People Share Which Common Social Norms They Refuse To Follow

To really understand how absurd some of our social norms are, we just need that one person who refuses to take part. Here people share some of the most ridiculous and hilarious social norms they straight up refuse to follow.

1. I put my elbows on the table. That rule is just stupid.



2. Makeup.

I'm not against it and sometimes I'll wear it out in the evenings. I even enjoy watching YouTube makeup tutorials but all in all I wear it maybe once a month.

I went to work the other day with makeup on and to my surprise my coworker came up and was like "noooo you were my role model!"


3. I sleep in a different bedroom than my wife about 95% of the time.

My wife is a very light sleeper and I snore a lot, so when we sleep in the same bed she gets very little sleep.


4. "I have an adorable little floof"

I'm an admin director for the company I work for. I have my own office. I have a hamster that I keep in my office. Everyone at work thinks I'm crazy but IDGAF because I have an adorable little floof waiting for me every morning and she likes to climb around on me while I answer emails. I apologize for nothing.



5. I talk to myself... a lot.



6. Posting "Happy Birthday" on someone's Facebook page on their birthday.


7. I can legally drink but choose not to.

I'm fine with people drinking responsibly, but please don't pester me, trying to make me drink.


Ramin11 & FlameFrenzy

8. Chit chat is BS.

I'm happy to sit and let everyone drown in the silence.



9. I don't follow any sports at all.

Nearly everyone I know has at one point talked in depth about some sport where everything they say just goes over my head.



10. I don't mind being friends with somebody who has widely different opinions than mine.


11. I'm totally turning into that guy who runs from place to place instead of walking.

Running just gets you there faster and gives you more exercise. The only drawback is you look like a weirdo, but I'm finding more and more that I don't care.



12. I don't partake in "work stuff."

I know everyone I work with thinks I am weird because I don't attend work functions etc. I really don't want to work with 95% of them let alone socialize with them.


13. I haven't worn a bra for two years now.

So much better.


14. I judge someone based off of my interaction with them, not yours.

You can tell me all about how that person is the worst and shouldn't be trusted, but if I spend time with them and they seem pretty okay, then their pretty okay by me.


15. I eat my burgers upside down.

The top bun faces the ground.



16. I don't like hugs.

It's not really a personal space issue, it's more of a I have scoliosis and certain people hug way to hard and I don't feel like risking unnecessary pain because someone wants a hug.


17. My husband and I have never called each other any positive term of endearment.

No "baby" or "sweetheart" or "honey."

We were joking about it when we first started dating and called each other 'Poophead'.

Now, 6 years later, it's still the only thing we call each other.



18. Looks can be deceiving...

Outwardly I'm a large bearded male that looks somewhat steroid-addled. In reality I love baking, shopping, musicals and my 6 cats.


19. Taking selfies when a group hangs out.

It's not that I don't like taking selfies with my best friends, it's just the aftermath that I hate.

Many of my friends actually compare how many likes the same photo they both posted got. A third person may not see it, but as a very close friend, you can easily see the ego conflicts.

That, and taking photos of everyday restaurant food. Everyone knows what the dish looks like, you don't need to take a photo and check in all the time. Sometimes, it just gets frustrating.

You're sitting there, gorging down on the food, and your friends keep finding alternate angles with 'better lighting' for posting to Instagram or Facebook.



20. People generally have lives. I've decided to subvert this by staying in my room eating Doritos all year round.



21. I don't pretend to be interested in your kids.

They are background noise to me. Also.. if you have a pet.. I won't pretend to be interested in you. You are background noise to me.



22. I like eating the whole Kiwi fruit.



23. I play the objective in FPS games.


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