People Share The Best Stories Of People Putting Aside Differences To Unite In History

Let's find a way to unity.

Everyday, sides are being taken on matters small and massive and it's clearly getting us nowhere. Maybe if we could all take a glimpse back into history and take the lead from those before us an d their action in times of compromise.... we'd be so much better off. Sometimes history repeating itself is the best way to go.

Redditor u/Nevarma wanted us to discuss some people who put the greater good for all first by asking.... Whats the biggest "We have to put our differences aside and defeat this common enemy" moment in history? Compromise IS possible people!

Opposing sides for the Castle....

At the end of WW2, after Hitler killed himself, there was a group of US soldiers and a group of German soldiers who both helped French POWs defend Itter castle from other Nazi soldiers. It is the only known battle of the war where the US and Germans fought together. jobulives

The Battle of Castle Itter.

American, German, French Prisoners, Austrian Resistance, and one former SS commander all versus a single SS division. It's often considered the final battle of WW2. shadowslasher11X

The Empire!

In 451 AD, when Attila the Hun was attacking the Western Roman Empire, General Aëtius of Rome and King and the Visigoth king Theodoric I put aside their differences to fight Attila to a standstill.

The two armies clashed in the Battle of Châlons, whose outcome is was considered to be a strategic victory for the Visigothic-Roman alliance. Back2Bach

If we have to....

During the Crimean War, bitter rivals France and Britain, along with the Muslim Ottomans, put aside their differences to defeat the Russian Empire. FacelessPoet

My history teacher characterized it as a begrudging agreement not to mess with each other's stuff, sort of like siblings who always avoid being in the same room. MrBlack103

Warsaw Rising! 

In 1943, after 250,000 Jews had already been liquidated in the Warsaw Ghetto, the right-wing, anti-Zionist ZZW, the left-wing, Zionist ZOB, the Polish nationalist AK, and the Polish communist GL all came together in the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, which was not so much an attempt to actually end the mass murder but simply to, as Marek Edelman put it, "pick the time and place of our deaths." TheIpleJonesion

A Mighty Battle...


Sparta and Athens (and others) getting together to fight off the Persians. A lot more happened there than just the Spartans' stand at Thermopylae. Vakama905

One tribe = A Big Win....

The various Germanic tribes banded together to fight a common enemy, The Romans, in The Battle of the Teutoberg Forest. MrCheapskate_toyou

And for hundreds of years after that, eventually destroying the Western Empire and taking Rome. All of the "goths" you hear about like the Visigoths, Ostrogoths, etc were not one united peoples. They were a coagulation of dozens of different tribes who formed together to migrate into Roman lands. ademonlikeyou

Retaking what's mine! 

In my country is "Batalla de 2 de Mayo" Basically the Spanish army tried to retake their former colonies and the Peruvian and Chilean army teamed up to kick them out. Mayitachan

The WHO!!!

When the WHO brought together minds from all over the world to eliminate smallpox. Disizreallife

World Health Organization.... Commander_Alex_Mason

The animals have it! 

When PETA said to stop saying "don't beat a dead horse" and replace it with "don't feed a fed horse." Vegans, animal rights activists, and normal people all banded together to tell them to shut up. CallMeMidas1

Napoleon Not-Dynamite!


During the Napoleonic Era, most of Europe teamed to beat Napoleon, who for the most part, was kicking everyone's a**.

The guy was so dangerous that once he escaped from his imprisonment on an island, all of Europe immediately teamed up once again to shut him down. ahmam18


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