People Share Things They Don’t Understand About Their Own Gender.

People are hard to understand in general we all have our little idiosyncrasies that make use unique. But sometimes, it's not just weird things we notice about a certain individual, but a whole group. Potentially, a whole gender.

Here, people share things that they don't understand about people who identify as their own gender.

1. Dick pics. Seriously, when did it become appropriate to send a picture of your tackle to strangers?


2. The obsession over what's manly or not. It drives me nuts. A man is something I am, not something I have to try to be.

I have plenty of roles that take a lot of effort. Father, brother, husband, son, colleague, boss...All of that is important. I'm a man regardless of what color apron I'm wearing while I bake cookies and listen to Taylor Swift.


3. For the love of all that is holy, how do other guys keep pissing on the toilet seat!!!!

I thought it would stop after grade school. It didn't.

I thought it would stop in college. It didn't.

I thought it would stop once I entered the work force with other adults. It didn't.

Either lift up the toilet seat, or sit the down when you pee. My lord!


4. Strip clubs. So me and a few guys sit around a pole while a girl gives you all blue balls. Screw that.


5. Why some guys will act like the nicest people on earth to a woman, but as soon as the woman says they're not interested, insult them. I see it all the time. Guys would work their hardest to bring a girl back and when they said no, insult them? (e.g "you're a sl-t anyway")

When did we go back in time to the point where insulting people gets them to like you?


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6. Why get giant fake fingernails?


7. Catcalling. I don't see how it's anything close to appropriate social behavior.


8. Fellow men: What's the big deal about buying tampons etc. for your wife/gf, etc? (I get that there's about 500 different options). But what's unmanly about it? Someone going to call you out for living with a woman?

I was in a checkout line once, had feminine products for my wife or daughter on the conveyor belt, and the 2 frat "bros" behind me said "dude buying tampons, lol". I said, "Right. Because I am going home to a woman. And you are going home to what? Each other? Grow up."


9. Actually looking forward to pregnancy and somehow not being scared at all by the fact that it's nine months of having a new human grow inside you, and then a day of it forcing and ripping its way out through your vagina.

Also, thinking that babies are cute.


10. The way some women treat men confuses me. Treating guys like they need to be trained to have half a brain and that they're main "jobs" in a relationship are to cater to the woman.

When getting groceries, my fiance and I end up in the checkout line of this woman. She sees me pulling the cases of soda off the bottom of the cart and flips her crap. "Hey, you shouldn't be doing that! Let the man get that, it's his job!" I try and laugh it off and say that it's not and I don't care about lifting heavy things. "Well he should at least help you get these in the house! You gotta have your man trained well!" Screw your gender roles, we're happy this way. We're a team. There are infinitely more ways to contribute to a relationship beyond that.

Back in college, he once wanted to spend his tax refund building me a new computer (story continued on the next page...).

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I was working with a wheezing old HP laptop running vista. It was still doing it's job though so I told him to get something for himself. All of my friends were confused. "So, what are you having him get you instead? Is he just giving you the money?" This was asked multiple times. No, it's HIS money. If he wants to take me to McDonald's that's one thing, but spending his whole tax refund on me was another.

Even back in high school when were just dating, my mom tried to sabotage our relationship. She often wanted me to "fake break up" with him while we were at dinner and she was watching because she thought his reaction would be funny. Apparently you need to "test" a relationship to see if the guy is really into you. She would also accuse me of settling. "But what if you meet a guy tomorrow and he loves everything you love and he's really cute and handsome?" Well, then I guess I've found a new friend because I don't think it's right to end a relationship for no other reason than you meeting someone else and also that would be BORING. So my fiance and I don't really have that much in common (I'm a bio-nerd, he's a techy), that just means we will never run out of things to talk about and we'll always be able to show each other new experiences we otherwise wouldn't have tried on our own.

Essentially I don't understand people who treat others as inferior sub-humans. Playing games, inciting drama, and expecting servitude are all pathetic.


11. How do you french braid/style your own hair when you can't see your head and before your arms get tired?

I'm 28 years old and I only know how to do a side braid, a pony tail and a bun.


12. The punching in the dick game. I don't wanna play with you.


13. Why many guy feel the need to spit everywhere. It's so gross, swallow that crap. I was at an event for school and saw some older guy do this into the carpet, I was just left with a huge feeling of disgust.


14. The never-ending quest for sex (this goes for both genders). It certainly didn't live up to the hype for me, and I'm working on a five year dry spell mostly because I just don't have the desire to "work" for it.

But it seems like every guy I encounter is doing whatever they're doing so that they can have sex.


15. I hate how some males have the constant need to validate they're straight by commenting on every girl that walks by.

I thought this trend would end in my early 20s but I'm in my early 30s and still hear it from other guys (story continued on the next page...).

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It's one thing to think it, it's another to say it out loud.

"Omg did you see the boobs on her!? The things I'd to to her in bed!" (Um... how old are you?)

I had to break a friend of this annoying habit by doing it with guys I saw. "Holy crap, did you see his butt? Look at those arms! I want to rub my beard against his beard!"

It stopped very very fast.


16. Dudes who wear boxers and then complain about sticky balls and awkward boners. You're wearing a pair of loose shorts. What did you think was going to happen? Yeah yeah I know, briefs look stupid, as if people are actually looking at you in your underwear all the time.


17. The obsession some guys have with sport. I mean it's cool and all, and I like to watch some games. But how dedicated some otherwise regular people are to it kind of blows my mind.


18. Girl dates boy. Boy cheats on girl with other girl. Girl fights other girl.

She wasn't dating you. Why are you with him and fighting her?!


19. The reason why some men hate gay men so much."The gayest thing you can do is worry about where another man puts his penis."


20. How guys my age get their girlfriends pregnant by accident.

If you don't understand sex, how to use protection, or can't control yourself, then don't do it and avoid situations where you could lose control.

Life is too complicated as it is to screw your own up by having accidental babies before you are ready.


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21. Spending weeks trying to get a girl to like you enough so you can bang her and then never calling her back. How about being friendly and gently broaching the subject of being friends with benefits so that when I date the girl you, and 5 other guys have lied to, she doesn't have full blown trust issues.

There are plenty of women who are interested in casual hookups. You just need to be honest in what you are looking for!


22. Why women call each other sl-ts and get weird and mean about other women having sex.

Everybody has sex, stop judging other women for it but giving men a pass.


23. Why do we have to go to the bathroom with a partner?


24. Why spit in the toilet when I pee. I've seen plenty of other guys do it, too. No idea why.


25. The need of some men to add "no homo" whenever they comment on the appearance of another man.

I don't need to reaffirm my homosexuality by saying, "no hetero," when I point out that a woman looks good.


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26. Girls who refuse to use public restrooms because they're disgusting but then use them anyway, hover over the seat, and end up getting pee all over the seat but then they don't even wipe it off? Do they not know that they're the reason for public restrooms being gross?


27. Giant fake boobs... As a guy, I will never understand why my buddies go nuts all over them.


28. Why other girls pretend to be dumber than they actually are around guys.


29. Why do us men find butts appealing? I mean I do too, but I don't understand.



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