not wanting to do them.


11/41. Having to repeat myself, mainly. Other than that, unwillingness to put forth effort.


12/41. Office politics. Just let me do my job and evaluate on results. Don't involve me in all of your attempted power grabs.


13/41. Seeing people mistreat service staff. You aren't better than them.


14/41. Watching anyone else use the computer. It drives me bonkers!


15/41. People leaning, bumping or moving my chair while I am sitting in it.


16/41. When people complain about something always happening to their computer (work in IT support) and you show them how to solve it themselves. As you start to show them, they just walk away or ignore you.

I usually stop, wait till I have their attention again and start again. It's very frustrating, but I don't let it show, I just know next time it happens we have an 8 hour SLA and that is how long they will have to wait for us to do 2 minutes work (aka, a reboot).


17/41. When you're driving down a 2 lane divided highway, and two cars in both lanes are going the same speed, and you can't pass them.


18/41. Being patronised.


19/41. You can skip this ad in 5s.


20/41. Loud people, especially in areas where you are supposed to be Movie theaters.


21/41. When people treat me like an idiot or belittle my work.


22/41. Stupid questions from people unwilling to learn or be self sufficient.


23/41. Lying, particularly when it is a really obvious lie, for example one where a person is saying 'I didn't say that' when I heard them say something.


I hate having conversations like little games where people try and edit what they say along the way, or refuse to answer yes/no questions. Just be an adult.


24/41. When people interrupt me while I'm talking.


25/41. Passive-aggression! If you're pissed off at me, just say it! Don't make snarky little comments and huff about and expect me to ask what's wrong, because I will just ignore you. You're annoying. Also anything that makes me get up more than once to do the same thing, like resetting the shitty router.


26/41. People talking for over a minute straight while watching tv- fianc I am looking at you...


27/41. "Successfully Unsubscribing" from an email, yet continuing to receive them.


28/41. When I order a wrap at a restaurant and it breaks open and falls apart, spilling the contents all over my plate, so I have to eat it piece by piece like some kind of Neanderthal.


29/41. When I'm standing in line, let's say at a store cash register, and the person behind me is standing so close I can hear/feel them breathe. aaaaarrrrrggggghhhh.


30/41. When people realise that your waiting on them but take their time.


31/41. "You do realize that <insert something totally not obvious>, right?"

Best example, my roommate last year was talking about her friend who I'd met once or twice, and mentioned some sort of issue he was having with work at a nearby pet shop.

I don't remember what I said exactly, but it was something along the lines of why he didn't talk to his boss about the issue, and she goes "You do realize his aunt and uncle own the store, and he works for them so he can't start any drama, right?" No, how was I just supposed to know that? Any time you use that phrase, there's a 99% chance you're going to sound snobby and condescending.


32/41. People walking slowly in the middle of the sidewalk. DUDE IF YOU WANT TO BE A SLUG AT LEAST MOVE ASIDE.


33/41. When people have a severe lack of patience. I'm talking when people get frustrated if something doesn't happen instantaneously.


34/41. Vuvuzelas.


35/41. Social unawareness. Like when someone plays there music REALLY loudly in the dorm hall and don't consider other people live here.


36/41. People who don't know how to use the self-checkout in grocery stores.


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37/41. Whenever a person clicks their fingers at me to get my attention, that drives me insane. I'm not an animal...


38/41. Indecision.

"Hey everyone, what should we get for dinner..."


39/41. Homophobic people.


40/41. When a car speeds up and cuts me off only to slow right down to a crawl. I immediately pass them. Not a moment of hesitation. No patience at all.


41/41. Stop walkers. People walking in front of me who just stop for whatever their reason is.



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