People Who Regret Voting For Trump Share What Changed Their Mind.

No one wants to live with regret, but sometimes when you look at things in the cold light of day, you just can't help but wish you'd done things differently...


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1. My friend/ex- told me he voted for Trump about 3 weeks ago.

1 week ago his locker at the bowling alley (where he bowls on a league) got vandalized with "F-G" scrawled all over it...never had an issue with being gay before, despite living in a small MT town. He told me that was when he realized that he made a mistake.


2. My dad is regretting it because he relies heavily on the Affordable Care Act.

Republicans said they would replace it with something better, but they had 6 years to think of an alternative. They're already repealing Obamacare without any replacement. Or at least none that was disclosed to the public.

Repealing healthcare for Americans who depend on it to live will kill way more of our people than ISIS ever did. We need to get our priorities straight as a country and stop doing things out of spite against each other.


3. My sister in law was being pretty smug about voting for trump over christmas and then her mom explained to her that she was insured through the ACA and when she loses that it is very unlikely that she will be able to get insurance because of her preexisting condition.

You could see it finally hit her, especially when she realized that also meant her potential inheritance would be depleted by paying for medical expenses out of pocket.


4. His Twitter account. You're about to be the President of the United States and you're mad over what Meryl Streep said about you? Grow a pair. He really is thin skinned and completely delusional.



5. The people in his cabinet.


6. My coworker is a strong Trump supporter but even he is getting nervous about Trump's disregard for the intelligence community and the implications for national security. He is also really concerned about the way he is using Twitter post campaign.


7. How many of the policies that he could enact will harm America's National Parks.



8. I'm a Republican that didn't vote for Trump. The straw for me was disrespecting POWs. That is unacceptable as a commander in chief. Good commanders thank POWs for their strength and toughness, not call them worthless. Also he loves tariffs for some dumb reason and that is not good for economies.


9. I really feel like genuine, honest and bipartisan conversation about this election and the president-elect is nearly impossible.



10. I didn't actually vote for Trump, but I was telling everyone the day after that we should give him a chance. Than he announced he wasn't going to daily intelligence briefings, and I totally lost all faith in the guy.



11. I'm from an area where there's a surprising number of Trump supporters. I don't know a single one that regrets voting for him. I don't think people appreciate how much some Republicans hated Hillary. The fact that they contributed to her defeat will always be enough for them.


12. UK here. Im not eligible to answer the question, but the thing that has shocked me the most during Trump and Brexit, is the sacrifice their supporters are willing to make, just because of an unnecessary hatred towards immigration.

It absolutely baffles me, when it comes to things like "I rely on the ACA for healthcare but it's more important for me and my family that there's a giant wall between the US and mexico". In the UK it was "My family relies on EU donations to our local council, but I want out of the EU so there are less jobs going to immigrants."



13. My MIL voted Trump because, as she put it, "He's a businessman! He'll run this country like a business!"

Now that he's elected the cabinet, and possibly colluded with the Russians?

"....well, can you prove it?"

"Yes, MIL, the CIA are already on it."


"Well, they're not honest! Trump said...."

Then she went on a rant about how Obama "stirred up the blacks", and I tuned her out.


14. He won me back by picking Mattis.

He lost me again when it became clear he isn't going to listen to him.


15. I wasn't a Trump voter but my mom was. She however regrets it now because of who has been placed in his cabinet.



16. Probably all of the threads online, at least 20 a day, that ask why we don't support Trump anymore. Just seeing the same thread over and over finally made me think "you know what, I don't like Trump anymore".



17. I'm not regretting it per se. However I am beginning to grow extremely disappointed in the party as a whole and I'd like to see Trump challenge the status quo more than he has. I argue with liberals a bunch, but honestly I agree with most of their thinking.

The republican party is failing me as a young republican.


The old guard that makes up the money in the party and throws their weight around is unwilling to come to terms with the reality we are living in. And every so often I get into arguments with fellow republicans who say I am too liberal.

The republican party has always been labeled the country-club party for rich old white men. Well, that's mostly true. I've been to fundraisers for senators and the people there were in fact, well off white people. They detested Trump to the core and raved about the other candidates. So what we have here is an image problem.

Secondly, the issues that the republicans stand for. I'm a business conservative. That was the original republican. Small government and all that jazz. However we have drifted away from being the party of small government. We're now using the government to tell people how to live.

We're always seen as being at a war with Women, gays, minorities, everyone sees us as the party that is using the big arm of government to make people do things. That's not what the party was about. The party is supposed to be small federal government and more in line with states rights. If a state wants to legalize abortion, well I may not agree with it, but they voted to do that.

I'm regretting being labeled as something I am not. I'm not anti-gay. I'm not racist. I'm not something that many people label me as because of my political leanings.

I believe in climate change because I believe science is real, it's not some fairytale. I believe that if Adam and Steve want to get married and have lots of gay sex in their bedroom at night, they should be able to do that, it doesn't affect me. If an American citizen wants to exercise their right to vote I do not believe we should make that harder than it should be.

I am not regretting voting for Trump. I am regretting that Trump may not be able to branch out because he may have to walk party lines. That is where I start having a problem because I want to republican party to move to the left on the issues I stated before.



18. I don't really regret it knowing what my alternatives were (Seriously I would of rather had nearly anyone but Clinton/Trump), but his presence on Twitter is annoying. I had really thought he would drop off but he keeps embarrassing himself daily on there in my opinion.


I feel like I am more of a progressive republican. I wasn't hardcore Trump whatsoever but I still think I made the right choice, for me, at least. I am happy to have a reasonable discussion with anyone that thinks I am wrong.


19. Looked up Mike "I hate gays, and love Jesus too much" Pence's policies he proposed.



20. I never would have voted for Hillary. With that out of the way, I wanted three things when I voted for Trump. Stronger borders, a bolstered middle class and reform of the ACA.

Honestly, I didn't want the Wall, but did want better vetting processes. I'm not against immigration, I simply believe it should be done legally. His proposed border fence is fine, but I'm hoping for more concrete legislation regarding this in the future.

The investments from companies that I've seen looking into the U.S. Is an OK start to hopefully rejuvenating our flagging middle class. But it isn't enough, they need jobs! Millions are out of work and for every job posting , they get swamped with resumes. How does one standout in this environment? And do not get me started on the insane requirements for entry level positions these days

As for ACA, not having a backup plan is reckless and stupid. This isn't Trump's doing, but neither do I think that he will veto it. I wrote to my senator about this, urging them to think about the needs of their true constituents vs. the elite who support the insane "pay-in" plan that I've heard Trump wants to implement. People are going paycheck to paycheck, they don't need to worry about having enough money to cover their insulin for the month!

And his Cabinet selections have been abysmal! Were I in his shoes, I would have chosen people that were experts in these fields, no questions asked. Instead, we get a carnival sideshow of billionaires who are ridiculously out of touch with your average citizen, not even mentioning their unsuitability for the positions they have been appointed to.

I've also been made aware of potential policies that will affect LGBTQ individuals, including a "first amendment defense" act that seems as if it wants to make it legal for individuals to discriminate based on sexual orientation. I support LGBTQ rights, having friends and family within that group. I would never dream of taking anyone's rights away, so to have this being pushed is appalling.

This is not what I voted for.



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