People Share What Laws Would Be Created If Their Mother Became President.

Being the president gives you a lot of power. Power to institute bed times, make you eat vegetables, and, possibly, force everyone to join a community garden.

Here, people describe what life for everyone would be like if their mother were president.


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1. All. The. Time.

Instead of calling or meeting important people in person she'll just yell loudly through the White House assuming they can hear her.


2. Can we give them scores when they're in cabinet?

Dancing With the Stars judges would have key cabinet positions.

Betting on ice skating competitions would be legal and encouraged. The proceeds would be used to fund Dancing With the Stars awareness.

Movie stars she doesnt like would lose their citizenship. "I'm so sick of that Sally Fields! I didn't watch her flying around as a nun and I don't want to see her - flying, walking, roller skating, riding a kangaroo, I don't care - on my TV ever again."

Anderson Cooper would be declared "National Fox".


3. Where were YOU?

Secret Service busting down my front door when I didn't answer her 4th phone call for the day.


4. Yes you will!

Sweet. I'll be the Secretary of Most Handsome Man in the Country.


5. Most people won't share this, but...

Terror alert raised due to LATEST FACEBOOK SCAM. PLEASE SHARE. -_-



6. You're freezing. Trust me.

Everyone would be required to wear a sweater. It doesn't matter that you're not cold. My mom says you're cold.


7. It's a limit, not a recommendation.

The national max speed limit will be lowered to 30.


8. Zip it up!

We'll all be taking our jackets with us, whatever it is.



9. So relatable.

A new branch of government to show how Netflix works on her tv....AGAIN!!


10. Great!

Mom's a civil engineer. So I guess our bridges, railroads and etc will get an overhaul.



11. You, specifically, need to get to bed early, mister!

There would be a federal law that, I as an individual, would have a curfew of 10pm.

I'm 30.


12. Never gonna work.

My mom will unsuccessfully try to block everyone from accessing porn online.


13. It's the principle.

Whenever she has state heads visit, we have to clean our rooms..? Despite the fact that they won't be eating there.



14. I'd plant zucchinis.

Alternative medicine is now official medicine. Also, everyone has to participate in a community garden.


15. Team work.

My mom died, so I guess a lot of 'Weekend at Bernie's" stunts with Spicer and Kushner trying to convince everyone she was still okay.


16. I prefer Chinese food in June, but whatever.

National Scrabble tournaments.

Mandatory free music downloads.

April is National Eat Chinese Food month.



17. This is a very confusing person to me.

Welfare would stop, because she thinks poor people are moochers who should just stop being poor.

Health insurance would be free now, but she wouldn't have any way to pay for it because she would abolish taxes (she doesn't understand that they pay for the things we as a society use).


The FDA would be banned, because she believes that veganism will cure every disease and that doctors are hiding it from the public.


18. Use your imagination.

She is a quilter and loves some of the ugliest fabrics I have ever seen. Give it a week and she'll have the White House decked out in color/pattern combinations you can't even imagine.


19. Take them off!

Wearing your shoes inside the house gets you sent to the gulags.



20. Sounds perfect.

Everyone gets a corgi.


21. Never ever ever ever ever.

Prohibition would return. And mandatory bible study. And motorcycles would be illegal. And no sex for anyone, ever.


22. MoooOOOOOooooM??!!

Sex scandals that will make Bill Clinton's presidency look like a monastery.



23. Always with the poop checking.

My mom is a nurse, so naturally our universal health care will be a weekly supply of Advil and Dial Soap, with a monthly supplement of Gatorade if you're not pooping right.


24. They deserve them.

Civil rights for cats.


25. Just taking up space.

We'll being seeing a new law, requiring "Kevin to get all this crap out of the garage, because you haven't used in over 5 years and it's just sitting there!"



26. "My mom rocks."

Universal healthcare is the biggest thing she'd advocate. Followed by LGBT rights and fixing income inequality.

My mom is a pastor, the kind who follows what Jesus said (love thy neighbor, do unto others, all that jazz). She was arrested at a Moral Monday protest a couple years back, and a church once asked her to stop preaching there after she insinuated in a sermon that Muslims aren't going to Hell.

My mom rocks.


27. Make Cadbury great again!

Well, the queen would probably take over the US again, considering my mother is from England. Also, we'd go back to making Cadbury how they used to.



28. It's pretty bad already...

Well judging by how much she asks what I'm doing, civilian surveillance would increase 100 fold.


29. Day. One.

The arts & education are now fully funded, & college is free. She will straight up executive order that on day one. Seriously, she will swear in & sign the document before she even gives her speech.



30. Eat something! You're all bones!!!

No one would ever go hungry again. She's constantly asking people if they want more food, or a different food, or to have a sandwich made or something cooked up. On the way out she'll hand you a bag of leftovers and some fruit/veggies that she bought too much of.


31. Thanks Mom.

If my mother actually ran the United States....

She is a finance analyst in charge of the Fleets Dept. in my city. You can expect a balanced national budget including a large investment in public infrastructure.

She loves green energy but hates greenwashing and unrealistic demands from activists. Expect energy companies to be told to sit down, compromise, and if they can't then she'll find a solution and they'll eat it and like it.

On that note, science-based climate policy. And science based policy in general.


Investments in public education. No free college, but subsidies for childcare and investments in trade schools.

This woman never spanked me, but I knew instinctively that her "or else", whatever it was, would be 100x worse than a swat on the butt if I kept misbehaving. Watch out North Korea.

We'd be back to old school eloquent eviscerations for political opponents instead of tweet wars. She's an excellent writer and can deliver the best proper high society, completely polite tongue lashings.

Mandatory paid family leave for both parents.

Mandatory sex ed, including a section addressing sex myths. Yeah, it was mortifying having her tell me "don't believe the rumours in high school, oral and anal sex DO count as sex". But then I learned some of my friends in their 20s thought there could be no consequences to either.

She'd hire someone competent and knowledgeable for each staffing position. She knows when she is out of her depth and will seek out the best to advise her.

She would actually be able to run background checks on my Tinder dates beforehand.

Dad would call me in a panic because he has no idea how to decorate anything, much less the white house.

I would probably be able to stop freaking out about grad schools accepting me.

She's read this and informed me I've left out meaningful tax reform.



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