Pizza Delivery People Reveal How Customers Got Added To The ‘No Delivery’ List

Pizza Delivery People Reveal How Customers Got Added To The ‘No Delivery’ List

Pizza deliver is one of the most thankless jobs. You're required to bring hot, cheesy joy to people's homes, literally delivering happiness, then you're forced to get out of the way. People are having parties or are too lazy to cook and delivery people need to get gone. But sometimes, rude and outlandish behavior can land you on a "blacklist," meaning you never get pizza delivered ever again. Reddit user, u/Rasul_Godina, wanted to know those stories when they asked:

Pizza guys/girls, does your shop have a "No Delivery" list? What houses are on it and why?

When The Cheese Is A Little Too Off

We had one little old lady call and order a thin crust small pizza with double cheese. She lived around the corner and every week she would call and complain because the cheese would move a little bit. Our policy for complaints is usually a full refund or your next order free. This happened four times.

The reason we cut her off was because when I delivered to her she got the pizza, looked at it, and said "Look! The cheese is off! D-mn you guys tell your manager I'm not paying!" and then slammed the door on me before I could say anything. Told my manager what happened and since she paid with card we didn't refund it. Called her and told her that we no longer would be delivering to her. She still tries every week.


The Last Line

We had a couple that would always try to scam us for a free meal.

Something was always wrong with the order, mis-cooked, etc. So, finally, as the manager in charge the final time we delivered to them I took the order, I made it, I delivered it, I took the complaint call. They tried to tell me that whomever took the order took it wrong, no ma'am, I took your order. Well who ever cooked it cooked it wrong, again, no I cooked it. Well the delivery guy was very rude. Guess again. I then told her that her business was no longer welcome here.

They tried to order a couple of more times, trying to change the phone number, different person ordering, etc.


Not Just A House, But A Street

One particular street where I live in TN is blacklisted by all pizza places in the city.

It's all projects and driver's kept getting robbed at gunpoint.


Honesty Is The Best Company Policy

...There was an older man who suffered from dementia that would order four fountain drinks and nothing else from my shop, then would tip about $300 every time. After hearing about it a couple times, I told my manager, and we all agreed to get in contact with his family, let them know we wouldn't take orders from him, and that they'd have to take some measures to keep him from doing the same with other establishments.

God only knows how much money that guy gave away.


You Can Really Taste The Tornado

I was once blacklisted because my friends and I were drunk ordering, I was trying to read what he wrote down, instead of "tomato sauce" i said "tornado sauce" then laughed, then i got hung up on.

I called back, and they told me our number was blacklisted because we were pranksters.


A...A Tax Cult?

I worked in a pizza place that did not deliver, but we had a black list.

The one that stands out the most in my head was the tax place across the street. They wanted a large order every time, as the whole family, kids included, lived in the office. (A co worker took a salad we forgot to give over there. He found beds on the floor, and kids playing X-Box, like it was their own home.) The owner would write us a check, which would bounce every time. We stopped accepting checks from them eventually.

The worse part was they sent their oldest kid to pick it up. All he could talk about was his church, even though he was like 15. If you were a pretty girl, he would even invite you to his church.


Not Just Some, But ALL The Pennis

When I delivered pizza back in the day, a woman would pay for the pizza at the door with all change, and on more than one occasion she would pay in almost all pennies.

The problem was that she always shorted the drivers by several dollars while doing this. Eventually, we had to tell her that we would not deliver pizza to her anymore, because we don't have time to count out over a thousand pennies to make sure she paid the full amount.


So. Many. Stairs.

Friend of mine told me about one place that got blacklisted, it was an apartment building right at the edge of the delivery radius, and whenever they went, the elevator was out.

Naturally, the person ordering was on a high floor (it was usually the same person), so he'd have to run up 10+ flights of stairs after driving pretty far, and they'd complain that it was late and/or cold, generally acted like a--holes about it.


A Perfect Storm Of Awful

I delivered for a local restaurant.

We never had a "no delivery" list, but there were a couple regulars that would order during rush hour traffic, right at the minimum amount for a delivery, and never tip. Those ones the store owner would go deliver for instead of wasting the driver's time, or the owner would throw like $10 onto your tip pile at the end of the day to make up for it.


What Even Are Clothes?

I remember one where they just answered the door naked every time.

Multiple complaints and warnings, but they did again until receiving their delivery ban. As far as I understand it, multiple restaurants had this problem with the same person.


Dude Takes His Ranch Dressing Seriously

Had a guy say "better have my ranch in the box. I'd hate to have to shoot you over some ranch." He was carrying and didn't have any semblance of a joking tone.

Ranch was in the box.


"The Green House"

We had quite a few in my stint as a delivery driver. The one that sticks out the most would be the Green house. These people would order at peak delivery time and demand they have their pizza delivered in 30 minutes, would always have something wrong with their order, claim they had coupons that never existed in our system, and always call our manager after a delivery to attempt to get a 'remake' on their order to double their order.

This was every weekend, guaranteed. I worked weekends and was subjected to taking them their food, which I was fine with except I'd get grief from my boss when I returned about my attitude. I always had cheese and peppers in my car (a box of each actually) was always cordial (that's how you get tips, duh) but my looks weren't to their liking. I would never have been on the cover of Delivery Guy Monthly, but I wasn't Philip J Fry either, so this rubbed me the wrong way.

They threatened my boss with finding a new establishment to order their pizza from if their order was wrong again. Having heard this, when their 'remake' meat pizza comes out the oven I cut it into slices and slide it into the box while my boss watches for accuracy. When he goes to grab the delivery bag, I nab a slice out of it and throw it under the oven's conveyor belt. Boss delivers the pizza to once again guarantee it's accuracy. Boss makes it back, the Green house calls claiming their orders wrong again. He asks how. "Missing a slice?! You know what, take your business elsewhere." He implemented a list of no delivery addresses after that.


Grub Hub Is Watching You

My friend drives for a place like Grub Hub that delivers for a lot of restaurants. He's technically a "contractor" and the company just sends him a restaurant to pick up from and an address to deliver to. He can choose which orders to take.

He has an excel spreadsheet for people who don't tip or are rude and he cross references the order with it. If they're on the list, he doesn't deliver.


Sometimes, People Find A Way Off The Blacklist

We had an older woman who originally came to pick up from the store - every week for years on a Saturday night.

One week we made her pizza wrong so it would take another 5 minutes. Most people would be fine with this but she started screaming, and went to the car to get her husband, who also started shouting and swearing at us. Keep in mind this was in a pretty nice area, and these people were older professionals, and we are talking about 5 minutes.

So anyway when they get their food they tell us they are never coming back and slam the door. Good riddance, right? Well she slunk back in a month later and the tension in the room was palpable - all the guys who make pizza were glaring at her, same with myself on the checkout and the delivery people. There's muttering as she picks up her food because she had been informally blacklisted on the system.

Anyway, she orders delivery on the phone next time and then proceeds to abuse the driver for being 2 minutes late. So the next time she rings, I politely tell her she's now out of the delivery area and decline to serve her.

So...makes an online order account and one minute before we close, at 9:29, places a massive order filled with difficult to make pastas and pizzas with heaps of alterations - when most of the staff have gone home and we've packed everything up.

The online orders can't be declined and she's already paid so we had to do it, but i rang her up and said her food would be there at 11 to stress her out a bit.


Ah, Murder, That Old Tale

I used to share an apartment with a friend of mine during college. Pretty cheap place and a nice little two bedroom two story that people enjoyed hanging out at.

We tried to order a pizza one night around 8:30 and, upon providing the address, were told "we don't deliver there at this hour or after dark". Started to look around our surroundings more. Quickly learned our apartment was not in a good area at all. Someone was murdered down the street from our unit a couple weeks later.


Onions? Really?

I worked at a pizza joint when i was in my 20s. We had one customer who called and asked for a cheese and onion pizza. But he wanted the onion minced up and under the cheese. I told him we don't normally do that but i will put it on the order and see if the line will do it. It gets delivered to the guy and about an hour later he calls back furious that we put onions on his pizza because his wife is deathly allergic to onions and in no way would he ever ask for onions on a pizza and she had to be rushed to the hospital.

We blacklisted him because 1. I was the manager and knew what he asked since i took his call and 2. Because he either tried to kill his wife, tried for a lawsuit, or tried to scam us for free food.


A False Black Hair

We had a few "No Deliveries" when I worked at a pizza place as a driver. First one I was a part of was a girl called back because she claimed the pizza we delivered had a hair it it. We apologized, remade and I delivered the order. I give them the pizza and out of curiosity ask to see the one with hair in it. There are only two pieces left of an xl and one long black hair placed under them. I say placed because at the time only three people were working at the pizza place. No one had long hair.

Coincidentally, the girl who answered the door did. I took the pizza back and showed the owner. He was a real hard a--, so he immediately put her on the no order list.


No Takesies-Backsies

Guy wrote $5 on the tip, then called and said he wrote nothing, so the delivery guy must have written it himself. Luckily, my friend has sh-t handwriting, so the boss decided to blacklist the guy.


Darn It, Kevin And Gerrell, Get It Together!

Not pizza but still a place that does delivery.

I work in takeout and we have a whole list of problem customers.

Some notable ones are Kevin, he works across the street at a Chevy dealer and regularly orders food. He always calls back saying we forgot half of his order and demands the whole order be comped. We keep records of the order and prove everytime he's lying, his excuse is always "I'm at the wrong store".

Then there's gerrell. He regularly commits credit card fraud so we refuse his orders now. He tried paying for a massive $60-80 order with 5-6 different credits cards. He'd always have us deliver his food to him behind some random restaurant only half a mile down the street. His excuse for that was he works there and lives outside our delivery range. No one at the business knows who he is so he's blacklisted in our systems.

If you order food and don't pay for it you get blacklisted and we note how much money you owe from the previous order in case you do try ordering again.


When There's Not Just One Reason...

I worked for a local pizzeria in high school with a very no-nonsense owner that was not going to suffer fools gladly. There were three places we didn't deliver to.

  • We had three different drivers get mugged at this one apartment complex, and the owner ultimately decided to blacklist it. It wasn't even a low-income area; supposedly it was a group of teenage boys each time.
  • One house was banned because a man would answer in the nude and essentially harass the driver regardless of gender. After a while we didn't take orders from his phone number or address. Not that anyone wanted to deliver to him, anyway.
  • A family-owned business about a mile down the street never tipped our drivers and would send the wife in to scream at the cashier about literally any small discrepancy in the order. She reduced too many cashiers to tears and disturbed other customers too many times. They were banned from the shop and added to the blacklist.
  • That's really about it. Probably not the sort of fun answer you were hoping for. We otherwise delivered anywhere in a certain radius, so long as you weren't causing unnecessary trouble for us or other customers.


    That'll Do It...

    My house was blacklisted... A few months before we moved in a delivery driver was shot and killed in the driveway.


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