People Who Have Married Their Ex's Sibling Share How That Played Out With Their Families

People Who Have Married Their Ex's Sibling Share How That Played Out With Their Families

Relationships involve the whole family. Including siblings. But sometimes you end up with the sibling of your ex, and we can't imagine that leads to anything but awkwardness.

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People who have dated or even married the sibling of an ex, how did that go? How did it affect the siblings/rest of the family?

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My grandmother married my grandfather who had dated her sister previously. My great aunt said, verbatim "I couldn't stand his -ss". My grandmother should have taken her advice because he abandoned the family when his daughter was ten weeks old to run off with another woman. Years after that daughter passed away in a hit-and-run he was able to weasel his way into an insurance class-action lawsuit my grandmother was involved in, and collect on his daughter's name even though he hadn't seen her in over twenty years. Never met him and he died about ten years ago, found in a hoarding situation.

Keeping It In The Family

My dad dated BOTH of my moms sisters before he dated her. As long as I can remember everythings basically been cool. We all got along great, never any awkwardness, that may be because it was already like 6 years in the past by the time I was even born.

A Toast

I'm a twin and my wife briefly dated my brother before me. It was comical and a bit of a joke now, but nobody cares. Actually, at my wedding I was up at the bar and my wife and brother were still sitting at the head table. People started clinking their glasses, so my brother leaned in a kissed her on her cheek.


My grandfather's mom died when he was around 1 year old and her sister moved in to help with the kids. One thing led to another and she married his father. So basically, my grandfathers stepmom was also his aunt. And he has no memories of his biological mum. It went pretty well as far as I've heard, but there could hardly be any conflict with one of the siblings dying being the main reason it happened.


My story is ~kinda~ related. My uncle married a gold digger. They were together for like, 10 years and had 3 kids. They split up in the 90s. A few years ago, we found out she married a cousin of ours. Same last name and everything. Our fam was disgusted....until we found out the cousin purposely never filed the marriage license. When they split up, she tried taking him to the cleaners, and got a nasty surprise when she found out they were never legally married. We had a family sized justice boner.

Less People

My aunt was engaged to a Canadian born Indian man; basically the jackpot back then. He flew over for the wedding, saw my youngest aunt, and asked to marry her instead. Since my grandparents were super poor and had already spent money for the wedding, they agreed.

My aunts haven't spoken in 45 years. We didn't think my youngest aunt would attend my grandpa's funeral. She came two minutes before and sat in the back, causing a bit of commotion. My eldest aunt decided to start screaming and throwing herself at the casket. Neither of them had seen my grandpa since he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's eight years previously, and had been in the hospital for a year after a bout of pneumonia. My dad (who paid all the bills) was pissed since he just wanted a quiet, dignified ceremony.

Now we haven't spoken to them in eight years.

It's fun! Less people to invite to weddings.


I had a pretty big crush on a guy and we made out once or twice.

10 years later I end up marrying his brother.

He asked me once when he was wasted if I had slept with his brother. I was really relieved that I could honestly say "no" to that one.

I love his brothers now-wife to freaking pieces also. Brother and I don't talk about the past. We were kids and then we grew up. We're two different people now, and it isn't really a big deal.

Cradle Robber

Not quite an ex, but I had a friend that I wanted to be more than friends with, but she was hesitant. We remained good friends.

I ended up dating her younger sister. The older sis thought of me as a vile cradle robber and broke off contact with me.

A Cover Up

My ex girlfriend's mother divorced her husband (gf's dad) and married her uncle. They ended up living in seperate apartments in the same house. Turns out he's gay. Needless to say that marriage didn't last either.

New Grandpa

My grandma met my grandpa and had two babies with him. She left him because he was abusive and they shared custody of my mom and aunt. About 10 years later she hooks up with my grandpa's brother and has a baby with him and he is named after his dad.

At a family reunion of my grandpa's side of the family at the age of 22 I finally learned why my cousin doesn't have the same grandpa as me.

We are all fine I think. We all make fun of it and find it hilarious. My grandma is very proud of her actions though and is always excited to talk to my boyfriend and his family about it. I know my great aunt hates my grandma and that's about as dramatic as it gets with my her.

The Past

OH! Not me. But my dad and step mom are a product of this situation!

My step mom met my Uncle back in the early 80s. They dated for a while and in 1986 she gave birth to a little boy. They never got married. A year or two later, they broke up, and the woman I called my "Aunt" was now dating my dad (my uncles younger brother). My dad was divorcing my mother when I was 3, because mom caught dad cheating with "Aunt" who was her best friend.

Dad and "Aunt" date for several years and get married when I am 7. Family functions were tense for the first few years. But they have been married over 25 years now. So I can't hate that she made my dad happier than my mom did. The running joke was that she is AuntMom and her son (my step brother) is my "brousin". We don't tell that joke with my step mom within earshot tho.


I haven't done it, but my mom did, so I feel pretty qualified to answer. My mom was married to my dad's older brother before she married my dad. My mom's first marriage (to my uncle) didn't work because they're basically the same person and neither of them could deal with the pain in the ass parts of themselves in another person. They didn't have any children. They were only married for 2 years, and they were in their early 20's. They're much better off as friends, and are friends to this day. There was a lot of time between the marriages, like 8 years, so everyone had time to get over it. My dad and his brother are as close as they always have been. My grandmother is an absolute saint and has never, ever said a cross word about my mom. The only person who ever really had a problem with it was my granddad, and he died 2 years before my mom married my dad. My granddad wasn't pleasant to my mother after she divorced his oldest son (my uncle, and the golden child), and didn't live long enough to see her marry his middle son.

A Series Of Unfortunate Events

I found out that a few generations back a relative got married and the new couple set out on their honeymoon with another set of newlyweds. Somewhere along the journey they are in a car accident in which one member from each couple die. There two survivors eventually got married.


My mom has 3 older sisters and 3 older brothers. Youngest of 7. Apparently my oldest aunt married my uncle but originally when he called the house he was wanting to speak with the 2nd oldest sister, but the oldest picked up the phone. They went out on a date. Eventually got married. Had 3 kids. All those kids are grown up now and have their own kids. Living a happy life ~40 years later with grandkids. It became a joke more than anything that originally the (now) uncle called for the other sister to take on a date. My 2nd oldest aunt has her own husband and family too.


Not quite what you're asking for, but its along the same lines.

My uncle and his cousin were practically brothers, they were born a day apart and were best friends for most their lives. My uncle was dating this girl for a while, and ended up getting her pregnant. My cousin was born and they tried to make it work for a couple of years, it didn't work out. He was convinced that she was cheating on him with his cousin(we all thought he was being paranoid). Well, after they break up for the final time, she ends up with his cousin. They ended up getting married, and my uncle quit speaking to his cousin. My uncle did end up forgiving his cousin, about a month before he(uncle) died in a tragic accident. After that the cousin and the ex ended up divorcing.

The Future Generation

Not me, but a really good friend of mine dated a guy who cheated on her with her sister. They broke things off for a few months, he apologized, then they decided to try again. A month in and she found out he was cheating again with the same sister. Turns out he got the sister pregnant. My friend really hated her sister and the thought of a baby being involved for a long time. Now the guy is no longer in the picture, she's forgiven her sister, and she adores her nephew. I'm glad it worked out for her, but I don't know if I'd be able to mend things after that.


My husband is my exes uncle, they're the same age.

I dated my ex for almost 10 years. Very abusive relationship. Me and my exes uncle clicked right away and were good friends. When me and my ex split my now husband was there for me and helped me deal with everything.

Some of his family think I'm just using him. They think I'm using him for citizenship because I'm foreign. (I'm American, I'm not really sure why I'd use him for citizenship?) They don't talk to me. It doesn't help that my ex convinced them I was abusive. They barely talk to my husband.

For a while none of his family was in our life, I always blamed myself. But in reality my husband wanted very little to do with his family. We are still close to his brother, mother and step father. His older brother and his wife really like me and are really kind to me.

His other niece and her mother refuse to talk to anyone who doesn't hate me.

Deaths To New Life

When my grandma was 20, she got married to a very nice guy. Together, they had a son. When my cousin was 2 years old, his dad died. My grandma, now a single mom, raised her son for three years, until her son's grandparents (her husband's parents) told her they will be taking her son to raise him. My grandma would have had no choice but to give them her son. Until, her brother in law tells her that he will marry her and support her and his nephew. My grandparents were married for almost 60 years, and had 11 more kids. My uncle always felt like he didn't belong in the family, even though my grandpa loved him so much.

Cousins Again

Not me, but my very first girlfriend dated a guy who left her for her cousin after two years of dating, married and had a baby with said cousin, then divorced the cousin after another couple years and went back to my ex. Yes, she took him back.

That This Too, Too Solid Flesh Would Melt

my mom married my uncle like literally right after my dad died. plus the circumstances of my dad's death were really weird, he was totally healthy one day and then the next he was dead. it's driving me kind of crazy to be honest.

...and to make matters worse, i'm the prince of denmark!

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