People Who Worked On Someone Else's Computer Share The Most Disturbing Thing They Found.

Computers are a very personal storage centre, and when you take a computer in to get fixed, things can be seen by others that weren't meant to.

Below are 20 hilarious stories of people who worked on someone else's computer...and what they found. Check them out!

1. A customer brought his old HP tower in, and it absolutely reeked, a smell I can't even describe accurately. We end up having to wrap it in garbage bags and duct tape every opening to stop it from stinking up the tech area. The next day we come in and the bag is slightly open. We unwrap the PC and as soon as we touch it you hear rustling and the drive tray pops open. It was literally like you see in horror movies a RIVER of cockroaches pour out of the thing.

We yank the power cords and run it outside, as well as spend the next 4 months trying different types of extermination to get rid of the infestation of our store.

It was so bad a event that a entire store full of introverted and non-confrontational techies managed enough bravery to call up the guy and actually tell him how unacceptable it was and that he needs to get his stuff and leave. The guy responded, "oh its not that bad really" but didn't give up much of a fight other than that. I can't even begin to imagine how awful of conditions this guy must've lived in to have a PC this awful, I don't even know how the thing functioned.


(A user then responded:

Did you charge him for the debugging?)


2. He had a folder on his computer entitled 'Barely Regal' devoted to racy photos of Sarah Ferguson, former Duchess of York.


3. I work as an accountant now, but in a former life I did a stint in tech support. I remember getting a report that a printer was constantly jamming. I arrived and started checking all the usual spots for paper fragments to get stuck in the rollers. I flipped down the back cover and a chunk of fried chicken fell out.

I still have no idea.


4. A photo album full of polar bears with coke bottles photoshopped onto their hands, like very badly done. Like 40 photos. I was just trying to update a friends drivers and couldn't resist opening the folder called coke bears.


5. Found a load of porn while working on a clients computer. Lots of Brazzers cuts and fragments of videos. Come to find out, he wasn't obsessed with porn at all; he was actually an editor for Brazzers.


6. Read a story on here about a Geek Squad-type guy who found a bunch of gory murder scene photos. Turned out the owner was a homicide detective.


7. A relative once asked me too help find some files on her very cluttered hard disk. When search failed me, I started browsing through folders when I found it - pictures of pillows - every single type of pillow possible, with lots of different colours and decorations. There were literally thousands of pictures. Including some with what looked like bloodstains on them.


8. My grandmother passed away recently, and my 87 year old grandfather got a new girlfriend (27 years younger) about 2 months later. I was setting up a printer for his laptop, and in his bookmarks he had a few links to Viagra distributors. So now I know that my grandfather gets laid far more often than I do, and needs medication to get it up (which makes sense I suppose).


9. Worked at a law firm. Started getting calls in the morning that some random attorneys could not log in. When we checked out their computer, it turned out they were ignoring their username which was defaulted to the last user logged in. It turned out someone was logging in as user 'library'.

Checked out the law library and sure enough, a sticky note with the library username and password existed just above the monitor.

This routine persisted for a few more weeks as I tried to figure out how to catch the culprit. Sure I could disable the account, but then we never find out who is ducking in to random offices surfing porn (that was in the cache of the 'library' user account on the local machine).

We used a startup script called kixtart. Highly configurable to do whatever you need it to do. So I added to the startup script to email the administration group whenever the 'library' user logs in.

1st night, I get the email.. late at night... (Continued...)

I call security and ask them to check our floor. Nothing too unusual. We ask them to check floors occasionally due to stuck open doors from positive airflow etc... They replied back all clear. Huh? Weird. O....K?

2nd night...Same story, nothing unusual reported back from security. However, the next morning I come in to have a request from and attorney to help him log in, same computer from the night before, default user... you guessed it, 'library'. This attorney had poor eyesight. As I'm clicking away checking out the browsing history our mystery library user left behind I notice something out of the corner of my eye. A couple dabs of Elmer's glue. It's early. Pre-coffee.. what's an attorney doing with glue? Then I realize what I'm staring at. Not glue. I threw up in my mouth a little.

Fast forward a week, happens again. Email notification late at night. Security called. Also notice another attorney logged in a few offices down. I called him immediately and asked him to check the office where we saw the library user logged in. He checks and reports back a few minutes later, "nothing unusual, just a security guard". I just called security no less than 2 minutes before. No way they could get to the top floor in time to check on our request. It was the security guard yanking on his break.

Notified the building manager the following morning. They pulled him in, questioned him and he admitted his guilt. He was dismissed immediately.


10. Was asked onto double check a bunch of computers for pictures and identifying information before recycling the towers. Found a win 98 machine that hadn't seen the Internet in a very long time. And on it was napster...... just like we choose to remember it. Along with ICQ, yahoo messenger, and compuserve.


11. I had a coworker that wanted me to come by his house to fix his PC. This was like 15 years ago. He takes me up to his bedroom. Not TOO unusual. He was having internet connection issues. I was so focused on checking cabling to his modem, router etc. under the desk that it took me a while to also notice next to the desk the camera on a tripod. Pointed at the bed. It all clicked when I finally got the interwebs working again, launched his browser, and his homepage was some couples-sharing kink website.


12. Pictures of graveyards at night and a guy with a hood and a torch walking in them and digging.


13. Buddy wanted me convert a hard drive to a external, needed some copying and formatting. He had tons of pictures of arctic sea life. It was like every walrus, seal, etc on Google image search was saved to his drive. Pretty sure he did it to mess with me.


14. Neighbor asked to have their son's computer looked at because it kept bluescreening. I agreed and braced myself for a bunch of porn (the kid was 14).

Nothing. A crapload of videogames but no porn. What kind of 14 year old boy who has his own pc has no porn?


15. I had a customer who wanted me to find pictures of her son's penis on the computer.


The son had gotten in legal trouble in the past for sending unsolicited pictures of his dick to anyone and everyone. He was not allowed to use the internet on the computer, but as his parents were computer illiterate, they had no idea whether or not he was doing it again, and they wanted to find out. I ended up writing her instructions and showing her how to search for herself, as searching for pictures of her underage son's penis was in ethically murky waters. It was a good thing I did, too, because she ended up finding some.


16. I placed my hand on the users mouse and my hand stuck due to lube on the mouse. computer itself could hardly function due to pop ups.


17. Guy was having problems with his computer, so he brought it in to us for a virus removal. Standard stuff I set it up with a monitor, keyboard, etc and left it to boot up. When I came back it had booted to desktop - the background was a picture of a guy fully nude, spread eagle. I've never switched a monitor off so fast.


18. Found a folder on my mom's computer titled, "Sins of my Children" found weird poetry and IRC chat logs of some guy offering to kill my wife and me.


19. I work in a senior day center but I used to do software development so every now and then one of the other staff will ask me to fix whatever computer problems they're having. One time one of the nursing assistants asked me to look at her laptop and had brought it in. I told her I'd look at it during my lunch break (different time from hers) and she said fine. So I open the thing up in the break room only to be confronted with a bunch of windows with very explicit pictures of her and her boyfriend. Fortunately the only person in the room was across the table and couldn't see anything but I noped the hell out of there. I gave her a little crap for potentially getting me fired but was kind of fun to have her squirm knowing what I'd seen.


20. Coworker asked me to look at her husband's computer because it wouldn't boot sometimes. I took it home and plugged in a spare hdd and started transferring photos etc. Found a folder full of bestiality porn, especially pig v woman. Skipped it and finished transferring everything else. Eventually found out the problem was a pinched IDE cable so I replaced it and left the spare hdd in as a free backup drive. Ran a virus scan and deleted the porn folder.

When I gave the pc back my coworker mentioned her husband was worried that a virus may have downloaded something to break it. I didn't know how much she actually knew or if it was actually her files, etc.. I simply told her that the software they used for downloading music (it was kazza or limewire, I forgot) could easily be the reason why they got the viruses I removed and they should be wary of any file that wasn't an .mp3.

Never spoke of it again but they paid me $100 more than what I asked. Not bad for a kid in high school.


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21. I don't do the job anymore but once I did an install where they ordered playboy channel for their service (no big deal), but as soon as I get there he starts "you have the playboy channel on there right?", I look at the order and say..."yeah".

So I'm doing the install and his wife offers me a drink and food. I turn it down (we are suppose to, job policy). I also had to do a virus check on their computer. So after I finish the install for the cable he says "okay, show us the playboy channel". Usually people wait for us to leave so it was weird to look up the channel and watch porn in a guys house with his wife on a 65 inch tv. so I excuse myself to work on the computer, AS soon as I log in the last page he was on was importing foreign women for sex (like mail order brides), the next tab was for orgies and the next tab was for craigslist.

I didn't go to far into it because it was just REALLY awkward as I heard the sounds from the TV downstairs. So when I go to leave, him and his wife don't look at me and they are fixated on the porn. I say my goodbye speech but they don't even turn.

It was just weird all around for me.


22. Half an inch of fluffy, sticky white gunk coating every inch of the interior.

It was a podiatrists office.

It was next to a sort of booth where they would grind the calluses off of old people's feet.

I didn't know that when I opened it up. I just knew it smelled faintly of burnt hair.


23. I was setting up my grandfathers printer and he warned me "there's a lot of porn on there" (meaning the PC). I laughed and showed him how to delete his search history.



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