People Share Their Most Memorable 'That Could Have Been Me' Story.

People were asked: What's your "that could have been me" story? Here are some bonus answers.

1. When I was a kid, I was bullied pretty bad. It was getting so bad that, after being suicidal for a while, I had pretty much decided that if I was going down, I was taking some members of my class with me. Eventually my parents noticed the warning signs and put me in a new school, got me counseling, etc. and I abandoned my plans.

However, whenever I hear about a school shooting or teen/child suicide, I always think, "that could have been me."

Maybe not the kind of story you were looking for, but hearing about these events always makes a chill run down my spine.


2. I was third in the line to the BBQ and the two persons in front of me got the two last pieces of hamburger bread before opening a new one (I got the first piece of that bag).

At the end of the night the two both suffered from a severe case of diarrhea. Apparently the bread was old.



3. I used to work in landscaping for a museum and estate with extensive grounds and many beautiful gardens.

One morning I was clearing off the paths by the museum prior to opening with a leaf blower as usual. In addition to the loud noise of the leaf blower, had my ear plugs in and had protective earmuffs on top of that, so I couldn't hear much if anything. I had pretty much finished up and started to head back to my vehicle when I noticed I missed a pile so I turned around and started to walk over to it when I heard a LOUD crack.

Within seconds, a ~90ft beech crashed across the path where I had been standing moments earlier. Possibly in shock, my only thought was, "well f*ck, I guess I'm going to have to clean that up today too" and I went about clearing up the pile of leaves I had noticed a minute earlier.

After that, I started heading back, stepping over the homicidal beech when I ran into a coworker.

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She was freaking out and pointing at the tree, but I couldn't hear a word she said so I only responded, "yeah, isn't that crazy? Ya think they would've told me they were taking down trees today!" At that point she ripped off my headgear and screamed, "what the hell! We thought you were dead!"

We had contractors working not that far from where I was and they apparently got on the radio when the tree went down, panicking that "the little girl with the leaf blower" just got smushed by a tree. I didn't have a radio that day so no one had a clue whether I was still alive up until that point. On the bright side, our arborists were the ones stuck cleaning up that mess, not me. And that was only the first of many times I cheated death at that job.


4. Not my story but my uncle sold his apple stock to pay rent and buy beer like 6 months before it skyrocketed. He said he didn't have a lot of stock but didn't make as much as he could have.


5. I owned Gmail. Several years back I found a website that provided email services, it let me pick my own domain and I wasn't very creative so I just used my first initial and added mail and voila: Gmail! Wasn't too popular, me and five family members out of pitty had email addresses. I have no doubts that had I kept it google would have went another way or paid me 100 bucks for the rights but at least I can say I owned gmail.


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