I object! Where is the open bar?!

There are a few requirements that are a must at every wedding, or at least they should be a must! It's a no brainer... a couple in love, music and a cake. Seems simple enough! It's suppose to be a celebration, not a prelude to a funeral. If your guests are having to put the wedding together for you during the ceremony, or fainting from starvation, or bored out of their skulls because you've allowed family and friends to relish in their fifteen minutes of fame threw self-indulgent speeches... YOU HAVE FAILED!

Redditor u/RedxSmoke was wondering what almost brought them to an "I Object" reaction by asking... What is the worst wedding you've ever been to? What made it bad? Now toss the bouquet!

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How serendipitous?

Life is a constant cycle of repeats. History will always find a way to circle back and try again. It's the purest definition of insanity; trying the same thing over and expecting different results. Or many times without trying history will repeat in eerie ways. Coincidence is a strange thing. Is it divine intervention? Possibly. There are unexplainable events that happen that mimic prior moments. Those are the times we have to believe life has a plan. Right?

Redditor u/SealingBat wanted us to be aware of some history by asking... What has been the most incredible coincidence in history?

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Nature -vs- Nurture...

Parents do the best they can. At least most parents do... we pray. We learn from them how to go forward in life. Sometimes our parents are wrong and sometimes we learn the exact wrong things. The eternal battle of nature versus nurture is a real issue. Each generation grows and changes and pretty radically these days. We often have to differ from the lessons and beliefs our parents bestowed upon us. And that is easier said then done!

Redditor u/RealAppearance wanted people to divulge a few things about their learned behaviors by asking... What did your parents teach you that you had to unlearn?

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Do you have anything to ask?

Interviewing for a job can be a harrowing experience. Nobody really wants to do it. You have juggle personality and professionalism. In truth you're begging for people to like you enough so that you can afford to purchase food to live. What we often forgo is the opportunity to grill the employer. Are they good enough for you? Because you're awesome! Ask them to prove a thing or two. Make sure they know what's going on.

Redditor u/PerpetualErection2 wanted people to know a few things for their next job opportunity asking... What are good questions to ask potential employers during an interview?

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Don't tell mom!

Family secrets are a norm. Who doesn't have them? What's fun is figuring out who is keeping what from who? Normally it's dad trying and failing to keep things form mom. Let's face it, nine times out of ten, dad is the court jester trying pushing the line when mom is not looking. So dad is usually begging the little ones to keep a kabash on the events that transpire in mom's absence.

Redditor u/lexicalwizardry wanted all the dads out there to fess up by asking... Fathers of reddit, what's your best "don't tell mom" story?

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It's the happiest place on earth, and with that comes a lot of stuff behind the scenes to make the magic happen. We love Disney World, but how exactly do they do what they do?

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