People Whose Marriage Fell Apart In Under 1 Year Share What Actually Happened.


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1. The day after the wedding a sheriff showed up on our door step with child support papers for a 3 month old baby. Turns out my husband had been sleeping with his coworker. I was willing to look past the indiscretion but when he refused to take responsibility for his child I couldn't handle it anymore. The kid shouldn't have to suffer because his dad is an idiot. Divorce was final 11 months after our wedding day.


2. She had another boyfriend when I proposed and kept him around while planning our wedding. They got married after our divorce.

Don't get married while you're in the military. Listen to the signs.


3. Buddy of mine found out the night before the wedding his soon to be wife slept with her ex. He goes through with it and as the vicar ends the ceremony he tells all, in front of everyone, throws the ring away and asks the vicar if he does take-backs.


4. We expedited the marriage because she was pregnant, and I loved her already, so wasn't concerned about it. I was working crazy hours so she could stay home with the baby, and our schedule started shifting so we didn't spend as much time together. She had postpartum, and started playing online role playing games all night, and met a guy who didn't work, and lived off of his mother, so he had all the time to talk to her. Long story short, she kissed our daughter, gave her to me, and ran off with him.

Fast forward over a decade, and we're fine as friends now, and my daughter is cuddled up beside me as I type this, playing on her tablet. The karma is time and lifestyle haven't been kind to her, and our daughter would rather be with me, and trust me more.


5. She started feeling 'trapped' as in, my expectation of monogamy was too much. So she discovered polyamory, decided she wanted to be polyamarous with her boss, and that it was worth opening the marriage no matter what. She was pretty surprised when I divorced her.


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6. My mom's marriage to her first husband was only a year, year and a half at most. He was diagnosed with cancer and he said that he wanted to marry her before he died, so they got married and took a honeymoon to Hawaii, because he'd always wanted to go there too.


7. This ones kind of messed up, happened to a friend

We were deployed to Okinawa. My friend married his girl prior to deployment. He found out mid deployment that she cheated on him. But the way he found out was kind of messed up. He checked his Facebook one day and saw a message from some dude he didn't know. The guy straight up told him that he slept with his wife. She didn't say she was married and when he checked her FB he saw she was married to my friend. He felt guilty and had to message him.

My friend wasted no time and divorced her in Oki. I'm not sure if that was possible. I just remember him doing some kind of legal work the following day.


8. Husband decided to start an affair within 3 months of marriage, found about 6 months after. Still maintains there was nothing wrong, just thought it would have been over before I found out...oh and our baby was only 6 months old. What a catch of a man....started divorce proceedings after waiting the yr minimum.


9. My cousin was married for eighteen hours, or something ridiculous like that. To hear her tell it, there was a really apocalyptic argument on their wedding night over where they went from there.

the moral of the story appears to be that before you get married, you and your spouse should have roughly compatible ideas of what you're looking for out of a marriage: how many kids, when to have them, where you live, whether you both work, money issues, etc. that's not stuff that just works itself out magically over time.


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10. After spending a year together we got married so he wouldn't get deported. I took care of him, paid all the bills, paid to sponsor him...

...turns out he was already married in his own country. Yup. Took me a while to stop being bitter over the thousands of dollars I got conned out of.

My dad had recently died and I suppose he saw me like a lion sees a wounded gazelle.


11. We had been dating for seven years so we thought it was a safe bet. Realized a year into our marriage that we were better as separate people. And it was terrible. There were a ton of tears, a whole lot of begging not to let it end, a whole bunch of "trying new things (living separately, splitting money, etc)" so that we could be apart together but it just didn't work. We were just live-in friends when it came down to it. And I think, too, that if we hadn't gotten married, we never would have seen it. It was sort of the impetus for us both to move on, as terrible as that might sound. It was a shake-up in our otherwise completely hum-drum stable life, and it ended up working out for the best, but it sucked for a long time..


12. Got married after five months, he wanted to move to Washington and virtually forced me to do it since I didn't want to. So I quit my job, left my house, and stayed at a hotel a couple of days. The day before moving he said he fell out of love... and would go without me. Left me heartbroken, homeless and jobless.

Bonus: He didn't move to Washington, he's in davenport (florida) around 10 mins away and got a boyfriend after a day of leaving me.


13. He started drinking on our wedding day and never really stopped. Then he got into drugs and was fired from at least 3 different places within 6 months because of his drug and alcohol abuse. He became physically and emotionally abusive (I developed severe anxiety during my marriage that is still plaguing me after 11 years, and I have a huge scar on my finger from the time he nearly cut my finger off during an argument) within the first few months of our marriage. He had sex with me against my will often, swung a 2x4 at my head, flushed my birth control so I could begin popping out his demanded 3 children, and the last straw was when I found out the girl living down the street from us was pregnant with his child. I had to pack up my things and leave him.


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14. My sister left her husband after 5 months of marriage; she still loved the guy but felt he was not ambitious enough, for example with wanting to earn more money so that they could have children some day. She thought getting married would direct his focus more towards the next step - having a family. However he didn't change, she got frustrated and left him.


15. We were both immature and in our early twenties. Both of us were socially awkward penguins who had never been in a relationship before.

It went well until he got into porn, and tried to force me to do gross things he had seen in porn. Then he became physically abusive and ended up trying to kill me.

He divorced me on the quick and got me kicked out of the country so I couldn't testify against him in court for attempted murder.

His parents bought him a flat for divorcing me. I went back to my country where I spent several years being homeless.


16. Dated a girl for 6 years. Got married and had a big expensive wedding two week honeymoon in Italy. Come to find out less then six months latter she was sleeping with her boss who was Also in our wedding. Yes she left me for the maid of honor. I did not see that one coming at all. The divorce took longer then the wedding. Hey kids if you aren't sure on your sexuality it's ok , just be honest about it and don't ruin someone's life over you wanting to stay in the closet. It destroyed me.


17. We were together for 7 years, living together for 5, before he proposed - total surprise to me, we hadn't discussed it. Got married a year later, 7 months after that he started withdrawing and acting depressed, so I tried to get him to talk about what he was feeling. He said he couldn't stand to be around me and hated me - then moved out two weeks later, divorced 6 weeks after that. I still wonder what happened, we haven't spoken since he called to confirm he didn't want to do counseling and just wanted a divorce instead.


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18. Was married in July and found out in November that he had been cheating on me the entire time we were dating and married. This was quite a few years ago - I'm now happily married to another man who is pretty amazing, so I do believe that everything happens for a reason. Even the stuff that seems bad at the time.


19. We met and started dating right after bootcamp. Like so many others..... we at least dated for about 3 years before marriage though. But all the while it turns out we were terrible for each other. Hind sight is 20/20. There were tons of red flags. He went on deployment a week after our courthouse wedding. When he got back things went downhill fast. I went back to my moms, he cut off communication almost entirely. When I finally got him on the phone to talk, he said he just didn't want to be married to me or anyone else right then. I began divorce proceedings. He still wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend but by then I was picking up on this red flags and ready to sever it completely. Once it was finalized I sent him his copy of the decree and haven't seen or heard from him since. I do wonder if hes happy at least. He was super high maintenance and I'm totally not. I know he had his demons from before the military, I hope he's at least come to terms with them.


20. Married her because my penis said so not my brain. She maintained several online affairs in exchange for items in Everquest (which she hated until I told her to play for a bit to see if she really liked it)

Ended up coming home one day about nine months in to our marriage and heard the unmistakable sound of her having sex. Confronted them, he ran away. I told her I was going to go spend the weekend at my best friends and that I wanted her and all of her stuff out by Monday.

Filed for divorce immediately. Was contacted by the guy she cheated on me with. She'd been cybering dudes for months and using fake pics. She finally decided to cross the physical line and this guy took the bait. He had weeks worth of chat logs. He offered to testify in open court about it. At the hearing, he said his piece, the judge looked at her with her best "what a whore" look and gave me my divorce and gave her nothing.


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21. I was in grad school. Her conservative parents hadn't let us live together until we were married. We got married as soon as she graduated undergrad and got her first ever job.. Her parents were also rich and she didn't have to work. She became a teacher and we moved to where she was teaching, since I only had a year of school left. I had a 4 hour a day commute to school, and was working full time on campus, so I think I slept from midnight to 4am 5 days a week. Come the weekend, I would crash and recover. Meanwhile, she wanted to go out and enjoy life, freedom, her own money, all that. She started going out with her girlfriends, then a guy joined the group. I suppose I can yadda yadda the rest.

The hardest part was that I was in my last year of grad school and couldn't devote any attention to it. In the end, though, I found out she was lying to me about trying to work on our relationship, so there wasn't anything to fight for.

I think we're both better off now. I know she married the guy and they had a kid, or maybe some kids. I remarried, I'm financially better off, I have a great son. I hope she has the same.


22. College roommate. He met a girl junior year that our ENTIRE group though was wrong for him. But love is blind. Fast forward to summer after graduation and they are to get married in the fall. I am in the wedding.

They were apart for most of the summer as he was working and she was finishing school and putting the wedding together. We converge on her home town in Colorado, wedding goes down, big reception, LOTS of money dropped on this one!!

We see them off to the honeymoon and I return to St. Louis to Home Sweet Home. 7 days later, I get a call from him asking if he can come stay with me. Sure. ????

I pick him up at the airport - single. At his insistence we hit the nearest bar, and I get to hear all about how she cheated on him over the summer but went ahead with the marriage because she felt pressured by how much her parents were paying. She told him pretty much as soon as they were alone AFTER the ceremony. Not at any time during the 7-10 days they were together BEFORE the wedding. She insists they go on the honeymoon to "work things out". But refuses to be intimate as she still has feelings for the other guy.

So he never returns to her. Gets checked for all the STDs - negative, and has the marriage annulled within 6 months.



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