"Pics Or It Didn't Happen": People Share The Photos That Prove Their Wildest Stories Are True

Have you ever seen something so extraordinary, you know nobody will believe you unless you snap a photo?

These people saw exactly that, and were clever enough to capture a snapshot of their unbelievable moment. What's that you say? "Pics or it didn't happen?" Well take a look at these.

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I met Muhammad Ali.

We were at an event when I was a kid. Muhammad Ali was there doing a boxing demo of some sort. All I knew was there was a big dude beating people up and I didn't want any part of it.

After, we were mingling around, I apparently started crying and he comes right toward us. My mom put me in his arms and snapped this pic.


My dad had his arm almost bitten off by a tiger many years ago. 

He was petting the tiger and taking pictures when it decided to chomp down on his forearm. He thought, "I might as well take a picture of my hand the last time it was attached to my arm." He broke free when the tiger went in for a better grip and he was able to break out. 


When I was 11, I played chess with Morgan Freeman.

My parents own a film company, and for a while we had a lot of jobs involving the Delta Blues. Morgan Freeman owns a blues bar in Clarksdale, Mississippi so that's how we met. I actually had no idea he was going to be at my house, so imagine walking into your living room in a tie-dye shirt and shorts and finding THE Morgan Freeman standing next to your coffee table. I've always been pretty outgoing, though, so I shook his hand and introduced myself.

It wasn't long until he looked over my shoulder and noticed the chess table on the hearth. "Do you play?" he asked. You know that dream where you go into a class you didn't remember taking, and the teacher starts passing out a test you hadn't studied for? Similar feeling.

I don't really remember the specifics of the game. I played pretty aggressively, and I don't think he took me seriously to begin with, which was to his credit, because who tries to crush an eleven year old in a chess game?

Anyway, there was a moment that definitely stuck with me, the second time I checked him. He looked down at the board, back up at me, and smiled. Then he said, "I was not expecting brilliance."

Then he totally destroyed me. He's a really freakin' good chess player, okay? We talked a little bit after the game, and my dad got one last picture of us. I was over the moon after what he said, obviously, but he gave me some advice when I posed with him.

He told me, "Never smile in photos."


People may not remember, but a couple years ago a man survived a failed demolition of a smokestack falling on him. There was a really great drone video of it that went viral.

That man was my father and I'm his daughter. I had to call out of work that day by saying a building fell on my father. My employer didn't believe me so I told them to watch the news that night.

It was a pretty wild ride for a few months, and we even made international news. Very happy my father is alive. Here's a screenshot from that video.


My friend left his car unlocked one night, so I filled it with several hundred pounds of popcorn. That was the end of a long-running joke war, and thankfully we quit at that point while we were still friends.

And to think started with him sneaking a little bit of oil into my carburetor, and convincing me that my engine was about to go when it blew smoke everywhere (I had a '57 Ford at the time). We went from there to a car full of popcorn.


I work as a rocket photographer, shooting launches of NASA spacecraft and other rocket vehicles, and I place cameras at the launchpads at Cape Canaveral. When I tell people that, they usually don't believe me, so I show them my photos. Sometimes they still don't believe me.

I captured this closeup shot of the engine and solid rocket motors on the Delta IV Medium+ (5,4) rocket.


A turkey jumped in my car once. It was so funny I decided to shut the door and take a picture because it looked like the turkey was driving.


I went to an ax throwing booth at a regional highland games competition, and threw an axe into another axe that was already on the target.


My Dad and I were driving down a highway and found his Doppelgnger on a billboard.

To add another layer of weirdness to this, this billboard was actually in my dad's hometown. People have suggested before that maybe my Grandpa was sleeping around and had a child with another woman, but I am highly doubtful that that is the case. My Dad has actually tried to contact the guy on the billboard, but he never replied...


A beaver took the power out for 10 hours at our wedding in Canada. We made it work with candles, a generator for ice and a few worklights, and battery-operated string lights around the dance floor. 200 people came and we all had a blast. And yes, the DJ had power too! 


I'll never forget that time I opened the window shade on my commercial flight to see a volcano erupting right below us. We were flying over Japan, and I think this is the volcano Sakurajima.


I was at camp and got really into the archery activity. 

One day, in some freak shot, I managed to shoot the edge of a balloon without popping it. It was just clipped onto the edge of my arrow, still inflated. The instructor had never seen anything like it.


My friends and I found a message in a bottle while kayaking in the Charles River in Boston near the Harvard University campus. Some girl had written a funny, raunchy message in search of a "Harvard Rower" along with a number on it. 

I called the number eventually, met up with the girl, and we've been dating for over 4 years now. (Blocked my friends' faces for privacy.)


I was once attacked by a guy on the street who was dressed in a karate outfit and was wielding two swords. In the end I had to fight him off with my skateboard.

Really wish I had more pictures. This one was taken from a few stories up across the street where there was a loft apartment building. The yelling and commotion woke most of the residents. The photographer recognized me in a bar a few weeks later and emailed me the picture.


I once stumbled upon a Canadian military helicopter performing an extraction exercise, sort of hiding below the edge of a sea cliff. There was quite an onshore breeze, but the pilot kept the aircraft perfectly in place.

For those who are curious, it's a Canadian Forces Sea King helicopter, built in the 1960s but upgraded over the years.


One evening, I got pretty drunk with some friends and was driven home. I couldn't sleep, and apparently switched on my PC and started looking at government surplus auctions. 

Woke up the next morning to find several emails notifying me that I had ten days to drive out to my local Navy/Dept. of Defense storage facility to collect my Baggage Scanning X-Ray Machine.


I sat on a killer whale when I was kid at Sea World. Probably a good thing that the policy has changed and you can't do that anymore.


My mom rehabilitates large cats, as in lions, tigers, jaguars, cougars, and so on.

She always has scratches on her arms and legs and no one EVER believed our family when we told them why. So now I keep this photo saved on my phone to show people who think we're joking.


I once fed wild hyenas in Dire Dawa, Ethiopia.

I was trying to dangle the meat behind the hyena's head so he would back up. I thought about taking a couple steps back myself, but was afraid I might trip over a hyena behind me. Seconds after this picture was taken, the hyena standing on its back legs planted its front legs on my chest to balance itself while snapping at the meat, which was dangling inches between our faces after I had lost my balance. 8/10, would do again.


The actor-comedian T.J. Miller once hoisted me up and carried me out of a building.

I'm a college student on our school's programming board. This past year I was able to plan my first large-scale comedy show and I managed to book T.J. Miller. The show was great, and after every show we let the entire executive board (around 20ish people) get in a group photo with the talent, and the person who organized the event (in this case me) gets an individual picture. 

After he and I took the photo together, T.J. looked around and said, "Wait, is this the guy who's responsible for bringing me?" When everyone said yes, he said "Let's hoist him in the air!" After they carried me out of the building he yelled "Now let's throw him in the bushes!" which was funny because a police officer was right there, and after T.J. Noticed he said, "Never mind, set him down!"

T.J. was a super nice guy and very down to earth. We ended up having an amazing chat in the parking lot before he left. It was definitely one of the coolest moments of my life, and thank goodness somebody snapped a photo of him hoisting me.


I fished a WWI era grenade from a pond in Belgium.

I was "magnet-fishing," which is where you simply tie a strong magnet to a rope and throw it in ponds and pools until you find some metal stuff on the bottom. Mostly you will find junk and bikes and shrapnel. But I live in Belgium, near Ypres where there were a number of huge battles in WWI, and I threw the magnet across a small pond just outside the city. I was a little alarmed for a moment when it came up.


I was in the park with my kids, feeding the ducks, when a dude picked up one of the geese that was sitting near the pond and casually walked away with it.  

Turns out he raised the geese from when they were babies, and just comes there to hold them and spend time with them every day.


An owl flew into my car once, in Las Vegas, while the car was moving with the windows open.

I spent a solid 3 hours figuring out how to get this out of my car. I've never seen an owl in person, and never dealt with one so I didn't know if they carry disease or attack or something. About 7 people stopped asking if I needed help, and when I told them an owl flew inside my car most of them drove off probably thinking I was running a scam or something. 

My brother ended up coming by with a shoebox, and we got it in there, quickly pulled it outside and it took off. I was afraid the little guy was injured because he flew into my car from the drivers side, hit the passenger window which was closed, and then flew into the back. He seemed okay though.


I once woke up at 7 am to the sound of harmonious bleating outside my window. I stepped outside to my backyard, and saw a field full of sheep.

I live in Southern California and there are no sheep farms around here. I have no idea why they were there or where they came from. They never came back.


Found a crashed plane in the woods with no information about it whatsoever. Pieces were scattered over the area of a football field but the main bits were mostly together.

This was about 100-200 km north of Fort Mackay in Northern Alberta, Canada.


I was visiting a friend at his new place in Yantai, China with 2 others. We walked along the boardwalk and came across a model, dressed in full makeup and outfit singing Bananarama's "Venus" in front of a whole video/photo crew. 

As 3 of us went past them, they kept what they were doing, but a few of them definitely took notice of us Americans. After picking up our buddy and going back the way we came, we came across the singer again.

This time she noticed us from afar. She stopped singing and pointed us out to the crew. They turned and aimed at us, filming and snapping pics. Nobody really talked to us, just documented our walk. We thought nothing of it until a few weeks later, after the trip had ended.

My friend who lives in China emails us to say we were on the front cover of the newspaper. They made up a whole story about us 4 businessmen in town working on a project, yadda yadda yadda. Big spread, he tells us.

Nobody believed him until he sent us the picture. I'm the one with sunglasses on.


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