Those of us who live in geographically cold cities are always unsure for a brief period every year, just why, exactly, we do this to ourselves.

So, curiously, Reddit user LapinHero asked:

People who live where the air hurts their faces, why do you live where the air hurts your face?

We jumped on the opportunity to answer.


You appreciate summer so much more.

A year and a half ago, I moved to California from the Toronto area and I can tell you for sure: you appreciate the seasons so much more when they change that dramatically. I like summer here, it's about as nice and warm as before and maybe there are far more sunny days, but you get something like four straight months of sunny days. It's nice, but by August you're like "man, I can't WAIT for fall!" You're already bored of summer.

In Canada, fall is a beautiful descent into the holiday season, with the leaves turning golden, orange, read, and brown, through Halloween into Thanksgiving getting cooler and cooler making everyone more cuddly and wrapped in soft comfy clothes. The season caps off in parties and family and friends and love, the end nestling you gently in a storybook Christmas setting with gentle snow making it (hopefully) the white Christmas that Bing Crosby kept going on and on about about. If you're middle-class, everything is warm fires and hot chocolate and snuggling together watching Netflix on the couch under a thick, warm blanket.

Then it's mid-January. You've already f-cked-up your New Year's resolutions so it's a granola bar for breakfast again, you have to get your ass to work on the bus and it's a half-hour late because the snowplows are on strike AGAIN and nobody can f-cking drive in this g-ddamn country. February is sh-tty and freezing and transitions into March with wet and sh-tty slush everywhere so it's either ugly-a-- rain boots that don't grip on ice, by the way, or hope you love wet socks for the entire day. It's been raining for basically a decade by now, I don't remember what the sky used to look like, and by the time all this sh-tty, dirt-and-garbage-covered snow has melted, great! All of the grass is dead and yellow and covered in every definition of the word "refuse." F-ck April and May is also b-llsh-t because it might be 10°C but you're wearing boots forever and "spring" may as well be completely made up, because there's flowers and shit but it's been cold and shitty for thousands of years now and you packed away your summer clothes so long ago you don't even remember what a polo is.

Finally, when you least expect it...there's a random day in May when it's...all of the sudden...nice? The sun is shining and the grass has FINALLY started to perk up with a little green, and the tulips have started to bloom and people are suddenly outside, enjoying a Saturday morning in the park. You remember what warmth on your arms feels like for the first time in a while and you get the first face-sunburn because you've lived so long without touching a sunscreen it's like a monastic vow by now. Then you gradually get brought back into Summer World, where it gets dark at 9 PM instead of 5, where the sunsets are beautiful and there's so much to do and explore. There's beer on the patio and barbecuing and pool parties with friends and everything is amazing for a few beautiful months before September hits and you get to rediscover your love for jackets, hats, and fall all over again.cnvandev

The Alternative Is Worse

I grew up near Orlando and just moved to Seattle in August. Your post has triggered my PTLIFD (post traumatic living in Florida disorder). I never even gave a second thought to the bugs until I moved and realized there aren't any here and that everyone in America doesn't deal with sugar ants and palmetto bugs seeking refuge in their house. Or mosquitoes every time you want to go outside in the evening. And the constantly changing indoor vs. outdoor temperatures, ugh. It's so nice to not need a shower after bringing groceries into the house. And to be able to have all the windows open for more than just a couple random days of the year. ashella


Northern climates are beautiful, especially if you live near mountains. There is a majesty to winter that is unmatched by the other seasons. It also provides for a lot of activities that you can't otherwise do like skiing/snowboarding, snowshoeing, ice skating (outdoors), sledding, ice-cave camping, etc.

You have a time of year when people spend more time indoors, which makes for more intimate time with friends and family. Nothing beats curling up by a warm fire with a hot drink and playing a board game together while it's snowing outside. And when it's over, and the world warms up, it feels like an annual cycle of rebirth and revitalization. It's amazing. Plus, as others have mentioned, you then enjoy a warm summer with fewer bugs and weird tropical predators.

And the trade off for all of this? Turn up the heat, drive more slowly, and put on a coat. I can handle that.theultrayik


Because Zombies are slower in 4 feet of snow...

That, and snowmobiles.UnpaintedHuffheinz

Which Weather Is Worse?

No tornadoes, large earthquakes, devastating hurricanes, poisonous reptiles, alligators, crocodiles, bear attacks, oppressive heat. it's a good trade off for having to wear a scarf occasionally. Nanojack

Being Alive

When it's cold I feel alive. I probably helps that on really cold days the sky's usually clear and there's no wind. The air nips at your face but the sun warms you at the same time. Only thing I can't stand about winter is the darkness.

When it's hot I feel half dead. My body just shuts down above 30°C and I lose all energy to do anything. Luckily it's usually only that hot for a week each year.SweetGale

Easier Solutions

When you're uncomfortably cold, you can always throw on an extra layer to get warm.

When you're uncomfortably hot, there are only so many layers you can remove before you're still uncomfortably hot.

And heat makes me much more prone to irritability, depression, and lethargy. That's why I moved out of Houston and into Pennsylvania.PianoManGidley

No Snuggles

I lived in Costa Rica for a few years and a lack of seasons REALLY bothers me. I love the place but I cannot describe the comfort it brings me to see lush spring turn to radiant summer turn to contemplative fall turn to hallowed winter. Seeing time pass like that helps me value the moment I'm in and gives perspective to where I want to go.

when I go walking in winter, when I feel the cold bite at me and the wind push against me I am reminded of how alive I am. It is not a feeling you get from 65-70 degree weather with no clouds and no wind. I feel like I'm in a vacuum, that I'm part of a vacuum as well. In cold and windy weather I feel nature flow around ME.

And the wife snuggling is hard to beat bruh, especially when you make your own cocoa and have a fire going. GilgameshWulfenbach

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