People Share Which Modern Things They Think Will Be Barbaric In The Future.

Though we might not benefit, it's nice to think that elements of modern life will someday look primitive, especially things that are groundbreaking now. Reddit users were asked about what they think will look barbaric in the future, here's some of their answers.

1. Ah, an optimist! A dental optimist.

I recently read an article about the unexpected side effect of an alzhemier's drug- it was causing the participants dentine to grow back! So a dentist could hollow out a new cavity, but instead of then putting a filling in, this new medication is applied, and the tooth grows back.

I think in like a hundred years, people won't get fillings, or even root canals/crowns. They'll just re-grow the dentine, and wonder how we dealt with metal fillings, or getting a tooth filed down to a stub (for a crown), or just straight up yanked out of our faces. Barbaric.



2. Robo-car, go!

People driving cars without computer assistance. The annual car accident death toll will be viewed as barbaric once automated driving is enforced sometime out in the future.



3. We've got a long way to go.

The way we treat the mentally ill. Many are homeless or in jail. Treatment is not great, hospital stays are usually no more than a week.



4. Ah, to wield the power of earth's barbaric!


"The nuclear arms race is like two sworn enemies standing waist deep in gasoline, one with three matches, the other with five."

Carl Sagan



5. Drugs ruined you! Now go to jail to be further ruined.

We throw people in prison who are addicted to drugs, rather than sending them to therapy and helping them.



6. You can sign them right up.

I would say the entire meat industry. We're already starting to grow meat in labs, in twenty years I could see this potentially overtaking the real meat market.

I love eating meat, but if I had the choice between that or something very similar tasting and with reduced potential for disease as well as other benefits, you can sign me right up for the synthetic stuff.



7. We're gonna run out of space!

Embalming corpses and placing them in the ground in expensive caskets and vaults in crowded cemeteries, instead of cremation.



8. It's systemic!

Homelessness and poverty. I think people will be horrified that hording of billions of dollars by individuals is practically deified while so many people don't have even the basics of a happy life such as a home, food security, clean water, and access to health care, dental care and education.



9. Let us all hope it happens soon!

Using un-renewable power sources like coal or oil.

Everything will be run by renewable power sources in the future.



10. It's a hard knock life.

Working crazy hours.



11. It's also gotten worse.

The way we use so much paper, and generally waste it. It has gotten a lot better in the last couple of decades, but in the previous century, the use of paper was ridiculous. Just think in terms of how many trees were cut to issue overdue book tickets, or letters the government of a country sends per year.



12. More likely?

Personally, I think the future could be barbaric compared to now.

Unlimited growth, lack of resources, and degradation of the environment is not going to lead to a pretty, sparkly Jetsons world.



13. Puff puff.....PASS

Smoking cigarettes.



14. What is even going on in our heads??

Medication for mental health. We're basically at the hack and slash stage, with the laundry list of side effects and the trial and error approach to treatment.



15. Really awful, rarely talked about.

Clothes manufacturing. We basically have slaves in Asia making our clothes.



16. Oh how invasive and exciting.

I'm pretty sure it would have something to do with toilet paper. If you see toilets with laser removal disinfectant systems in the future, you heard it here first.



17. They're onto something here!

I think the true barbarism (in America at least) lies in the disparity between the amazing progress made in medical research and the low number of people who have access to it. I just went to the dentist for the first time in 10 years because I FINALLY got dental insurance through my employer. So many resources for health, yet so costly and convoluted for many, many people.



18. It will.

I wish I could say the invasiveness of advertisements, but it will probably get even worse in the future.



19. The shame is unbearable

Digging our garbage into the ground and leaving it there.



20. It's a touchy one!

Not allowing people to be peacefully put to death when they're terminally ill.



21. Turn profits to maximum!

Clothing manufacturing. We basically have slaves in Asia making our clothes.



22. Please please pleeeaase.

Data caps. Crossing Fingers.



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