People Share Their Most Outrageous 'Screw This, I'm Done' Story.

Everyone has a limit, and at some point, that limit has been crossed.

Below are 19 stories where people finally said "Screw this, I'm done."

1. When I was 16, I got my first serious girlfriend. I wasn't really close with my parents, so whenever I wasn't working or at school, I would spend time with her.

My mother tried desperately to break us up. When that didn't work, she decided to take everything I own and put it in boxes. My whole life packed up for me. My mother said "if you want to spend so much time with your little girlfriend why don't you move in with her."

So I cried like a baby and started hauling the boxes away. Called my girlfriends mother and her being the greatest mother figure I've ever met said she'd take me in with open arms. My mother never accounted on her 'plan' going this far so she admitted that it was a big ploy for me to see the error of my ways and was only going to let me spend a night or two in my car.

I knew that her bold demonstration of wacky was just another road-sign that I needed to get as far away from her as possible. Deuces.

15 years later I'm still with the girl she insisted was a passing fling. We're happily 3 years into our marriage, gainfully employed with nothing resembling the drama my mother foist upon us. I am happy with my life, my wife and her big noisy wonderful family. And I have loud fun with the best of them. But these feelings, these scars, I rarely talk about.


2. I was hanging with friends at a party , and they pulled out heroin and started doing it . Said 'nah' and went home and played counter strike.


3. Worked as a concierge at a summer resort for all of 45 minutes before I was asked to "fix payroll" aka adjust all the time sheets turned in by the 40+ employees so that no one was eligible for overtime. That made me pause, about 10 minutes later the owner's grandson grabbed me by the butt and said "I own you". If this wasn't enough, there was a hurricane coming and I was instructed to tell guests there would be absolutely no refunds. While the owner's back was turned... (Continued)

I grabbed all paperwork with my personal information and ran out of there. In total I worked there for an hour and 5 minutes.


4. This just happened at work yesterday. It's Christmas rush so the shipping department is very busy. They asked us, the design department, to help scan orders and so we did. The supervisor in that department got in a bad mood and started yelling at his workers. Then he started yelling at us so we were like "Screw this" and went back to our office.


5. I decided to leave a very nice, lucrative career to finally go to college at 31 years old the morning after Christmas 2014.

Because my family is so spread out around the country now, its hard to see everyone for the holidays. So I made my own plans to spend time in Colorado with my sister and brother as I had the previous two years. Of course, I put in about 8 days of vacation time and spent Christmas eating and drinking with my siblings and their friends and SOs.

At the time, my career in the defense industry was coming to an impasse. I had been doing great things in my line of work but, because I lacked a degree, I couldn't move forward. Now, I could have sat at the same desk doing the same job for 25 more years and retired fairly comfortably, but I felt like my talents and knowledge were being taken advantage of by my superiors who were giving me much higher level tasks but not promoting me to a level of pay our benefit that was commensurate with those tasks.

On the morning of December 26th, the day after Christmas, one of the project managers I worked for called my personal cell phone. She was curious as to why I hadn't been answering my work cell. I told her that I was on vacation and I left my work cell at home. I also told her that I had a raging hangover. She then told me I needed to pull myself together for a phone conference with some dude army officer at the pentagon who had been messing our project up for a while. I told her I had no work stuff with me so I am not prepared to have this meeting, let alone hungover the day after Christmas. When she asked why I don't have any work stuff with me, I let her know "because I'm on vacation!". I then proceeded to: (Continued)

Give her an earful about how she and the other PM's have for too long taken advantage of my lack of degree to get me to do more work for less pay. I told her that its unacceptable to call me at 8am the day after Christmas, while I'm on vacation, to get me to have the same conversation I've had with her and this other jerk for months. I then told her that if it's college that's holding me back from being where I want to be in this job, she can expect my resignation when I got home.

I hung up the phone, went back to sleep, woke up, told my sister what happened and applied to college. I was accepted two weeks later.

When I returned home, I handed her my written resignation. She immediately began to freak out. "Who is going to do this?" "'m sorry I bothered you on your vacation..." "What can I do to make this right?"

I told her she had ample chances to make things right over the course of our working relationship and now I've had enough. If college is what I need to be successful in this job, then college is where I will go. I then said, I'm not kidding, "Screw it! I'm out!"

I'm a junior with a 3.8 GPA now.


6. Went to ex-Girlfriend's church 3 times. Each time they tried to pray a demon out of me. The 3rd time I noped out and didn't go up front.

I figured if they couldn't get him the third time he wasn't leaving.


7. When I was a freshman in college, I dated a friend of a friend that was 5 years older than me. She was fun to hang around with and the sex was good and frequent, so as an 18 year old, I was happy to overlook the growing list of red flags she exhibited as time went by.

We had an "incident" with a broken condom. Didn't catch it in time. I played it cool for the following weeks, but was really freaked out. She seemed concerned but didn't share my chest crushing panic.

Fast forward a bit later -- she informs me that she had just gotten her period. I was very relieved and said "that's great news!" She looked dejected and turned away and said softly " baby." I ignored it at that moment because I was high on the sudden ability to breathe.

Later that night, she asked if it would be ok if we stopped using condoms as long as we were "careful".

I immediately broke up with her at that moment, in my head. I avoided her a couple of days and then broke things off officially after that. It was all too damn unsettling to stay.


8. I was in a field a few years ago with a girl, and she took my belt off and playfully threw it over a fence behind us.

Well I really liked this belt, it was an Element one with a big logo buckle. Cost me like 35, when you're 14, that's a lot.

So I hopped over the fence and started trying to find my belt... (Continued)

I was met by a really pissed off goat. With big horns on its bonce.

I figured goats were friendly, as I've never heard a story of goats ruining peoples day, so I carried on looking for my belt.

Then this 4 legged thing squared up to me and charged my way.

Fully crapped myself, hopped the fence faster than light and wanted to freak for losing my belt.


9. In 7th grade: Someone had damaged the seat in front of me on the school bus before I switched in to that seat after they got off. The bus driver was arguing with a student and walked to the middle of the bus. After the arguing subsided he turned and looked at me and asked why I had cut his seat. I tried to explain that it was like that when I sat in it. He wasn't having any off it, said he was going to drive me back to school and have my parents buy a new seat. I said screw this I'm out, and exited via the emergency door in the back, then ran home.


10. This friend of mine was in love with me (she had a boyfriend by the way), but I pretended not to notice since I had no interest in her whatsoever, with or without boyfriend

She invited me to a bar on her birthday. I thought it was gonna be fine because she also invited all of her other friends, so I could avoid her. Problem was that she invited me an hour before anyone else so that she could have me all to herself.

Then her mother arrived, looking at me uncomfortably closely, like examining the future husband of your daughter to see if he is legit. Then her best friend arrived and we all sat in the same table, all staring at me. When her other friends arrived, they sat in separate table and I was stuck with the 3. Oh!, and she also didnt invite her boyfriend

I thought "screw this" and left, made the excuse I had to study.


11. Guy I work with who is a couple of years younger than me (I'm 23) got promoted as my team leader. He's actually a good friend of mine and he wanted to go out and celebrate so I said yeah, a few beers would be nice..

It was all going so well until we left, figured we were going to another pub.. nope, they were going to an underground car park to smoke crack.

I noped the hell out of there..


12. I was in Philly walking towards South Street to go to a friend's house party. Heard some fireworks and thought nothing of it. Turned a corner and saw a guy chasing another guy shooting a handgun. Couldn't have noped out of there faster.


13. When I was in rehab, every Sunday they offered a ride to church for anyone who wanted to go. I had been cooped up for a couple weeks and wanted a change of scenery so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Everything at mass was normal until about ten minutes in when the pastor started speaking in tongues. That was just too much, I left as quietly as I could and spent the rest of the time outside.


14. Some guy asked me to help produce his movie. He said "to be a part of this you have to make at least a $10,000 donation to the movie". He was 14.


15. A girl I went on two dates suddenly talking about kids and whether or not my career choice would be enough to support a family.


16. On the 9 train in NYC heading uptown into the Bronx. It is late (or rather very early) so it is only me and a friend and one other guy on the train. The other guy starts rocking back and forth saying out loud to himself "I'm not above the law" over and over. No thanks, I'll get off at the next stop and wait for the next train.


17. A woman I was briefly dating insisted I couldn't truly understand music like she could because I don't smoke weed. I have a degree in music. Being the diplomatic person I am, I offered we simply enjoy and process music in different ways. Nope. She held her ground. I couldn't understand music. So, I decided not to date someone so intransigent and misguided.


18. The day I saw my mother hurl a thick glass salt shaker at my dad's head as hard as she could.

They screamed at each other almost daily by that point so I moved 17 hours north the first opportunity I had to get out.


19. When my fianc and I moved out of state, I got a job at a gas station temporarily until I could transfer my cosmetology license. I worked there for two days. Got treated like crap by customers and coworkers. On my third day, I woke up, colored one eyebrow in, sat there for about 15 minutes, then just silenced my phone and went back to bed.



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