People Share Their Favorite Accomplishments That They Won't Tell Their Friends And Family.

It would be nice if we could share everything we're proud of with, but there are some accomplishments that our friends and family either don't understand or just won't care about for whatever reason.

Here are some of the best accomplishments people haven't shared with friends or family.

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1/22. When I first got together with my wife I would go down on her for like 20-25 minutes before she "got there".

Now 7 years later I can get her there in less than 3 minutes.

Most people just don't wanna hear about that, but I'm pretty proud of myself. And every time she seems amazed.


2/22. I'm in a fantastic, committed, loving relationship for the first time in my life, but I can't share that news with anyone because my parents are so heavily against sex before marriage for religious reasons that they would be on my case before I got the word "boyfriend" out of my mouth. Doesn't help that it's a same-sex relationship.


3/22. I've been practicing lucid dreaming, and can do it every once in a while but no one really wants to listen to what you did in fake life.


4/22. In 2007 I got a new girlfriend with a 9-year-old daughter who was abused by two different people and had a deadbeat father. She had all kinds of emotional problems, but was a great kid. I stayed with the girlfriend for 6 years longer than I should have because her daughter was like my daughter.

Poor kid received every type of counselling there was for years. Fast forward a few years and she's 16 and stable--they moved to another state but we keep in touch. On Father's Day she e-mailed me and told me that after all the counselling and medications the reason she was able to trust men again was because of me.

I never felt like a more worthwhile person than that moment, but I've never shared it with anyone before.


5/22. I quit heroin. I've been clean almost 7 years now (yay!), and am a completely different person.


Most of the people I spend time with don't know about my past drug use, so it isn't exactly something I want to bring up. But it is my proudest achievement, and the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

I also think past a certain point in sobriety, people quit wanting to hear about; at six months and a year clean, my family was hugely supportive. 7 year clean date? I'm sure they're all super happy I quit slamming dope, but they probably won't even realize what day it is. Which is fine, honestly- I got clean for me, not for validation.


6/22. I bowled a perfect game in my junior league when I was 16. Don't brag because no one takes bowling seriously. Also, it means I peaked 23 years ago...


7/22. I led to the capture of a murderer by recognizing things that were being sold to me as things that I had sold to the guy who was killed.

Basically, I found who killed our best customer and didn't even get a raise.


8/22. I've written over a thousand songs for complete strangers on the internet. Most people in my life don't even know I own a guitar. I don't think they would appreciate how much songwriting means to me. And I don't need my coworkers to hear some of these songs, which sometimes are super dark and vulgar.


9/22. Back in college I was on the beach late one night with my then-girlfriend. I was looking out over the water and way off on the horizon I see what looks like a red flare shoot up from a boat. Because of the distance, both the boat and flare appeared very small and faint.

I told my then-girlfriend that I was sure I just saw a red flare! Surely it was a sign of trouble! She was looking in another direction, and didn't see anything. Maybe it was fireworks, she said. We both looked towards the horizon, and there was another one! A bright red flare, way off in the distance, shooting up.

Who do you call when you see red flares? The police or maybe the fire department? Then I remembered, there is a coast guard station in our city! I googled their number, call, and get patched through to their operations center; they take reports of flares over the ocean at very seriously. The officer I speak with instructs me on how to judge the distance of the flare on the horizon by imagining I'm holding a coffee cup, and counting how many knuckles high the flare. He gathers the information and thanks me.


From where we are on the beach we could see a coast guard boat roar out to sea within two minutes of hanging up the phone. The boat had emergency lights flashing. Did you know coast guard boats had emergency lights like police cars and ambulances? I didn't.

Then another boat races out of the harbor. Then another. Before long we counted seven boats racing out to sea to the sight of the flares.

I guess the story isn't terribly exciting now that I think about it, but it was still a very remarkable occurrence I'll never forget.


10/22. I work at an aquarium and I am one of two people in the US that have successfully bred Silver Fulu (Haplochromis argens) in captivity this year.

The only other person being my supervisor/coworker. They're not the most beautiful fish but they are currently extinct in the wild which makes what we do important.


11/22. I achieved the #1 highest melee kills in the first year of Destiny across all consoles and classes ;_;


12/22. My fianc and I have managed to save nearly $11, 000 for a down payment on a house! We're so close to buying our own home, I'm so excited!

No one cares in real life. His dad is unhappy about it because he doesn't want us to move out (we pay rent which helps with the mortgage), his mom wants us to move in with her, our friends already have their own homes so they just think we're behind the times.

But I'm proud of us.


13/22. How I met the most amazing woman.


I was designated driver, owed it to my friends to take them out and didn't want to be there. One of my friends started talking to a girl and because I had nothing else to do I chatted to her friend.

I stood no chance as she was way out of my league. She could have been a model but preferred to study. I was relaxed and we just talked. Someone jokingly said, you two are going to marry. Everyone laughed.

By chance I called her the next day. I had nothing to lose. She had just had a minor fender bender some hours before and I simply asked if she was ok? She said some time later that she took an interest in me simply because I was the first person to ask how she was.

We have been together for decades. I still pinch myself as to how this ever happened. It was just meant to be.

Love will find you. Get out there and make friends. The rest just happens.


14/22. When I was younger, I got really into Minesweeper. Like, really into it. I would play it over and over, just trying to beat my best times. After countless games, I managed to beat the small mode in three seconds. It was my crowning achievement.

One time I actually did try to brag about it. It was in middle school and we were working in the computer lab. I got done with my assignment, and I decided to play a bit of Minesweeper to pass the time. The girl next to me noticed and was like, "Oh, you actually know how to play that?" Me being the suave ladykiller that I am, responded with "Yeah, my best time is three seconds!" I was met with a blank stare, and then she turned back to her screen without a word.

I haven't brought it up since.


15/22. I was really good at organic chemistry. I did something that, to my knowledge, had not been done before or since.


I performed a reaction that created more rings in a single step than anyone had ever done before.

It was the cover article on Angewandte Chemie, the oldest chemistry journal.

I was so proud and then... nothing happened. I feel like I did something incredible and no one noticed. I quit chemistry several years later after an awesome Nature Chemical Biology paper was met with a similar silence.


16/22. My entire life I wanted to be a writer. For a while in my late 20s and early 30s, I wrote X-Files fan fiction. Published it on on USENET.

Started to get noticed. Started to get emails. Lots and lots and lots of emails supporting and encouraging me. At last count, the four years I was "active" generated about 27,000 fan emails. I got one particularly flattering one, talking about my-then seminal work, a novel titled "E.L.S." I had a policy back then of answering every single email I got, even it if was just to say, "Hey, thanks for taking the time to write!"

This email, though, made me write a three-page reply.

We started exchanging emails, got to know each other, realized we were kind of falling for each other and then...BAM!

We met in person. I live in AZ, she lived in NorCal. The day we met face-to-face, October 9, 1998, was the day I knew I'd met my future wife.

Eighteen years later, we've been married a gloriously happy 16 years. I'm not perfect, she's not perfect, but we are perfect together and perfect FOR each other. We often marvel at the chain of events that had to occur for us to meet on the Internet, exchange emails, decide to meet in person, and then frankly, risk a lot to be together.

I'd given up on ever being married when I met her. I was 32.


17/22. That I am an Eagle Scout. Many people make fun of the boy scouts / do not understand how difficult it is to achieve it.


18/22. I have kind of a corny way of trying to think of myself as a good person (sometimes a struggle, I feel I have done things in the past I can't atone for properly).

I was set to inherit a moderately large sum of money from a relative to passed and realized through conversation with my parents that their share would not even cover their debts.


In fact, due to medical expenses during a mix-up with their insurance they were likely to have to sell their house and radically downsize. My wife and I don't have a lot right now -- I work part time and am in grad school and she stays at home -- and had been daydreaming about paying off bills, having a cushion, buying a house.

Well she very strongly agreed with me that we couldn't really enjoy that stuff while my aging parents faded into near-poverty. We have no kids, I have great credit, and after graduation have well-paying work lined up. I called my mom and employed my best persuasive skills to get them to agree to accept our share of the money. It was not the easiest thing -- they didn't want to take so much away from their son and it wasn't exactly fun per se making a spirited debate case in favor of giving away all my money! However, they did agree and the relief and happiness from them was palpable despite their prior stoic front about the situation.

Shortly thereafter I read an interview with Liam Hemsworth, who described his brother Chris -- Thor -- paying off his parents' debt for them when he first became successful in Hollywood and how much it meant to them (as well as how impressed by it Liam was). So if I am feeling "unworthy" I think of all this.


19/22. I once picked the absolute best package of strawberries the world has ever tasted. I've had organic strawberries, I've been to strawberry farms and picked them myself, I've had home grown berries, I've had them all.

But this one time, I went to the grocery store, saw a particularly promising box. I raised the carton to my nose and smelled it and it was so perfectly sweet that I knew I must have this carton. They called to me with their fragrance.

And did they ever deliver. They were perfectly sweet and tart and I didn't even need to eat them with sugar or cream. They were perfect on their own.

I have never had strawberries like this again. Not even close. Each time I get strawberries now, I'm just left with disappointment.


20/22. Im among the 8% best in an online pvp game. Family cant understand why a 30 year old would spend time on that.


21/22. I have a 98 day steak on Duolingo, the language learning app. My friends don't care... tear


22/22. Grew up in a small farming town in the midwest. I got out of there, and in college I was part of a choir and got to sing in Lincoln Center in New York with a full Orchestra. So I tell this story to my hometown friends. It's followed with, "yeah, that's cool, so I got a new set of tires for my truck at Walmart yesterday." Other friends listening, "cool lets go see them." I had a once in a life time experience, something these tools couldn't understand how great this was. They were more excited about tires for a truck.


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