People Share Their Weirdest Exchange With A Stranger

Have you ever had an encounter with a stranger that made you think WTF was that about? Many of us have… but these are on another level. 

Here, Reddit users reveal the weirdest encounters with strangers theyve ever had. Sit back, we're going on a ride.

Short girl at a multi-day festival. Still kinda early on the first day. She kept jumping to try to see things that were happening, and stomping on my feet...staggered and almost drilled me in the nuts one time. We were at the edge of a fence where we couldn't get any closer, and she ought to have been able to see but there was a crew of really tall people, and yadda yadda.

So finally she went for a jump, and I just scooped her up and put her on my shoulders...She was tiny, so it was way easier on me to just carry her than to have to deal with her shenanigans. I was fully prepared to set her down if she took offence, but she went from being like 4'9 to being about 9 feet tall, and it was clearly the best thing that had ever happened to her in her life.

We had a pretty good (though occasionally weird) day... the mood was pretty good, but the whole thing was a bit more debauched than I'd expected...Take a short cut to the bathroom and end up stepping over people getting it on in the mud. That sort of thing.

So eventually we're concerted out, and I walk her back to her campsite. Apparently she came with some girls from this college I'd vaguely heard was a women's college, or some kind of mildly conservative upper class school...I was only half listening, but I remember I was surprised. They didn't sound like the festival crowd. We got there to find that the pile of girls she'd come with had gotten freaked out and bailed, and now she's stuck with a handful of cash, her drivers license, and the (by now incredibly filthy) clothes on her back.

So I take her back to my campsite which is me and two other huge scary dudes, and I very distinctly remember the look on her face before the biggest and scariest of the guys starts talking and it becomes apparent that he's wildly gay. The other guy was his boyfriend, and I was there because I'd used to date one of the guys from the other couple they were supposed to go with, and he'd sold me his ticket when he flaked out.

We ended up adopting her for the weekend. We had tons of camping gear, and I'd brought this stupid amount of food (because music is fine, but sitting around cooking over fire is better), so that wasn't a problem.

End of the thing, drove her back to her swanky little college and dropped her off in front of her dorm, barefoot, wearing a t-shirt that was so long it went past her knees. I definitely got a few "Oh my GOD!" looks... big filthy dude with a ponytail driving a big honkin truck, dropping off a tiny mud person... I like to think she passed into college legend, and also that she kicked the living crap out of the girls who ditched her... that could have gone so wrong.


Last year I was walking from work to a meeting and a heavy downpour started. I was getting saturated. As I ducked from building front to building front a middle aged lady ran over with an umbrella and, in broken English, said "we share? we share?" It was a tiny umbrella so I held it above our heads as we walked. We got about 200m and hadn't said a word to each other so I said "Um. I'm going this way" and pointed down the street. She nodded and then put her arm around me so she was closer and completely covered by the umbrella and said "okay. We go now."

I walked for about 15 minutes with that lady in the rain. When we got to my destination I said thanks and she reached up and stroked my shaved noggin and said "I like your head" then she smiled, folded up her umbrella and ran off into the rain giggling.


I was 19, coming out of a liquor store and a strung out guy came right up to me and basically touched his nose to my nose. He asked me for change, to which I replied no. Then he asked for a few shots of the whiskey I just bought, to which I replied no. He feigned a sucker punch, but instead got reallllly close and whispered in my ear:

"If I killed you right now the cops would arrest me and I would go to jail."

I was scared out of my mind, but apparently my friend said I stood my ground really well and didn't flinch, but in reality I was petrified by fear.


Guy - "Hey, those pants are really cool..."

Me - "Um, thanks..?"

Guy - "Can I have them?"

Me - "Um, no."

Guy - "OK. I had to ask."


I used to work at a pizza shop and was stoned out of my mind one day. Guy comes in looking equally or more stoned than me and doesnt say a word. I nod, make him a chicken finger sub and he pays for it. We did this entire interaction without saying a single word. He came in another time and he told me that was the greatest sub he has ever eaten. We bonded.


Last Halloween I was waiting in line to get into a packed bar and this guy I've never seen before come up to me, hands me $3 and tells me "Now we're even." and walks away.

When someone hands you cash you don't ask questions.


 I was about 15 and home alone when the doorbell rang. There was a guy in his late 20s/early 30s at the door and he looked unsure of himself. The conversation went as follows:

Him: Hey, I borrowed a ladder

Me: Okaaay?

H: In [name of the next town over]

M: Right?

H: [points to the side of my house which now has a ladder propped up against it] Ill just leave it there, shall I?

M: I guess so?

The ladder did not belong to me or to anyone in my family. The next day it was gone and every single member of my family swore down it was nothing to do with them and my mum was convinced Id dreamed it. It became a sort of legend in my family and about 3 years later we brought it up in front of my sisters-once-friend-now-boyfriend-who-eventually-became-husband and he started laughing hysterically. Turns out he had let the guy borrow his ladder and, since our house was on the main road and convenient for both to get to, had told him just to leave it there and he would pick it up. He had forgotten to tell us and the guy had assumed we knew about it.


I was sitting on a bench waiting for my next class to start, and this lady comes up to me and asks:

"What time is it?"


"At night?!"

I was sitting outside and it was dark out, I just said "yeah" and she ran off.


Afterparty of my sisters wedding. We crash the hotel bar which is pretty small but has this great big "L" shaped couch off to the side, which we pretty much take over. I'm sufficiently inebriated and eventually some stranger walks into the bar and sits down by me on the couch where there was some space. He's clearly more drunk than I am. Starts bragging to me about how he was a Vietnam vet and how great it was killing all of those people back then. I am trying to maintain the minimum of required attention, not wanting to get on this dude's bad side, when a couple walks in and sits next to him on the couch (also drunk).

When the drunk vet notices that the new guy is wearing his least favorite team's jersey, he starts incessantly cussing this guy out. New guy is too drunk to care and thinks it's funny. His girlfriend leaves the bar for about 2 seconds and comes right back in, saying "Babe our Uber is here." No response "Babe our Uber is here." Still no response, I'm starting to feel sympathetically awkward for that situation alone. Finally she basically yells it again and drags him out of the bar to go get their 'Uber'. Then security just happened to show up for some unrelated reason and the drunk vet finishes his drink, whispers under his breath "I could kill all of you right now," and quickly leaves. My sister, who was sitting across from me, captured a picture of how uncomfortable I felt in that moment (picture below).


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A older woman in a hotel hallway stopped me and asked if I could take her necklace off so she could take a bath. Her husband came down the hall as I was doing it and started yelling at her to stop asking strangers to do things for her.


This was weird and random to me, but funny and heartwarming at the same time. After a couple of hours flight, I was waiting in the line to get off the plane. A middle aged man helped me getting my luggage from above my seat. While we were waiting, he started making funny faces with sign language and expressions to me. As far as I understood, he told me that people sitting beside him ate so much food that they farted, that he was about to use an oxygen mask. And they were speaking so loud. I pointed at a loud child, made a crying expression, and grimaced. He laughed silently. We ended up making funny expressions to each other until we went to the airport.


It's my job to do surveys at an amusement park.

I go up to a guy to do a survey and get through it and ask if he'd been to any of our competitors. He says, "Oh yeah I've been to ____, but I won't go there anymore. They kicked me out because they said I was a sex offender. I just asked a woman if I can go into the women's restroom so I can look at a mirror because the men's restrooms never have one. She went and got a security guard and they kicked me out. That's why I come here."

I'm just kind of nodding and saying "yeah that sucks" trying to end the conversation, but he just kept talking for like 5-10 minutes that seemed to last forever.


I have a winter hat that's cookie monster. It's blue and has the cookie monster eyes. When I was in school, I was sitting in the student center, studying early in the morning and there's not a lot of people in yet. I leave my hat on because I'm still thawing and all of the sudden I am hit in the face by a large chocolate chip cookie from the snack stand. I look up and there is a guy with a very similar oscar the grouch hat on. We make eye contact for several seconds before he shouts "YOU OWE ME A TRASHCAN" and walked away. First time I ever had a cookie for breakfast.

Never saw him again.


Once while on a work trip I popped out to get something warm to drink at a local coffee place. On my walk there a woman in a violently green but fashionable jacket out walking her dog made eye contact with me, and immediately jaywalked across the street to where I was.

Me: <Smiles and waves politely as we are about to pass each other> "Hello."

Green jacket: <Smiles and hands me a pair of black cashmere gloves> ...

Me: <Still smiling, but frozen from confusion> "Thank you?"

And then she left without a word, tiny dog in tow. I was already wearing gloves. I don't know anyone in that town. I still have those gloves, they were practically new.


I was on an Emirates flight earlier this year. Empty seat next to me, and then a tall, older guy dressed modestly.

Just before take-off, an older lady sits down between us, and the man calls the head flight attendant by first name and requests that the seat remain empty, because it was promised him at some earlier point. The flight attendant returns 2 mins later with the freaking pilot (with whom this guy is also on a first-name basis) who kindly asks the lady to follow him to a different seat which she does. I quietly wonder who the hell this guy is and at some point I decide to ask him. He turns out to be quite friendly and apparently flies this route five times a week year-round. He knows all the staff by name and they bring him his drinks and meals of choice without him even having to ask.

That felt a little surreal for some reason.


I was covering a security shift at a Chanel store, the front store post where I was to stand was right next to the perfume counter. After spending 8 hours getting assaulted by various tester sprays as I'm walking to the train I get stopped by a stranger who asks me what I'm wearing and that I smell great. I respond its Chanel, and she asks which one, so I say "all of them".


I was walking back to my dorm a few nights ago, and I see this kid come whizzing by on a bike with some sort of random thing on his head that I can only describe as a basket attached to a ceiling fan attached to a stuffed animal human with a propeller on top of their head. As he went by he yelled "Don't worry, I'm only a figment of your imagination!"

My best drawing of what I remember the hat looked like:


Rounding a street corner with my girlfriend in San Francisco. Nearly run right into a disheveled elderly man in an electric wheel chair. We shuffle back and forth, he steers his wheelchair back and forth. Then, to curb the awkwardness he says:

Him: Whats the best way to kill a clown?

Us: Uhhh...

Him: Go for the juggler!

And then he sped past us into the sunset.


I was holding the door for an older gentleman as he shuffled forward, and his pants just fell down. He was like "aw drat and just handed me his coffee and phone, and reached for his pants, and as he was pulling them up he said "I've lost a lot of weight" and I was like dude you don't have to explain anything. Your pants just fell off. I then handed his stuff back and we went our separate ways.


An young kid took my bag of Kool-aid powder (if you take Kool-aid powder and mix it with sugar it basically turns into a pixie stick x10) out of my hand with no warning and quickly put a dollar into my hand and walked off. Quick and forced transactions are weird.


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