People Who Went To Private School Share The Best Rich Kid Meltdowns.

This kid was the senator's son and in my history class behind me. He always acted entitled and the teacher even praised his father like he's the best. We get our test grades back and he happens to see I got a really good grade. For some reason as we were passing our tests up the rows for the teacher to recollect, he says "pick these up by yourself nerd" and throws them all across the floor in front of me.

This was high school, I hadn't even witnessed such cheap ways of bullying since elementary school.


I went to a boarding school in the late '90s and I remember a girl in my Spanish class trying (unsuccessfully, but at great length) to argue her way out of a tardy because, "Daddy's secretary forgot to call and wake me up this morning!"


I know a guy who didn't get into a college he really wanted to go to. Instead of accepting it, his parents spent millions to pay for a wing of a new building to be built, and after that the college accepted him. He still had to pay full tuition (60k per year) after that too.


Kid in my school who got a Jeep for his birthday and complained for ages, the next year his parents got him a boat. Apparently he didn't like the shape of the interior. The guy couldn't even sail, it was basically like a floating RV that stayed at the marina and never went anywhere. The next year he got a helicopter which, surprise surprise, he didn't like for some reason.

Our running joke was that his parents were always buying him modes of transportation so that he'd leave home and they wouldn't have to listen to his whining.


My sister cried as she got a laptop for Christmas. For the previous year she wanted a laptop but for this she only wanted clothes. It was made better when my mum opened a 'I love my rotten, ungrateful children' fridge magnet after my sister went up stairs.


I briefly attended a private school for about 3 years. A girl that had been going there since kindergarten received a low grade on a Spanish test and went off on the teacher about it. She got her parents involved and everything and ended up transferring schools because the teacher wouldn't adjust her grade.


Not a kid, but a parent. I went to an expensive private school on a scholarship, and was friends with this girl, Samantha, whose mom had security cameras in every room of the house and would constantly spy on her. Also had monitoring programs on the computer. My parents mentioned this to me once, and, being a stupid kid, I told Samantha.

The mom FLIPPED HER LID. I'm talking calling my parents several times a day to berate them, to the point where they had to block her number. I was never allowed over to her house again.

Samantha and her friends bullied me relentlessly for the rest of the year. It was pretty traumatic honestly. I didn't understand what was going on because I thought I was doing the right thing by telling her.


Currently in a very wealthy private school in Manhattan.

Many are wealthy, but the culture in the school is to be pretty humble about wealth. A girl, that actually just moved here, was telling me about her 50 million dollar trust fund and her daddy's private plane.

She picks up her phone and I see a text from her mom. I look over and see what appears to be a long apology from her mom about something. I ask her what she's apologizing for. The girl explains that she went wild on her parents the night earlier for making her fly 1st class commercial, but she was the one receiving the apology.

I don't think I managed to stifle my laughter.


There was one girl who actually seemed slightly unusual but otherwise was pretty nice, and she was your usual 'top of class' kind of person. Not a 'nerd' but perfect, head of house, top grades, lead singer in the choir, that sort of thing.

One day during a math test, she must have just blanked on a question. She started swearing under her breath, slammed her stuff down on the table and just stormed out of the class.

Maybe less 'rich kid' behaviour and more 'under a lot of pressure' behaviour.


My mum was an English teacher at a private school that I also went to, but her stories always seem to be more intense than mine.

Once she was teaching a particularly badly behaved class, trying to get them to shut up and do the assigned work. This one stubborn kid decided that the best response was to say, "Why should I have to listen to you, my parents pay your salary".

She flipped out and that kid barely spoke for the rest of the year.


Finally get to tell this story. My mom works at a prep school that I went to. Important to this story is the snowstorm that has been forecasted all week. As I am putting together my bag of ski stuff in her office her richest student showed up at the door. This kid is a billionaire, also sobbing his eyes out like my leg is broken or his dog had just died.

The problem was his dad's helicopter was grounded in NYC, and not allowed to make the flight to their private jet in Teterboro, NJ. Instead his dad would have to rent a limo to take him to a hotel in the area. This was delaying his trip to Belize or Cancun and meant he would not get to start getting wasted for another ~3 hours or so and he was just so stressed.


I went to a normal high school but I remember there was a rich girl that lost her mind one day because one of her nails broke on her manicured hand and she called her mom to come get her so she could get it fixed immediately. The school was okay with it because they didn't want to hear her whining about it anymore.


I had a rough time in public elementary school, so I went to a private Catholic school for middle school. I'm Jewish, but they let me attend (no doubt for the tuition) and just made me go to the computer lab when we did religion class or went to mass.

One girl there HATED me, just straight up would make fun of me because I was 'poor' (my family was solidly middle class, so no) or because my mom was an Eastern European immigrant and speaks with a thick accent, or because I was a Jew. First time I had anti-semitic crap hurled at me was from this little jerk, because I didn't have to sit through mass and got to play Oregon Trail instead.

So my Bat Mitzvah comes around, and my teacher decided to use it as a learning moment for the class. I explained what it was, that I get to have a big party, the whole thing. of course, a bunch of 12/13 year olds are going to be into it, especially since I was the only Jewish person any of them were actually close with. The attention was off her, and she was getting more and more annoyed with it all.

The Monday after my party, when everyone was talking about it, she threw a huge fit in the parking lot after school when her mom picked her up, because she wouldn't let her have a Bat Mitzvah. Apparently she had asked, her mother had said 'we're not Jewish and you're having a sweet 16 in a few years, no.' She lost her mind and had a meltdown because she couldn't have a party celebrating a ritual of a religion she wasn't a part of and wouldn't be partaking in, when she had talked crap about me being that religion for the last few months. I still remember my mother picking me up that day, listening to her bray in the parking lot, before looking at me and saying 'what a little jerk'


A bit of backstory: Sao Paulo has really, really bad traffic and rush hour is just miserable. Hours to go a few miles.

So this girl who used to be nicer when young became a total jerk in high school. One day, her driver picked her up in the wrong car. It wasn't the Mercedes Benz S class but a more normal car.

She completely ignored him. Refused to acknowledge he was there or waiting for her to get in the car. So that poor guy had to drive back to her house without her in the worst traffic imaginable to get the Benz, drive back in the worst traffic imaginable to pick up a spoiled brat who started yelling at him for being incredibly late.

And I'm 100% sure he didn't drive the Benz in the first place because her dad forbade the driver from taking it.


One of my good friends got a brand new Audi R8 for his 16th birthday. It matched his dad's. He got all pissed off and huffy because it wasn't the right V10 or something like that.

Still good friends with him though, we go to Los Angeles some weekends. His treat.


I knew a kid, back in 4th grade. He was a little jerk to everyone and would lord himself over you in just about any conceivable way possible to get you to do his bidding.

One day, some girl stood up to him and refused to do something and he started yelling and screaming about how his big-shot lawyer daddy was gonna sue her family for everything her family had. Come to find out, kid's been trying this with other kids and they all come to her defense.

He turned bright red, like... cherry red... and started screaming about how this whole school wanted to bring him down, and that he deserved everything that we all had, really going to town on being an entitled little jerk.

Ultimately, we found out that she'd forgotten to bring him his pencil he'd lent her after a class and thats what started the entire tirade. She forgot a pencil.

Apparently, that was one expensive or one special pencil cause he never shut up about it the rest of the semester, and would constantly harass and bully this poor girl over it.

Kid wound up getting pulled out of school cause the bullying was so bad, and little guy went around for the next year saying that he had her removed from the school and his daddy was the one who had her parents remove her saying she was worthless.

He was expelled 2 years later from the same school, I wasn't there anymore but apparently he'd brought a gun to school to try and show what kind of big shot he really was.


I didn't go to a massively pricey private school. Most of the kids there were from middle class families who spent most of their money sending their kid to my school because the other options were so damn bad. But there were exceptions. 

We had 5 maths sets and I was in the top one, one day one of the 'rich' kids decides it would be funny to blow his nose in a 20 notes and tossed it in a bin. The teacher sees this and flips out. He says if the kid ever does anything in that vein again he will move him to the bottom set. Now about 3 weeks passed and the kid does it again. The teacher wasn't bluffing and kicks his butt down 4 classes. After one class the kid comes back blubbering to the teacher just as we were all leaving to beg to get back in the class.


My private Catholic school hosted a lot of kids from the upper echelon of one of the larger border cartel, so there was a constant prospective cloud that we could get killed by assassins (due to collateral) targeting the sons of these cartel members.


Went to a private school in Switzerland. Most of them were jerks, you just had to make sure to be friendly with the right ones.

One time one had a boat party on the lake of Geneva, mind you were like 13-14 at the time. No parental supervision. The way some of them treated the waiters was horrendous. One not so rich kid took it upon himself to stand up for them. Took a big bottle of champagne and poured it over the birthday boy's best friend after he pushed one of the waiters. The kid started crying and screaming, we had just docked and he ran off. The kid that poured the champagne was forced to change schools a few weeks later, school said it was his failing grades but we all knew the parents must have something to do with it.


Not a 'best moment' cause it was pretty horrible. But I went to a highly academic girls school. Like if you got a B you would be going to 'remedial' classes. I'd say 50% of the girls had either an eating disorder or other self harming issues. I think this was due to the pressure put on them to be totally perfect.


This one kid on his 16th birthday received a beautiful new Rolex, it was gold with a blue ring, stunning watch. Apparently this wasn't the colour he was looking for, so he threw it over the school fence into the adjacent river. About 12 younger kids scrambled to retrieve this watch. From what I remember his parents bought him a new watch, the right colour this time of course. What a little jerk he was.

I went to one of the most elite private schools in my state, on an academic scholarship. About 20 years ago. Other students included the children of state and national politicians, children and grandchildren of people who own companies you have in your home now, and so on.

Head cheerleader we'll call Britt, got a brand new sports car for her super sweet 16 on Saturday. On Sunday she crashed and totalled it. She escaped with very minor wounds. On Monday she threw a hysterical crying, throwing herself on floor, screaming fit about having to be forced to drive her step-mom's also very recently bought different kind of sports car to school.

Other kid we'll call Chad. The kid of a politician. Gives a class speech on the "trials and tribulations of being a politician's son" and explains to us commoners how we just don't get the hardships of it all. Sometimes he's just not in the mood to have his pictures taken by the press or fly out to a charity dinner. It's a tough life.

School was really bizarre for a firmly middle/lower class kid like me. My parents at the time were doing pretty good but my childhood had been spent being dirt poor. I have to say there really wasn't much bullying towards me, they really just didn't get that I lived really differently than them. Most of the focus was on competition academically.



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