People Share Their Favourite 'I'm Broke' Dish That Is Actually Delicious.

It's tough to find good, simple recipes that are inexpensive to make.

Well, look no further because these people have some great suggestions for you!

Potato pancakes. My dad grew up very poor so he knew 1000 different things to make out of potatoes and these were my favorite.



When I was going through some hard times once, I really got into beans and rice. If you learn to make your beans from the dried state it's really cheap. One week after a family gathering some leftover grilled hamburger patties were sent home with me. I cut those into cubes and simmered them in with the beans for the next week's lunches. It was so good I think I'll do that again now that I am thinking about it.


My standard "cheap-chili" starts with canned beans, which seem to be on sale every time I shop for them.
4 small cans/2 big cans (whatever is the best buy) Beans w/pork any variety
1 can kidney or black beans
1 can sliced mushrooms
1/2 pound ground meat (not "lean" as it needs fat)
1/2 to 1 cup chopped sweet onion
Garlic clove (or crushed garlic from dollar store)
Chili powder (bulk bin), Cumin, Pepper sauce to taste

Brown meat with crushed garlic clove and onion. At same time, warm all other ingredients in a pot, add meat when done. Simmer a bit. Enjoy.


My grandmother used to make these things that I would refer to as "poor packets" when I was young (I still make my own version to this day) (continued to the next page...). 

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They were basically a poor man's roast. It's ground beef that you just add a little salt and pepper to, put this on a piece of foil layer with onions, carrots, and potatoes. Wrap the foil around all of it and bake for 30 ish minutes. It's fantastic and easy left overs for lunches through the week.


Romanians make their own version of mac and cheese, but on the drier side. You take pasta, usually the macaroni kind, and mix it with butter, feta/ricotta cheese, and some sugar. You can also bake it. Its cheap and delicious, and both sweet and salty.

"Macaroane cu branza" if anybody wants to look it up.


Spaghetti and butter and grated parmesan cheese.


Eggs! I can have three meals consisting of eggs and they are all different.


Pasta aglio e olio. Only 4-5 ingredients, all of them cheap (continued on the next page...). 

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Super easy to make, but darn delicious. Your tastebuds will thank you for a week after that treatment. You're welcome.



I like putting marinara sauce on bread. Then cheese on top of that. Then I microwave it 'til the cheese melts and the sauce bubbles.

We call it "pizza bread".


Boil water. Add ramen and some frozen veggies (the stir-fry combo if you can). Crack an egg in it. Add half the seasoning pack and some Sriracha sauce.


Cream of mushroom soup with minute rice.
Delicious and a belly stuffer!


Biscuits and gravy. It's simple (continued on the next page...).

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Take sausage and break it up in a pan to cook. Drain off a little bit of the fat but not all of it. Throw some flour on there and stir that around and let that cook until you lose the flour-y taste. Throw some milk in there and let that do its thing until it's nice and thick. When it's done, throw some salt and pepper in there to taste and serve it up on a biscuit.


Lentil soup is cheap, simple and really delicious. Same thing for stir fry made from scratch. Spices are important though.


Spaetzle. So good and so cheap/easy. It's basically tiny dumpling noodles! Anyone who tries good spaetzle is surely going to want it again.



Green bean casserole. Cream of mushroom, 2 cans of green beans and dried onion crumbs. It's pretty good and it cost under $5 I believe.


Cubed chicken tossed in angel hair pasta with light Italian dressing as the sauce.

Costs like 2 bucks to make and it's on point.


A lot of times if you go to the grocery store and they have a bakery, they will sell the bread that's expiring that day or the next day for like $1 for a full loaf. I've gotten some amazing French bread for so cheap...


Pasta tossed in olive oil with parmesan cheese, red pepper flakes, garlic salt, salt & pep, and dried herbs.


My father got paid every other Friday. Sometimes on the Thursday before we'd have pancakes for dinner.

My mother felt bad but they were some of the best meals ever.


One of our staple dishes when we were poor was just rice, ground beef, corn, and Worcestershire sauce. It was delicious. I still like to put it on the menu sometimes.


Hot dogs and mac and cheese.



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