People Talk About The Worst Spoiled Brat They Ever Met.

Being a parent is tough. You want to make your children happy, but sometimes this goes too far. Sometimes, good intentions can lead to a spoiled child.

Here, people reveal the most spoiled brats they've ever encountered.

I was in Washington with my mom to visit some friends and see the area.

While we were there, we went to visit a friend of hers. I hung out with her daughter, and oh my god was she spoiled.

I dont think she was particularly mean, if somewhat whiny, but I remember that she always got what she wanted. Her mother practically did whatever she wanted.

The most vivid recollection I have was her bedroom. It was covered in toys. You may have seen kids that have a lot of toys before. But when I say covered, I mean covered. Her bed was completely full. Her floor was completely covered in toys. Many of them stuffed animals and the like.

Completely. End to end. You literally had to step on them/wade through close to a foot of toys to get into her bedroom. There was no place to sit or do anything.

Its like her room was a giant claw machine; filled to the brim with stuffed animals and occasional electronics. She didnt even sleep in her room, because there was no space to do so. She slept with her mother.

I remember that her parents had divorced, and I half wondered if that had anything to do with it. Yes, she was spoiled, but I do remember feeling deeply sorry for her in some strange way.

Its odd, her friends seemed less spoiled than she was. And they were filthy rich. Like owning-their-own-custom-made-gigantic-borderline-mansion-house rich. Like owned a couple brand new hummers/SUVs and every single one of them owned their own horse which they could ride around their acres of land rich.

Actually their house was freaking cool — they had this secret room built in the back that the sisters could get to by opening a book case in their room, and a private bathroom back there as well.  Was dope.

But they seemed far more normal than the girl with all the toys.

Carlos Matias La Borde

My wife and I just attended a wedding of one of our nephews and his bride, a Daddys Little Girl type, who is quite spoiled. Her parents are not excessively wealthy but they catered to her every demand. A rented mansion for $10,000 (not including food or waitstaff) and another $10,000 for the wedding dress. Appetizers included cups of lobster bisque, 5 inch long jumbo shrimp, oysters on the half shell, and another 7 or 8 cooked appetizers. Open bars (yes with an s) continued through the entire event. Even the dessert buffet took up two full rooms!

The icing on the cake (no pun intended) happened when the Maid of Honor attempted to toast the bride and groom. The hall was large and echoed but she spoke very softly. The result was that many people did not quiet down immediately as the background noise and echos, coupled with her soft voice, made it difficult to hear her. The bride turned red in the face. She strode over to her, grabbed the microphone and yelled to her guests "Everybody, shut up!

My wife, who is certainly no prude, left the room. I thought she went to the lavatory. When she came back, she apologized for leaving me. I asked her why she had to apologize for using the restroom and she responded,"I didn't go to the restroom, but there was no way I was going to sit through a speech that glamorized that woman after the way she treated her guests!

We ate our meal, hung with a few relatives for awhile, and left. During the reception, the bride and groom never came around to any of the tables to greet and thank their guests (there was no receiving line) and neither did the brides parents. They treated us as if we were not even there. I never made any effort to search them out either and we left that night without ever meeting or congratulating them.

Her friends say she is just misunderstood. Guess that is a .25 cent word nowadays for spoiled.

Michael DiBiasio

My toddler cousin, when I visited her while in college, apparently was treated to a birthday party whenever she wanted one. Complete with friends, presents, cake etc. She had had 3 or 4 that year already when I visited in the early fall…

John Kuo

I was in a History lesson a few years ago, and this kid pulled out an iPhone 5 (which had only been released a few months earlier at this time). His friend bet him $20 that he wouldnt smash it up. Guess what… he did.

His reasoning? That his mum would buy him another one anyway so overall, hed be $20 better off. Seriously????

He did actually come in the next week with a new iPhone 5…

Charlie Harris

I have a good friend of mine who is a really bad drunk.

Sober, he's is one of the most down to earth, humble guys youve ever met. Low key and never flashy. You would never know that he comes from money. 

But when he starts drinking, he becomes a totally different person.

With the ultimate I Dont Give A Crap attitude in tow, Ive seen him do some downright wildest things.

We were out with a group of 4 or 5 guys on a boys night. He had this mischievous sparkle in his eye and you just knew that tonight might be the night that he completely goes overboard.

Slurring his speech and staggering down the street we slowly made our way to the front of the entrance of the club. After trying the legit way to get in (by name dropping someone we knew who was on the permanent VIP list) we realized the bouncer wasnt going to budge. After several attempts and repeatedly getting shut down the 5 of us were left just loitering around the streets looking like rejects.

He wasnt having any of this.

He started getting belligerence at the bouncer. That obviously didnt work and only exacerbated the situation. We went from having a decent chance of waiting our way into the club to now having ZERO chance of getting in. The bouncer was quick to vocalize that too, basically blackballing us for the night.

But what I saw next was nothing short of spoiled to the core…

Wild Tang reaches into his pocket, pulls out a wad of bills and throws them right into the face of the bouncer screaming …

Ill buy this entire club out!

We still didnt get in. Obviously.

Dejected and cursing up a storm, he walks down the hill to the nearest convenience store and throws a temper tantrum inside knocking down an entire display of Red Bull that was sitting at the entrance.

Oh boy. Now hes done it.

Within 2 minutes, cops had showed up and had arrested him. Gets shuttled off to the local police station and we thought for sure that hed get sent straight to jail….

But he didnt.

About 90 minutes later, much to our surprise, Jack met back up with us at another bar, free as a bird.

He had sobered up a bit by now and we were all in shock at how he didnt get in trouble.

Oh…my dad is friends with the feds… he replied with a mischievous twinkle in his eye…

Jay Kim

In 1993, I was working at a casino in Lake Tahoe in between college semesters. It was 4th of July weekend, a traditionally busy time.

A few years before the casino had experienced a riot during a holiday weekend. They had also had a bomb threat one year, so security was always heightened.

Three rich boys from a Southern California college came to my table to gamble. They were absolutely awful from the moment they sat down. They constantly taunted me, they were making it like a dealer competition. So I just kicked it into high gear and picked up my speed praying to eventually wipe them out.

They were definitely well off, they probably went through at least 23K each after an hour and no budging, they were determined to beat me. No big deal, I can deal with this behavior.

However, in their haste not to miss a hand, nature began to call.

This went on for a few minutes and they crudely began to discuss options. They decided to just pee under the table…and they did. They actually did it, peed under the table while I was dealing cards. Some of it actually hit me. They were immediately escorted out and the table was shut down. I was given the night off and a very nice dinner comp from the casino manager.

Any other guest probably wouldve been shown the door. But they were not arrested mind you for causing a disgusting disturbance. The casino host arrived and ushered them off. I saw them later on in Baccarat.

Spoiled rich brats.

Amber Gribbins

I was in Malaysia to visit 2 of my cousins. The family were living in a huge landed property mansion.

When I visited them on the first day, I had a feeling that it will be the first and last time I'll be visiting them.

The moment I stepped into the house, I was greeted by rows of servants. A huge chandelier hung over my head. My aunt, uncle and both my cousins was waiting for me. Rachel started to protest to her mom.

Cousin 1: R, Mom: M, Uncle: U, Cousin 2: RU

R: Mommy I wanna bring Nat up to let her see my room, pleeeeeease? *Imagine it in an annoying cute voice*

RU: NOOOO SHES GOING TO MY ROOOOOM FIRSTTTTTT! *That is considered very high pitched for a boy*

R than drags me up to her room, which is on the second floor.

My jaws nearly dropped off.

Her room was painted in sick pink, tons and tons and tons of toys stacked all over the floor. Literally. Every. Corner. She sleeps on a double decker bed, the bottom was again, filled with endless barbie dolls after dolls.

She then brings me to her Private gallery, where she shows me her thousand dollars worth of dolls. I was shocked for words. She then unlocks the large pink wardrobe which contained many pink tutus and dresses.

She was barely 5 years old and a thousand times richer than me.

RU finds me and drags me up to his room, which is on the third floor. I had mostly expected his room to be filled with toys, just like Rachel's room.

His room was much neater compared to his sisters and was painted in a lesser eye straining blue. He had a touch screen TV plastered in front of his red racing car bed. He had at least 15 gadgets attached to the power socket near his bed. From iPhones to tablets, he had all.

He then signals me to go over. He had a large inflatable bouncy castle at the back of his room. Based on my guesstimate skills, the bouncy castle is definitely bigger than my room.

I go to the dinning room, where food was served already.


The food here is heaven, comparing to my house.

She then digs out a small remote control and started to play her barbie cars while at the dining table. If I did that at home, I would be smacked on my head by either my dad or mom.

Miraculously speaking, R finished her dinner without making much commotion. My aunt then asks R and I what would we like for desert. I ordered a milk pudding, while R ordered an entire rainbow cake to herself. She then excuses herself and went back to her room. 

Right after I had finished my dinner, I quickly excused myself and returned to the guestroom, which to my horror, it was covered in bath bubbles coming from the toilet. My clothes all scattered around the room. My aunt then came to the room, only to see the mess her two beloved children did.

R then peeked her head out of the toilet, with my favorite black tops cut with holes. My aunt sends her to her room before both of us attempted to salvage any dry clothes for me.

I went back to sleep and quickly made my departure the next morning.

And yes, that will be the first and last time I'll be visiting them.

Natalie Victoria

I once met a girl in college. She told me that she was previously studying chemical engineering in a very, very, very expensive university in my country, but she dropped out because she didn't like it, she always wanted to study art, which was the subject she was studying in the free university we met on. When I asked her why she opted for that university in the first place, if she knew she didn't want to become an engineer she answered: because my dad pissed me off, so I made him pay the tuition knowing that wasting that money would infuriate him.

Amaranta Campos Rodrguez

At a previous Academy I worked at, one of our high school students was told if he got into a reasonable college after he graduated from one of the most expensive boarding schools in the world, he would get one a Ferrari.

Brandon Na

When I was in college, my middle-class-roots fiance lived in a fraternity house with some relatively wealthy people.

One particular person sticks out for me as the high bar for spoiled behavior.

He had a penchant for wearing Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs. They were roughly $25 each.

He sent out his laundry to be washed and folded (and dry cleaned), and never did any of it himself, but he absolutely *refused* to have anyone touch his underwear. In fact, because of this, he *refused* to wear the same pair more than once.

So, every single day, he would open a brand new, $25 pair of underwear. And, every single day, he would throw out yesterdays underwear.

If someone happened to touch his underwear for any reason, there would be another change. He was ordering them by the case.

No one else has ever even come close to this on my spoiled-o-meter.

How do I know this?

His fraternity brothers, always happy to scrounge through the garbage, noticed that perfectly good underwear was going to waste. So they all stocked up. And then when they all (and I mean all) had more than enough underwear to go around, and there was still an endless supply, they started an underground underwear selling ring.

Heather Wilde

At my age, Ive seen so many, but the one case that takes the cake is what my best friend from high school went through with her new husband, years ago.

They dated for years and she thought she knew everything there was to know about him.

After they were married, however, she found out she didnt know him at all.

The younger of two boys, her husband and his brother were spoiled way beyond the meaning of that meager word.

He expected her to change the sheets every day, like his mother had always done. After they were washed, they were to be ironed and folded correctly, before returning them to the linen closet.

He expected her to iron everything, including his underwear. After all, his mother always had and that is what he was used to.

I think my friend put her foot down saying, No, so often, she stomped a hole right through the floor.

Their marriage lasted a total of two months.

C.J. Heck

While my response may not compete with some of the most insane stories here, I did go to a very expensive private high school, and hence have a few stories to tell. The most extreme of them however, is related to a mundane item: toast with butter. This particular example of entitlement was a great shock to me, as he was on a school trip to New Zealand (a common experience at my school, $4K+ was considered normal), and on the last day, they were told that they could make their own breakfast. Now, he was an adventurous chap, and not at all snobbish, so he was more than happy to do so, and didn't seem the least bit indignant. He asked the teacher if he could make buttered toast, and the teacher took no objection. Upon getting the butter and the bread, he then proceeded to butter his bread, and put it in the toaster, in that order. This particular gentleman had eaten buttered toast nearly every morning of his 18 years on this earth, and had never made it himself.

Olli Massala

When I was 14, there was a guy in our apartment. He was an ultra rich guy. One Saturday morning, he knocked the door of my house. I opened the door and had the shock of my life. He had rolled two $100 bills and placed it behind both ears.

He then said, Bro. Lets go out and chill

So both of us went to a gaming zone in our locality. A basketball game caught his fancy. A game was for 10 minutes where we just had to shoot hoops but it costed money. So he did the math and we spent most of the day there, playing 20 such games for hours together.

We were finally done for the day and went to the cash counter. He took out both the $100 bills in a stylish manner and handed it over to the cashier.

When we exited the place, he turned to me and said, Lets do this again tomorrow bro.

Sudarshan Rajagopalan

When I started studying Masters in Germany, I met many students from India who had moved out of their homes for the first time. Some of the students (majority of them were boys) had never even boiled milk before in their life. Very few of them took this new phase as a challenge and started to learn cooking, daily chores and tried to become independent. I appreciated them.

And then there were some who still werent out of their prince mode.

I felt ashamed when they bragged about the fact that they had never even picked up a glass of water at home. I felt pity seeing that how paralyzed their parents had made them and they werent ashamed of it but boasted it. They referred to cooking as mommys task, cleaning and washing clothes as feminine jobs and cursed each time they had to do it. I felt bad for their family too who never experienced what it is to get help from your child at home without being asked for.

All the parents out there, irrespective of the gender, teach your child some basic chores. Every individual should know cooking. Make your children realize that everything cannot be taken for granted and it is their duty to share the responsibilities at home. You are not doing any good for them by making them couch potatoes, instead think about their future, independent life and make them strong enough to survive in any situation, with self-respect and pride.

Neeraja Karandikar

During freshmen orientation, I was waiting in line at check in and decided to talk to this girl in front of me (after all, it was a lengthy line and my family had simply dropped me off). I noticed she was with an older man and that he was carrying like 3 pink and purple pieces of luggage.

Me: Excited for school?

Her: *shrugs- no eye contact* sure.

Me: What's your major? *awkwardly smiles*

Her: I don't know. My dad did all the paperwork for me.

She then complained about the heat to the older gentlemen and left to sit under the shade of a tree. Her dad stayed in line with her luggage; sweating. I was mesmerized.

Nathalie Rosales

Art class, Elementary school.

A girl forgot her phone at home, and her mother brought it to her, very kindly.

She then started to scream at her mom for god knows what reason, and her mother was nearly in tears as she left the classroom.

Silence ensued.

Then the teacher spoke up, Go apologize to your mother right now.

She groaned and got up from her seat and grudgingly apologized to her mother.

Nicole Kane


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