People Who Have Seen UFOs And Aliens Share Their Out-Of-This-World Experiences.

Whether you believe in extra-terrestrial life or not, there are many people who have had what seem to be profoundly real experiences with UFOs and alien life.

Do you want to believe?


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1. Losing time...

Never thought I'd be someone to have a missing time story but it happened.

December 29th 2001 we left my house at 6pm. We rode our bikes to the woods down the block and hung out there for a bit. My friend was crushing the iced lake with a fence pole we found and suddenly I heard foot steps behind me.

I got up and ran to my friends and the lake was frozen back over. We checked the time, it was 8:15. We then saw the most amazing shooting star horizon to horizon above us, we even heard it. We hid in the woods and saw a star slowly move across the sky. Normally I would say it's a satellite but it moved a few inches in the sky and then stopped. There's no way over 2hrs went by. The woods are just a few blocks away.


2. "There was no pattern."

Mine happened in the early 2000s. I was around 16. Me, my brother, my friend and friend's father were cat fishing on Lake Okeechobee in FL.

The father had a large pontoon house boat so we stayed out there all night. Anyways the father had went to bed and at about 2am I decided I was going to bed. I laid down for about 5 minutes when my brother and friend came into the cabin and told me to wake up. I wasn't asleep yet so I just got up. We walk out on deck and they both just point out west in the sky. There was this orangish/blue ball kinda floating but moving side to side a bit. We just stared at it for a few minutes. As we kept watching it would change color. It changed from orange, to blueish to greenish and back. There was no pattern. It also moved different directions. Finally after a few minutes it just hauled ass and was gone.

We weren't drinking or doing drugs but we all saw it. Kind of freaked us out but it was pretty cool. I have no idea what it was but it was very strange. It wasn't a helicopter or plane I do know that.



3. Two hours to him, six months for everyone else...

This is the craziest UFO phenomena true story, and it came from my Dad. 1960's in Ethiopia, my Dad is just a child (9yrs. old) at the time playing with his best friend Gabriel after school. They were playing in the fenced backyard of my dad's house. My dad turns his back for a second then turns to look back at his friend and Gabriel is gone...


It's important to note that my dad and Gabriel were from the top 1% of Ethiopia's ruling elite, my dad's father was Minister of Interior of Ethiopia and Gabriel's father was a 4 star General of Ethiopia. The backyard Gabriel disappeared from had 10 foot bricked walls with armed guards patrolling on the outside.

A couple of hours pass, his parents, my dad's parents and guards are searching but no Gabriel. 48 hours pass, now there is a nation wide search for this important General's kid, it's on the News, police are searching door to door describing him and what he was wearing when he disappeared (he was wearing his private school uniform, white shirt, brown pants).

Helicopters even searched the country side looking for him, still nothing. A month passes, then 2 then 4, people start losing hope that he would ever be found and think the worst.

EXACTLY 6 MONTHS to the day he disappeared, Gabriel appears back in my dad's backyard.....


He was wearing the same white shirt private school uniform and it was still clean, he looked exactly the same as when he disappeared.... This is where it starts to get weird, once they confirmed his was okay they starting asking where he had been. He said couple of nice men took him on a trip, he was in a white room that glowed and other children were there from different countries, he said he was surprised that the nice men who looked like white guys could speak Ethiopian and he could understand what the other children were saying even though they were not Ethiopian.

The white glowing room had no windows and the doors disappeared into the walls, their were buttons on the walls and if a kid pushed them a bed would come out of the wall. He said he was then all of a sudden in a city, that was glowing, clean, and cars were flying around him. He said their was people there but they looked strange, like us but different. One nice man was still with him and took him to a tall building, where he said he had to stay there for a while, but showed him a room that he could use for entertainment.

Gabriel said he could push a button and the room itself goes places, an open field, the beach, the room itself even flies. He said after a couple of hours he was taken back to Ethiopia and appeared in the backyard, he thought he was only gone a couple hours total. No one believed him, and most adults around him thought he got possessed by the devil, Gabriel even was forced to see a priest to get the evil spirits out of him. My dad still kept in contact with him throughout their lives, Gabriel got a doctorate in Physics and I believe works Holland still.



4. Weird times in Tucson.

I saw a UFO up close! Probably from 30 feet away tops! I'm pretty certain that it was of military design, though.

I was out driving with my younger brother near a military base in Tucson, Arizona, probably not even two miles from my house. It was about 10pm or so and there were no cars on the road. I was making a left at an intersection and right as I completed my turn I heard it. VrrmVrrmVrrmVrrmVrrm approaching from behind us.

Literally the sound that they play as an effect for hovercraft in movies. That was what I was hearing. It started out quiet but got louder as the craft got closer. Since it was obviously heading above us, my brother leaned out the window and exclaimed loudly "WOAH ITS A UFO!!!" To which I responded by hitting the brakes.


What I saw shocked me and has had me convinced ever since. As I came to a stop the craft glided above us and I watched the wings DETACH like a Transformer robot and lower themselves from the craft by about 5-10 feet. The "wings" at this point were supported only by two rods connected to the craft. There were two giant thrusters on each wing as well as an even larger one on the the bottom of the main body of the craft. The shape and the movements suggested that it was in some sort of "VTOL-mode" (vertical take-off and landing) because as it "changed" into this VTOL mode it swung around and did a complete 180 over a two story building just ahead of us to our left, barely missing the roof with it's "wings" then it reconnected the wings forming a triangular shape and it boosted off back over our heads at an INCREDIBLE speed.


To further describe the craft: It had two "modes" as far as we could tell. One where the craft is consolidated into a triangular shape and seems to be designed for quick horizontal travel. While the other "mode" allowed for VTOL movements. It could switch between modes in like 5 seconds or less and in VTOL mode it almost looked like the body of a stealth bomber but with two sword shaped objects underneath it. (And of course with thrusters facing at like, a 45 degree angle, but they were adjustable.) The whole thing was pitch black and we would've never noticed it if we hadn't had the radio off and heard it approaching from behind.

I got an incredibly good look at it because even though it was late, the craft was flying so low that I could see it via the street lights!! My brother was so scared afterwards he immediately called the cops, pretty amazing experience, all in all.


5. Fantastic beasts...

I'm not sure if this counts as alien or not but I definitely saw something I can't explain at all about 5 years ago and have been dying to tell the story in a thread. About five years ago me and two other friends were on our way back from warped tour in Maryland being driven by one of the friend's mom because none of us had a car we could drive yet.

It was almost night, the sun was still kind of out and it wasn't that dark yet and we were driving on a 2 lane highway that had trees on either side of the road and a median in the middle of the lanes. Basically some creature ran out from the trees on the other side of the highway, jumped the median and sprinted towards the trees on our side.


We almost hit the thing and our friend's mom had to slam on the brakes and everyone is the car was screaming our heads off, not because it was a "look out for that deer" situation but because this was the scariest looking thing I've ever seen. It was black, had long gangly limbs and moppy black long stringy hair. This thing moved so weird I can see it clearly to this day...


It galloped so awkwardly, did not run at all like a deer or anything of the sort, when it jumped it jumped off of the back two legs and landed again on the back two legs before coming down and galloping across the road.

Everyone in the car said the same thing. Which was "what WAS that thing." To this day I am convinced it was a demon or an alien or an escaped medical experiment. It was large, and terrifying and the way it moved was unlike anything I have ever seen in my life. I wish I had more details but sadly that's all I remember, I've asked my friends and that friends mom about it numerous times years after the fact and it still gives everyone shivers.



6. This is a strange angle to hit...

I have seen a UFO and although it's dismissed by most people I tell, I will share once more.

It was fourth of July two years ago, I was in Seattle getting ready to watch the fireworks display over Lake Washington Union. About 20 min before it begins I saw three orange yellow lights flying in a perfect equilateral triangle formation. They flew south to the middle of the lake and then hit 90 degrees straight up into the clouds.


7. Unforgettable...

Mine happened probably back in about 95-96ish.

At the time, I was a pizza delivery guy. I was out on a delivery, and after the delivery, I was returning to the store. While driving along the highway, I noticed three still lights, almost in a row, way off above the horizon (it was evening / dark and stars were visible).

First thought was that they were from planes for the airport. As they were way brighter than the stars that were out. They only looked still cause I was driving on the highway, and my mind was playing tricks on me.. etc etc.


Over the course of the next few minutes, as I was continuing down the highway, I noticed the center light started moving up. It continued into the shape of a triangle. I continued to try to keep an eye on triangle of lights in the distance as the whole thing started moving up in the sky.

I eventually lost eyesight of this thing behind trees/whatever else and made it back to work. Was utterly confused by the whole thing, didn't tell anyone cause I figured they'd think I was crazy.


I kind of even thought myself I was seeing things and making stuff up.

Dunno why I remember this part: this all happened about a week before Superbowl. Might have even been the Friday before the Superbowl. Unsure. All I remember is that before the Superbowl, I was watching SciFi channel. Some show was on about people who had seen UFOs, whatever. I was always sceptical at best. Then they did a segment on the numerous sights of triangle shaped lights. And they started showing clips of the few examples that people had caught on video.

It was exactly what I had seen.

Never saw anything since, no one else reported any strange sights that weekend that I knew of, course I was a dumb early 20s kid, so I did't pay attention to local news.

But I'll never forget that incident.



8. Wow, multiple sightings...

Let me preface this by stating that almost all of the encounters that I have witnessed have been with at least one other individual. The first two encounters happened on two consecutive days in 1997, and the numerous other encounters happened over the span of 90 days a year and a half ago. I do not recall being abducted. I have filed reports with the incredibly incompetent MUFON.

Back in '97 my buddy and I had just finished up our shift at a pizza joint. It was after 11 pm. We were worn out and wanted to get stoned. We were completely sober.

Anyway, we drove out into a cornfield in the off year, so it was full of rye. We were about a half mile off the road, it was pitch black, and because of our vantage point, I could see headlights in any direction for a good mile. We were way out in the country, so no worries. My buddy starts breaking up the weed when I notice what I believe to be truck headlights shine directly from behind, take a hard left, and disappear. My buddy didn't seem to notice, but I became frantic. I thought it was the cops. My friend thinks I am messing with him and continues breaking up some really terrible brick weed. I recall looking at the stars, and one star in particular grabbed my attention. I can't tell you why, but it looked like your average star.


Within thirty seconds this "star" starts moving up and down, side to side, and in circles. I yelled in a panic, "what is THAT?" My buddy gives a dismissive sigh, and then he looks where I am pointing. For five minutes the UFO continues to move in very fluid movements, making impossible maneuvers, and do so in complete silence. Without notice, this one object becomes five equally impressive star like objects. They stayed close together.

At times they moved in some kind of formation, and other times they seemed to move independently. Just as quick as the five came, they fused back together as one. We were in shock, but we didn't feel like we were in harms way. We were recapping what we witnessed, but that single UFO was still there. It wasn't moving too much. We thought things were coming to a close, but we were wrong. This time the one object turned in to at least seven objects. The way they moved and jerked around felt aggressive to me. My friend must have felt the same way, because he said he was starting to get nervous. I told him we should go. I embarrassingly confessed that I "knew" it was there for us, and I became fearful. We get out of there, and this thing follows us to the outskirt of town.

The stories actually get far more interesting and do include ETs and different types of UFOs...


The night after this, me and the same buddy walked across my apt complex to go visit with a neighbor that was about to grill some burgers. The sun was just starting to set on a humid midsummer afternoon. We knock on the door, and my neighbor lets us in. With him was his gf, her sister, and some random guy that I don't know.

I go out back with Ray to chit-chat while he fires up the Kingsford. It's just the two of us, so I take the opportunity to tell him about the previous night. The stars are just starting to come out, and in my storytelling I pointed one out just so Ray would know exactly what I meant. I'm still pretty much tripped out, so I'm fairly excited when describing everything. I'm almost done with my story, and I notice Ray looking at the stars that are just beginning to appear.

I mean, this guy is looking around everywhere. It's like he became instantly paranoid. While I was in mid-sentence, Ray points to the NE and yells, "like that, right there?"

Holy crap, the goosebumps.


He yelled inside for everyone to come out. They did so, and soon after the same situation as mentioned above starts to occur. That went on for a bit. It went on so long that everyone but Ray and myself went inside. We ate our burgers while watching this. Behind Ray's apartment was a field. 300 yards away on the other side of the field is a tree line and creek. On the other side of that tree line is another field. This object slowly descends towards the tree line, and I open the door and yell for everyone to come back out. We watch this huge fiery orb, in complete silence, land on the other side of the tree line. When we lost direct sight of it, we could still see the light through the trees. Right before the light disappeared, it became very bright. We all kept asking each other if it was real.

And this part is where I may lose some of you, but screw it. After several minutes, and the end of all sunlight, nothing was happening. Everyone was in and out of the house. I remember standing in front of the back door talking to Ray's gf in the kitchen. Ray, my buddy from the previous night, and the gf's sister were outside. My buddy says "oh crap" under his breath and darts past me, the sister is right behind him, Ray shoves me in the door and almost falls on top of me. The gf screams, slams the door shut, and locks it.

We all back away from the door. After all of the "what was that" speak, we decided it was four legged, covered in brown fur, and tried to attack us. This apartment was a townhouse. We all went upstairs to get a better look. There it was, in the shadows. It was pacing around and keeping an eye out. This is when they appeared. They came out of the darkness. They were short at around 3' tall. The skin tone was grayish with a bit of Caucasian color. These were short greys. There were several of them.

Meanwhile, the animal thing starts to climb a utility pole. This isn't a typical utility pole. It has 6 or 8 transformers on it, is H shaped, and kind of low. When the beast starts to climb, I watch it shape shift to a degree. It decides to perch on one of the cross beams. It looks right at us, but its focus seemed to be on the extra-terrestrials. It acted like a guard dog for lack of better words. The greys were clothed, and they had some sort of instruments. They seemed preoccupied by the field. They would look at us on occasion, but they were doing something. What exactly, I don't know. This went on for hours. Eventually, we all went back down stairs. Every once in awhile, I would go check to see if they were gone. As soon as it was all clear, I RAN home.


That was it. For the next 4 years, I pretty much believed it was random. And then after meeting my biological father for the very first time my ex wife jokingly brings up my UFO stories over dinner and wine.



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