People Share Their Most Innocent Secrets

There are a million secrets we keep from the outside world, some of them are down right outrageous but some are just too 'cute'/'innocent' to let anyone know about them. 

" I have cancer and it's spreading to the rest of my body but I haven't told my family yet.

Thing is I recently moved out, and got a bump checked out. Turns out it's cancerous and has spread into my lymph nodes. My mother worries about me a lot, but is dealing with putting her mom in a home and losing her company at the end of the year. I can't put her through the idea her only daughter might die or be seriously sick for a while. "


" I shave because I have this weird thing in my facial hair where some of it's blonde and other parts are black and two patches are red. 

I tell people I don't like the way it feels to have a beard but the real reason is because I look like a calico cat. "


" I'm not half as patient and understanding as my girlfriend thinks. 

I just pretend to be, except now it's been over a year and I think I am now. "


" As a kid, I was really scared of R.L. Stines Goosebumps. 

Im a few months shy of 20 years old now, and the theme song to the show still makes me uncomfortable for a minute. But I am totally okay with the series now. "


" A lot of the time I'll pretend not to knowing about somethings and pretend as if I am hearing about it for the first time because my girlfriend gets really excited when she can tell me new interesting things. "


" If you pay me a sincere compliment I don't know how to handle it. I blush hard and tear up real quick. 

My friends willingly use this against me when introducing me to girls to embarrass me. I'm a 30 year old, 6ft 2, 230 pound bearded dude. 

My friends are the best jerks I know. "


" My significant other and I live 1100 miles away from each other at the moment. We have completely different schedules. He works late shifts, and I usually work mornings. 

Sometimes, when I'm really tired, but I know he's working late, so I'll go to sleep early and set an alarm for when he gets off so we can talk on the phone. 

He just thinks I just stay up super late. I wouldn't tell him differently because I enjoy these talks too much to let him worry about my sleep. "


" I am teacher, and where I teach some of the children I teach live in an orphanage. When I see they are having a bad day, I usually slip them a piece of candy while the other kids can't see. "


" I have, on multiple occasions, gone to text my dog while I've been at work.

'Oh I miss the pup, let me just let her know I'm thinking of h--oh. Right.'

Then two hours later, 'Aw pup would love this toy, let me just show her a picture and see if she wants it.' then I text her. "


" When he mentions some item he likes or would be useful to him I put it on a secret list -  so I know what to get him for the next birthday/Christmas/surprise. "


" I like to sing to myself whenever nobody is around.

And I actually try to sing something accurately and try to improve my ability to sing. In the rare times people have heard me sing, they say it's good, so maybe its working! "


" When we first started dating he tickled me and I pretended to laugh because I just liked that he was touching me. 

Now its eight years later and he still tickles me and I still pretend to be ticklish. "


" I always have my earphones plugged in so everyone at work thinks I listen to music all the time. While I actually listen to white noise - hoovers, washing machines, oscillating fan sound on YouTube. 

It calms me down and blocks out their idiotic chatter. "


" He works overnight and sometimes when he's gone I order takeaway for one and pay for it in cash. But honestly it has nothing to do with eating or anything like that. 

I just like to pretend I'm single and stuffing my face while watching TV. I have a thing for Chinese food. I used to do it when I was single and it's primarily nostalgic for me. "


" When I was a middle school-aged kid, between the ages of 11-13, I made constantly made animal noises at school. I rarely talked and mostly made these animal sounds to communicate. 

Dog barking, cat meowing, snake hissing, etc. I had a really bad home life and I justify it to myself as normal acting out, but at 30 I still cringe when I think about it. 

I have never told any friend or partner about it, and I always check the "what did that one weird kid at your school do" threads for stories of my behavior or similar behavior from others, but I've never seen it.

I don't know if I'll ever tell anyone in person, ever. "


" My kids think that I pack their school lunches to be frugal as buying school lunch at the cafeteria adds up. That's what I tell them, anyway.

The real reason that I do it is because I love writing them the little notes I sporadically include in their lunch bags and putting occasional surprises like candy. It makes me happy. It's only a matter of time before bringing bagged lunch to school won't be "cool" anymore so I'm getting away with it while I can. "


" I sometimes stare at my wife while she's sleeping and stroke her face and give her a kiss. She doesn't know. 

Within 5 mins I feel just as happy as the first day I met her and I don't know why I just feel more and more in love with her. "


" I like being told I'm attractive. That's it.

I'm a normal guy, fairly quiet, not social at all, and I have no idea how to react when it happens. But whatever, I like being told I am good looking. "


" I'm scared of spiders. 

The only reason why this is a secret is because I fear that if people know, they will try to put me into a situation involving spiders for a joke that will not make me laugh. "


" I love my dog too much. 

I cuddle her when bad stuff happens to animals on TV and tell her that I'll never let anything bad happen to her. "


" Im on my period and just ate an entire cheese danish twist, bag of cheddar and sour cream potato chips and drank like an entire bottle of 2 litre diet coke.

Don't tell anyone or I'll be kind of really embarrassed. "


" I often sleep to the sound of music boxes on youtube. 

I find music box tracks to be calming, like for example the music box versions of Studio Ghibli soundtracks, and my breathing gets as slow as the song that plays. I know it's cheesy but it really helps me sleep. "


" When I was 15, my mom, even though we weren't financially well, bought me a pair of ice-skates for Christmas. My size was written on the ice skates, but it felt like 2 sizes smaller. I couldn't hide it when I tried them. My mom was very upset and even angry. I told her I will go and change them to a bigger size. 

However, when I went there was no bigger size left of those ice-skates. I returned home and pretended to be very happy and lied that I got my size. I never used them when I went ice-skating and just used rented ones. 

That's my secret that I never plan to reveal to her. She has always wished me all the best. "


" My parents think that I bake 3 cakes for my friends every year before Christmas, but actually I make them and deliver to a homeless program called "dignified Christmas for all" in my city. 

My parents don't believe in volunteer work and were never into it, so I never told them. "


" I am Mr. Lonely. "


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