People Who Married Their Ex's Sibling Share How It Turned Out

Having a sibling is a blessing (in disguise). You grow up with them, sharing (and sometimes fighting over) everything, be it your toys, clothes, food or anything. It's normal for two people with the same upbringing to like similar stuff, and not really surprising if you both end up liking the same person as well.

" My parents met when my mother was going to law school in the United States on a scholarship. My father, as far as I can tell, was making most of his income dealing drugs. I always see their marriage as one of convenience - she wanted a green card, he wanted a lawyer. And some clean income didn't hurt either.

Fast forward ten years, they have three kids together, but fight constantly. My mother basically had two priorities - her children, and her career. She made that work, but there wasn't much time left for the luxury life my father seemed to want. Since both of my parents weren't around that much, my mother's younger sister - who rebelled against the family's idea of her studying finance, and pursued a career in music instead - would spend her summers in the US, taking care of me and my younger siblings. And things were going well for her too - she had a mysterious lover who would take her on lavish trips around the world, and shower her with gifts.

Spoiler alert, it was my dad. 

When my mother found out she filed for divorce and moved back to Europe. My father and my aunt ended up marrying and having two kids of their own, who are now both my half-siblings and my cousins. My mother and father hate each other passionately to this day, and only see each other in court for the legal battle that has been going on for over twenty years now. Weirdly enough, I still think it turned out for the best - both my parents are much happier than they ever were when they were together. "


" My mom used to date my dad's younger brother. They broke up but remained on friendly terms and a few years later my dad got together with my mom. They all get along great. Turned out my uncle was gay.

After the war my uncle had to wear his sister's clothes because the family was so poor. My grandmother always suspected that's what "turned him gay". Of course he always was but didn't come out until he went to university. It was the 60's after all. 

My parents are still happily married and still very much in love, for over 45 years now. "


"My great grandmother had three husbands, and the 2nd husband was the father of the 3rd. So when her second husband was murdered she married his son, and they raised 10 kids. 4 of whom where the biological siblings of husband number 3, 5 were his and one from her 1st marriage.

Cecelia married Charles and they had one child before Charles drowned. Cecelia then married Richard, with whom she had 4 more children with before he was murdered by natives during the colonisation of my country (NZ).

Now, Richard had one more child, John, this one from his first marriage. When Richard died John married his step-mother Cecelia, and had 5 children with her.

Cecelia had ten children all up, 1 from husband number 1, 4 from husband number 2 (John's half siblings) and 5 from husband number 3, John.

I know all this because we're having a family reunion next month and we're making a short documentary on the family history. "


"My dad dated my aunt first, mom's younger sister. But when he proposed, she turned him down saying she was too young (18). Six months later my mom and him got married.

My mom was freshly divorced from a physically abusive man, and had two young boys to take care of. I think that had a lot to do with her motivation to marry. My dad had a good job and had always had a thing for her. Just dated the sister as a second best option, he said. 

However, I was raised believing my aunt was an addict. My mom hated her because of an incident where my aunt tried to win him back by stripping and sitting on his lap at my 1st birthday. The whole situation was a family secret till I was older."


"I worked with a guy whose wife cheated on him with a married guy, and married the guy she was cheating on him with. My coworker then consoled the wife of the cheating husband, and they ended up getting married too.

Now the kids still have their original parents but in a different rotation. 

People are weird. "


"My mom at 15 told her sister, who was dating my dad at the time, 3 year age difference, that she was going to marry my dad. My aunt laughed and said it's a girl crush. A few years later my aunt and dad broke up. 

Mom and dad are both attending the same college had a few classes together. 

She knew who he was, she seemed vaguely familiar to him. Eventually they start to date, and get married after dating for 5 years. Mom's family loved him.

Aunt and mom are still great friends and have always joked about it. As an adult I asked my aunt the last time I saw her, a few months ago, she said she always knew my mom was right when she saw them interact the first time after they, she and my dad, had broken up. 

My parents have been married since the 70s and still act like teenagers. I think my Aunt was the vessel that brought them together. "


" An old friend of mine dated twins. 

She actually dated one and then cheated on him with his twin brother. They broke up and she dated the second twin for a long time. "


" My mom is the youngest of 5, with 4 older brothers. My oldest uncle, Ken, dated a woman named Vicky. They broke up. Then my second oldest uncle, Jim, started dating Vicky. This was awkward. But my Uncle Ken got over it by dating Vicky's younger sister Linda.

So now my Uncle Ken is married to Linda, his ex girlfriend's (Vicky's) sister. And my Uncle Jim is married to Vicky, my Uncle's Ken's ex and my Aunt Linda's sister.

No one cares now, it was like 45 years ago. But it's still pretty funny that my brother uncles are married to my sister aunts, one of whom dated both of my uncles. "


" My Physiology teacher tends to ramble on about her personal life instead of, you know, teaching us Physiology. 

She dated a guy in college, and when stuff didn't work out between them, her younger sister started dating and eventually married the guy. They're all still on good terms, and my teacher is fond of saying that her sister got the leftovers. "


" This is a story of a girl I broke up with in high school. 

After we broke up, she started dating her best friend's boyfriend. And her best friend started dating the guy's twin brother.

I am still not quite sure what to think about that. "


" My wife's sister is my age and used to be my best friend. We came close to hooking up a few times but I saw her as more of a good friend. I dated a ton of her close friends and eventually her little sister who I later married and had kids with.

As soon as I started dating my wife the friendship went super downhill.

She is always salty to both of us during brief meets but when we spend a few hours or more together we have a blast like the old times.

My wife recently brought childhood books and notepads to our house for our kids from her parents' house.

I found several doodles with hearts with the older sister's and my name in them.

I've pretty much messed around with every girl that she hangs out with. She's heard all the intimate details about what I've done with all of them. I found out she was once madly in love with me. 

She sometimes lets it slip that she loves me when we drink together. I now have a house and kids with her little sister and I feel horrible about everything. "


" I was engaged to a guy for four years that ended because of his inability to keep his little instrument his britches when he left the house. 

His older brother briefly lived with us during a job transition and we became pretty good friends. Shortly after leaving the promiscuous jerk, I catch up with the older brother over drinks. 

Cut to three years later and we are married. They never had a close relationship to begin with so it didn't cause much trouble but the promiscuous jerk started dating a woman recently who has a major issue with the situation. 

She doesn't want me at her family gatherings and refuses to let my niece and nephew stay with us anymore. We still haven't figured out what her problem is but we haven't lost any sleep over it. "


"My husband's sister is dating a man, and this man's sister is dating my brother. So there are three sets of brother/sisters all hooked up. 

At poker night my brother says,'everyone look to the left and say I'm sorry for messing around with your sister.'

Not quite sure how it's going to play out when someone breaks up or something. "


" My best friend in college was dating a girl, and sort of simultaneously with that girl realized that they both like each other's siblings more. 

They both ended up marrying each other's siblings. I've never asked him about it, but it has to be weird at family reunions to have slept with your sister in law for years. "


" My ex husband, also my son's father, is currently dating his brothers ex girlfriend. 

It is a really not a cool situation. His brother committed suicide 7 months ago so I am pretty sure he was not 'ok' with their relationship. "


" My sister has been dating an ex of mine for the last two years, and the ex has plans to propose to her at the end of the year.

I love it. 

It is also a funny story to tell people. I remained very close friends with the ex for years after breaking up. I've actually been friends with her since we were fairly young. She became like a sister to me for years after we broke up so it's a bit of an interesting progression that she is now very likely to be my sister in law.

To make it clear - I am a guy, my ex is bisexual and my sister is 10/10 gay. "


" After my grandmother died, 15 years before I was born, my grandfather got remarried for a few years before he divorced her to marry her sister. 

As a child I just knew the 2nd wife as Aunty Beryl. I didn't know the whole sorry story until one day my cousin asked 'did you know grandpa used to be married to Aunty Beryl?' 

I called him a liar & ran inside to complain what he said to the adults inside, which included grandpa, Aunty Beryl & grandma (his 3rd wife), and was met with an awkward response. 

By then everyone was pals but apparently the first few years after marriage number 3 weren't so chummy & involved some stalking & death threats. "


" I fooled around with my boyfriend's cousin when I was 16, 4 years before I met my boyfriend. 

It was very, very odd upon meeting his family for the first time. I still have not verified with his cousin whether he remembers that I hooked up with him at that party years ago. "


" I dated a girl for 5 years, and always had a crush on her brother, so a year and a half after we broke up I slept with him. 

And it ruined the friendship. 

Worst part is that my mom is still best friends with their mom. A few years back their mom asked me 'GG why do I never see you around anymore?' It took all my willpower not to retort with 'Well I slept with both of your kids, and now they both hate me.' "


" I went on a few dates with a girl, we hooked up in my car, and then I found out she had a boyfriend, so I blew it off. 

A few weeks later a friend of mine introduces me to a girl he's dating- it's her sister. Small world. Anyway, the friend turns out to be a douche, and me and the sister start dating. 

It's kinda weird at first, but she's amazing. I meet her friends, turns out her and her sister hang out in the same group. It gets a bit awkward at first, 

but we date a couple years and I start attending their family events regularly. 

Her sister starts becoming more comfortable around me, and sees me as a brother now. 

But it's kind of still weird as the sister wears comfy house clothes when I'm around cuz we're sort of family now. And I see things I've seen before, but definitely should not be seeing now. My GF doesn't seem to mind, guess she's past it. 

8 years have gone by and we're getting married next week. Her sister has been the most helpful person in planning our wedding. I really appreciate everything she's done for us. "


" My cousin was married to a man and had a 4 year old son and a baby daughter.

She was in a deadly car accident that put her and her children in the hospital for months. Her husband wasn't hurt in the accident, because he wasn't in the car. 

His brother was the driver and was killed. 

That's when her husband found out my cousin was planning on divorcing him for his brother, the father of their baby girl. "


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