People Who Allegedly Got 'Hypnotized' Share What Actually Happened.

I've never been under hypnosis cause the mere thought of being in a trace and left under someone else's control gives me anxiety. Actually, it sounds a lot like being infatuated with someone and left under "cupid's spell" and that has only ever gotten folks in trouble. Oh, and I've also seen Jordan Peele's Get Out - so nope, I'll pass. But, I any of you believe in hypnotization?

AskReddit writers have generally shared that hypothesis results depend on whether or not one goes into the session willing to hypnotized.  They responded to the questions, "Have any Redditors been hypnotized? Was it a hoax or did it work?" and "People that have been hypnotized, what was your experience like?"

* raps* "Biggie, Biggie, Biggie can't you see - sometimes your words just hypnotize me..."  Peep the end of the article if you are interested in reading more responses from the original AskReddit threads. 

I've been hypnotized several times. I'm what they call a "highly suggestible person". The first time I was hypnotized, I was at a high school show and the hypnotist performed a test on the audience to show you how suggestible you are. You close your eyes and hold both of your arms straight out in front of you, palm side down. Then he starts his soothing mystic voice and tells you that you have a brick tied to your left hand and a helium balloon tied to your right. After a few seconds, everyone opens their eyes. The more suggestible/susceptible to hypnosis you are, the further apart your hands would be.


My aunt was a smoker for 32 years with no intentions to quit smoking. Her friend asked her to go see a "quit smoking hypnotist" with her, which she reluctantly agreed to. After they left my aunt who had no intentions and wasn't buying into the whole hypnotism thing never smoked again. Her friend who wanted to quit and believed it would work kept smoking.


This was not me but a very close friend of mine. We went to the fair and they had a Hypnotism Act.

Unless my friend is the most sneaky secretive person and I had no idea this was not staged at all. When he asked who wanted to be brought up to the stage I pretty much jumped on my seat and told him to pick her, sure enough, he did.

They brought up about 10 people did all their little tricks, even made her think that she won the lottery. She was crying on stage and told everyone that she actually lost her job that day and that this was a gift from God, the entire audience cringed.

After it was all said and done and we asked her what happened she just said she remembers all of it like you would remember a dream. You think back telling yourself obviously that was not real but in the moment it felt as real as it gets.


Like most people, I had a hypnotist as entertainment at one of my high school after-proms. The hypnotist had all of the subjects reverse their shoes sometime during the show. After the show, one of the girls who was just hypnotized sat next to a bunch of us, with her shoes still on the wrong feet. We were all trying to convince her that her shoes were on incorrectly and she, at first, refused to believe us. Then the more we pressed her about it, the more scared she became. She was so confused about what was happening that she was tearing up and asking us if she should switch them. All of the subjects eventually remembered the events that happened during the hypnotism though so it wasn't permanent.


I was hypnotized a couple of years ago. It definitely was not fake however it was not as if my mind was being controlled.

I felt incredibly relaxed. Whenever the hypnotist said to do something I never felt forced but it was more of an "obviously I'm going to do that right now" even for incredibly ridiculous things.

One part that stands out in my mind is he told all of the participants that on the count of three we would look down and realize we were completely naked. When he hit three I remember looking down and then looking up to the large crowd watching me feeling incredibly embarrassed and ran behind the curtain that was near me. My friend who was also being hypnotized, and is a lot more confident in himself got a huge grin on his face, put his hands on his hips and seemed incredibly proud of himself.


We had a hypnotist at our senior night after we graduated from high school. Our whole senior class watched the 5 volunteers go up on stage, and I guess he also tried to hypnotize the audience as well to see who was susceptible and to get more volunteers. A few more people "went under", but one girl started to freak. I guess when he told us to think about going deeper down a hole she thought she was under water so she started to hold her breath and wouldn't wake up. It got real for about 5 minutes until he was able to snap her out of whatever she was doing. Not sure if she was just doing it for attention, but her lips started to turn blue so it was pretty scary. She was fine, but the dude stayed like an hour after his show was done just to make sure that she wouldn't fall back into whatever he did.


Back about 26 yrs ago I was hurting pretty bad 24/7 after I had broken my back and it had taken the Ankylosing Spondylitis I already had and made everything worse. Pain meds were not helping. My doctor suggested Pain Management through BioFeedBack. I agreed to try it, hell I had nothing to lose and did not want to spend my life on pain meds that didn't work. In BioFeedBack a trained pain psychologist starts by hypnotizing you. Mine was very good and highly respected, but she could not hypnotize me. What she was able to do was teach me self-hypnosis and how to bring the level of pain down to a tolerable level. It works for me with many types of pain and health issues. For the past 1 1/2 years I've been dealing with peripheral neuropathy and it isn't helping with that type of pain. But neither are the pain meds. What seems to help the most is mental stimulation. Things that encourage me to think and interact. PC RPG games work nicely for that, as do public forums on the computer. Also helpful is when weather allows and I can go outside and work in the garden or in my wood shop. But if the weather is too hot, too cold or heavy rain then that option isn't open to me. Today is hot, humid and raining. So today, writing is helping me manage my pain.


I was hypnotized on a cruise the end of last year. It was really quite bizarre. It was a group hypnosis and the hypnotist explained how not everyone would go under, so he did quite a few exercises to sort out those who could from those who couldn't and removed the people that couldn't be hypnotized. I wasn't as deeply under as some people were so I remember bits and pieces of him getting us to do silly things. You're completely aware of everything too, but you just have this urge/need to do what he says. Obviously, you're not going to do something you are not willing to do but everything he was saying was just fun things so it was fine.
Would be interesting to see what a one on one would be like.


Not me, but my brother went to a hypnotism show, was asked to come on stage and proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes furiously looking for his behind as he had dropped it somewhere in the crowd. Funniest. Thing. Ever.


I worked as a hypnotist for several years at state fairs and different events. Learned the art from my grandfather. I can assure you it is not a hoax. It's all the power of suggestion. We do a series of tests on volunteers to be sure they are open to these suggestions before beginning the hypnotism. There are, of course, certain things that people will not do no matter how deeply entranced they are. Source: I've tried.


Wow, I was hypnotized in high school when one came to our school and well, power of suggestion is a really good way to put it. I was definitely in a trance and I always thought of it like my Superego was non existant. Like I sort of knew what I was doing but the social fear of doing embarrassing things in front of my classmates was completely gone.

One thing that convinced me was that the hypnotist singled me out, brought me to the front of the stage and told me to stare out at a light in the audience about fifty feet out. While I was staring he came up behind me, tapped me on the head, and shouted "Asleep!" and whole body went limp and he caught me. I am balls sure if he didn't catch me I was falling to the floor real hard.


I was picked to be on stage. I remained after the hypnotist culled certain people from the crowd.

It had no effect on me. I went along because I wanted to belong (I was 16). I didn't want to look stupid, so I acted stupidly. But, again it didn't work on me.

It's made me inherently suspicious about all hypnotists. What prevents me from disbelieving is the girl next to me. The quietest door-mouse from my high school, giving the most enthusiastic dance maneuvers on stage and having some very strange issues sitting still until the hypnotist whispered in her ear. She was embarrassed about it for years afterward.


I went to an x rated hypnotist show at university about ten years ago. One of the more skeptical guys I knew at the time was hypnotized. I guess my friend was still susceptible somehow?

At first, I thought he was faking it to mess with the hypnotist but he ended up doing some pretty wild and ridiculous things that there is absolutely no way he would have done otherwise.

He didn't remember any of it, but luckily it was filmed. He was actually pretty angry when he watched that video later.


We had a hypnotist at our school one day, he got a volunteer who had done it before and had him smell two colognes. One was sweet smelling and the other was actually a smelling salt. He said that the sweet cologne would smell like vinegar (the guy now hypnotized) and without telling him it was supposed to be sweet said it smelled if vinegar. He then told him the next cologne, actually a smelling salt, would be very sweet and flowery smell. He took a large whiff of the smelling salt and loved the smell of it. He then told him to wake up and smell it again and he could hardly smell it because it was so strong. If you have ever sniffed a smelling salt package you would know you couldn't take a huge whiff of it. It was amazing. 


I was "hypnotized" at a medieval fair one time. Some magician made me close my eyes, said something spooky or magical and then claimed that I would obey his every command. Obviously, this charade had no effect on me. But when he instructed me to raise my hands above my head (and whatever other basic stuff he told me to do to prove that I was under his hypnotic spell) I just played along.

Honestly, I felt bad for the guy. It must suck being a carnival magician for a living. The last thing he needs is an audience which thinks he blows at it.

After the hypnotism, he shook my hand and thanked me quite emphatically, almost like he knew I did him a favor and saved him from the embarrassment of not being able to hypnotize another audience participant.


At my class's senior party, the hypnotist told one of the kids he was a Japanese emperor. The first thing that happened was his hands shot up to his eyes so he could do the whole racist "squinty-eyed Asian" thing. The hypnotist quickly got him to stop doing that. 


I was at an all-night party in high school and a hypnotist came in to entertain. He convinced one of the hypnotized kids that he could only speak Chinese and that everyone in the audience was laughing at him. The kid took the microphone from him and started yelling nonsense at the crowd with an extremely serious face. It was absolutely hilarious.

So yeah you can embarrass yourself pretty badly when you're under.


My sister got hypnotized when we went to Hawaii for vacation, (haha) but she acted a bit funny for like the rest of the night and went back to being her normal self the next day.


Oh god.

I was hypnotized on a cruise ship a few years ago and ended up trying to masturbate on stage.

That's not what the host wanted me to do, either.

I can't really remember what happened in detail, I remember being a bit drunk, being almost pushed on stage by my family and then sitting down, aware I was on stage in front of loads of people. I remember closing my eyes and hearing the guys normal hypnotist chanting thing and then...

It was like no-one was there. I was alone. Still on stage, but extremely horny. I remember thinking "Well if no one's here..." and getting out my Homie when I suddenly 'snapped out of it' to laughter and horror.


At my old university, they did a group hypnotism and participants were told they were the only clothed ones and the whole audience was naked. Some of the girls made really disgusted faces at the audience but I remember one guy who got a wide smile and also developed a pretty obvious erection that you could see pushing up in his shorts. . . which the entire audience noticed. We went hysterical. 


I was hypnotized once and I remember it all. Inhibitions are gone, like being drunk without the spins. Maybe more like taking a valium? You feel like you're in that dreamy state between awake and asleep and everything the hypnotist says sounds like a lot of fun. I remember thinking, if I wanted to, I could stop but he's asking me to dance and I LOVE DANCING.


A few years ago, I was hypnotized. My sisters and I went to see a hypnotist at the Sheraton and I volunteered to be on stage. The experience was really interesting.

The hypnotist tells you that you can only be hypnotized if you want to be, and I believe this. There is a sort of cooperation going on between the hypnotist and the hypnotized. You are conscious of what's going on, but the hypnotist guides you into such a state of relaxation that you are able and willing to follow his instructions for the good of the show.

The hypnotist puts each person on stage through various positions and situations with hilarious results. In my experience, I was fully aware of all the stuff I was doing, but in my mind, I was like, "Heck, why not?" It's like the hypnotist ALLOWS that part of you that wants to perform and make a total fool of yourself onstage. It's fun.

Another fun part was barking like a dog. When the hypnotist said some command phrase, I was supposed to bark like a dog and run around the room on all fours. The best performance of this was when the act was over and everyone was filing out of the room. The hypnotist came back on stage, gave the command phrase, and I ran all over the place, darting in and out of the line to get out. Hilarious! Again, totally aware I was doing it, but the hypnotic state allowed me to act on the command phrase with no sense of embarrassment or shyness. It felt liberating in a way. And when the hypnotist gives the 2nd command phrase to STOP barking like a dog, you stand there with this blank look on your face like, "what the hell just happened?" This isn't really what's going through your mind. What's going through your mind is, "okay, I'm just following orders. What's my next one? Ignore the crowd who's laughing at you, they don't matter. Only the next command matters."

Then after the show, people ask you what it was like and you shrug and say, "It was fun." It really is hard to describe to people who weren't on stage.


I was hypnotized when I was 12. I remember coming out of it on stage but he put me back under. I sang the Spice Girls.

Right before the end of the show, he said "I'm going to remove all previous suggestions, except this one. You will never drink and drive. You'll never get in a car drunk.".

I can't say if it worked or not but I never learned to drive so maybe I didn't hear the "drink" part.



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