People Who Ran Away From The Police Share Their Wild Stories

Running from the cops is ALWAYS a bad idea. But some people have dared to try it.

Below are 18 stories of people who ran from cops and the chaos that ensued. Check out these wild tales!

1. Hanging out at friend's house when my mom texts me to inform me that my girlfriend is on her way back from college to surprise me. My girlfriend hated this dude, so I didn't tell her I was there and had recently told her I was home. I jump in the car and start flying home on a road I should definitely not be flying on. As God fated, I pass a cop and see him hit his brakes in my rearview, so I decided it was a good idea to floor it over the hill, pull into a parking lot, and cut my lights off (nighttime).

Few seconds pass and I see him fly by with his wee-woos on. With no time to spare I pull back out soon after and finish flying home. Run inside, jerk my clothes off, lay on the couch, turn on the tv, and she knocks on the door not 5 seconds later. Mission Accomplished.


2. I was crack powered, and cops aren't really that fast.


3. On foot vs cop car. Ran halfway into a residential block through backyards aware that they saw which direction I went. Once they were out of site I doubled back and ran half into the block in the opposite direction. Sat quietly in a bush. They circled a few times and left that block. I didn't do anything, just ran when a cop car drove by. I was a bored kid.


4. I was 17 and dumb, on my way to a meeting a few towns over. Where I live is so flat you can watch your dog run away for three days, so there are often long stretches of road in an open field.

I was turning left onto a two lane highway when I saw these two cars blow past me, going the direction I was going, at at least 90 mph. I said well, let's make this a convoy. I got up to about 120 to catch up to them, and I was about with them when I saw a semi truck coming in the opposite direction.

I thought to myself, man, how boned would I be if there was a cop driving behind that semi? Sure as God's got sandals, there was a cop driving behind the semi. The first two cars passed and I just saw his lights come on as I passed him.

I thought oh crap, reckless op, jail, I'm going to lose my license, I'm done. I start slowing down and reach into my wallet for my license, when I see a house coming up on my right on a small side street. There was the house, and a two car garage off to the side. I slammed on my brakes and (Continued)

And took the turn, and I pulled right into this perfect strangers open garage like I own the place.

I get out, shaking, because I'm not out of the woods yet. I walk out of the garage and up to the front door of the house and knock. An old lady answers and I tell her I'm here to work on my car, and asked if Jack was home (All BS). She said no, I'm sorry. I profusely apologized and turned around. Just then I saw the cop FLY past the house, in hot pursuit of the other two cars.

I got back into my car and took back roads for the rest of the trip.


5. In college at age 17 with a backpack full of beer and on a bicycle with a bike cop chasing me. Hauled it for a few minutes to get just a little distance between us, made a couple of quick turns through two apartment complexes to get him to lose sight and then made it to my apartment where I quickly pulled my bike inside.


6. There were a lot of people and I was faster than 50% of them.


7. Running, me and my friends were on the cross country team. We casually ran two miles away.


8. Don't know if this counts, but my friends and I were busted for being 19/20 and drinking at a party. Everyone ran but I hid and they ended up never finding me. I spent an entire 7 hours pretzeling in a woven basket in a closet wide awake and slowly sobering.

The scariest part was when they started searching said closet right after the bust and the cop... (Continued)

The cop moved clothes from above my head to reveal my hair and still didn't see me. Good times.


9. I ran around an apartment building and then up 3 flights of stairs, then down the stairs on the other end and out of the fence across the street into another apt complex. Good thing I got away cause I had coke and xanax in my pocket. (Not mine)


10. They aren't typically known to be the picture of health tbh. You do get that one cop who's a part time olympic athlete, But they're few and far between.


11. I have silently dipped out of a group as the cops were fast approaching but never had to actually outrun them.


12. Running into the woods from a bonfire party. Knew from previously running into the woods where the barbed wire fence was and how to get through it.

The cop in the dark did not. He was 15 feet behind me. Then 100 feet behind me real fast.

Wasn't worth giving me the MIP so he turned back after that. Yeehaw.

If he had seen my face I wouldn't have run. with my car (among everyone else's sitting there), I would have felt way too paranoid driving later.


13. On my way to a concert on a motorcycle. I was kinda racing another bike up the highway. Went past a State boy at about 100mph and jumped off the next exit (the correct exit for the concert). Basically I was able to get past the line of traffic into the event and scoot around a gate that was closed by riding on the the foot path. Made my way to an area where there was literally a hundred plus bikes. Ditched my helmet, removed the jacket and sat on a picnic table while they went around and around and around looking for me. So...not so much outran but outplayed. Thankfully, they never got close enough to read my plate.


15. I was leaving town heading out into the country on my Triumph, probably cruising around 80. Pass a sheriff sitting in this little gravel drive. I figured screw it, immediately downshifted and slammed the throttle open. By the time he hits his lights I'm doing like 120 and climbing, and he must have figured I wasn't worth the effort because he just shut them back off, didn't even shift out of park I don't think.


16. Cops were coming to bust a party I was at, they arrive and I walk out the front door right past them to my car with a smile and a wave. I drove past the second cruiser on my way out of the neighborhood. Almost half the party got arrested and the other half ran and got arrested.


17. The benefit of smoking pot in a forest and getting caught is that you're in a forest. We just took off lol, hard to catch up when there's all kinds of stuff to avoid.


18. The following is absolutely true.

I regale you with the tale of Bad Luck Mike and one of the times he got away from The Man.

I take you back to the halcyon days of 1990. Y2K was a decade away, and Prince had been hyping some big party he was planning, in the works for 8 years at the time. Supposed to be a hell of a bash.

Mike had committed a crime in our small suburb of Fort Worth, Texas. Frankly, the crime doesn't matter at this stage in the tale. Point is, he was on the run.

Fortunately, our suburb had lots of creeks and storm drains and gullies crisscrossing through it. Every neighborhood was in the vicinity of a small brook of some sort. (Continued)

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Also fortunately, Mike was in the prime of his life. About 23 years old, 6-foot-4, thin as a rail, with a hollow leg to hold all the beer he could steal on a given night, and the biggest swinging cock in the town (whether anyone else knew it or not) and the unmitigated gall to go with it.

So Mike was running over hill and dale, crossing under a dim street light here and there, on the run to one of his friend's place.

But Lo! A new problem arose - the baying of hounds in the distance. Johnny Law had called in the dogs.

Now Mike started jumping fences, scaring little old ladies, and he finally took to where he would have the greatest chance of losing the Fuzz - the creeks.

Splashing through murky water all throughout our tiny burg, Mike tried to outfox the dogs until he finally came upon an idea, and headed for... the police station.

Now I know what you're thinking. Why would you go kick the beehive while the bees are already on the hunt for you?

But Mike had a plan.

See, in Mike's mind, it made perfect sense to walk right by the cop shop. It's the last place anyone would ever think to look for him. And it had worked before. Mike once evaded arrest for a full week, while the Fort Worth cops, in a bit of jurisdictional cooperation, tossed our town to bits searching for him. How? Why, he sat in the F.W.P.D. lobby and caught up on his reading (for free, from the library) while they searched for him high and low.

I told you.

Unmitigated. Gall.

So Mike finally came upon the police station, and he sat back in a copse of trees, making sure the coast was clear.

He was covered in mud and muck, all manner of nastiness, and by the sound of things, the dogs were getting closer.

Heart in his throat (there was always the chance he would get seen by someone who was in the right place at the wrong time), Mike walked right by the P.D., and across the street.

To the little laundromat where we washed our clothes every week.

At the time, in our town, pretty much all activities stopped around 8 p.m. on the main drag. It was common to leave your front door unlocked and the keys in your car. There just wasn't that much crime. So of course, there were no cameras to see Mike kick open the door of the laundromat, close it again behind him, and strip down to his aforementioned swinging dick.

Using the change in his pockets, he washed and dried his clothes, and he gave himself a decent scrub in the laundromat restroom sink.

An hour later, Mike was walking down the street, minding his own business.

Presently, the flashing lights behind him caused him to look back quizzically, and give the universal hand gesture that says "what'd I do?".

An incredibly corpulent cop jumped out from the vehicle, looking like hed had had a few too many liters O'cola, and with his light in Mike's face, said "I caught you!"

Another universally understood gesture from Mike, palms up and facing away from him, worry and innocence etched on his face.

"Whoa, Ed, what's up? I'm just going over to so-and-so's house. I'm not doing anything".

Of course Mike knew the cop. Mike knew all the cops. All of us did. We'd had all of them in our house at some point in their careers, and it was well known that Mike made a cop's career... interesting... starting from the age of fifteen, when he'd become a priest for a few hours in order to pull a truck heist. A tale for another day.

Ed knew he had been chasing Mike for the past hour. Mike knew it too. But Mike wasn't about to let Ed get a collar on him.

"I've been after your ass for an hour, Mike. I've been chasing you through the mud and stuff, and goddammit, I got you".

"Wait, wait, wait, Ed", Mike reasoned. "You've been chasing me for an hour through mud and stuff? Ed, I don't have a spot on me. I'm perfectly clean, man".

"No, I know it was you, Mike".

This goes back and forth for some minutes, until Ed's on-duty supervisor pulled up, lights also flashing. He stepped out, looking like an acting double for Dan Aykroyd.

"Okay Mike, why are you giving us a hard time? Ed caught you, lets go"

"Look Rick", Mike began. "Ed says he's been chasing me through mud and stuff. I'm literally clean, Rick. I feel for you guys, but whoever it was yall were chasing, it wasn't me.

Having been presented with evidence that Mike was indeed clean, and couldn't possibly have been running in creeks and streams for the past hour, Rick and Ed let Mike go.

Everyone there knew that Mike was guilty.

As Mike walked off into the proverbial sunset, Ed and Rick knew they would get him eventually. When they finally did a couple of years later, Mike paid dearly for making them look like fools.

Never worry, Mike is alive and well, and continuing his antihero ways today.


19. I was 18 heading to a house party with my friend that was 16. We park my car at the park and start walking to the house which is about 300 yards away. We are both carrying 40's of King Cobra and have weed on us. Well, out of no where a cops is behind us with lights on. Tells us to stop over the speaker. We toss the beers and run for the dark back yards. The cop chases us. After running a few blocks, I lose my friend. I run into an open, well lit street and all the houses have fenced in yards. Im dead tired at this point. I see a pickup truck and I jump into the back and hide my stash in some garbage that was back there. Probably 30 seconds later I hear my friend and the cop running and the cop taking him down less than 10 ft from the truck I was in. Another 2 cop cars show up all hovering around me, but never seeing me!


20. It wasn't an escape but I did once have a "today's your lucky day, kid" experience. I got pulled over while driving without insurance or valid plates, and I didn't get a ticket because a call came in about an armed bank robbery a couple blocks away.


21. Worked late at a store when I was 20-something. When I left, I went tearing up the road behind the store. It was curvy, and it was after midnight, thus no traffic. I had a sporty car and was banging through gears as fast as I could. It was a lot of fun.

Unbeknownst to me? There was a sheriff squad car sitting at a bank drive through, under the awning. Didn't see him until I passed him and it was too late. So I just kept the throttle mashed and raced up the road.

At the time, I was living in an apartment complex only about 1/4 up the road from where I passed the cop. I glanced in my mirror and noticed the squad coming up the road after me, but without emergency lights on. I had a really good lead on him.

I turn into the drive for my apartment complex and hit the button for the underground parking garage. Door opens, I scoot inside and park - then watch as the door closes all the way.



"It wasn't me!"

There's not much you can do when the righteous fist of the law comes down on you. Call it a mix-up, or call it a mistake, if someone's pegged you at the scene of a crime there's not much you can do but trust the justice system to prove you innocent. However, that's a gamble, and just because you've been given a "not guilty" doesn't mean the effects won't follow you for the rest of your life.

Reddit user, u/danbrownskin, wanted to hear about the times when it wasn't you, seriously, it was someone else, when they asked:

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