Servers Reveal The Most Ridiculous Reason A Customer Demanded A Free Meal

Some people think they can scam the whole world into getting free stuff. It's one thing to ask for a discount because you legitimately weren't able to enjoy your meal, but these people were on a mission to get free food!

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"This happened to me when I worked at Chili's. I was serving a table of 4 one time and got their order in and brought out their food. They called me back a minute later and told me there was a cockroach on the plate. They demanded to talk the manager, because they were 'not paying for food that's unsanitary.'

I tell my manager there was no roach on the plate when I gave them their food. He says the customers come first and he'll comp their meals regardless. 

When I get back to the table, they're telling me how disgusting the food is and how they'll never come back. Then they asked me for a to-go box. I asked them why they would want food if it had a roach on it, and was 'disgusting?' They didn't respond. 

I took their plates and trashed them. Never went back to their table, and eventually they left, looking very angry. That was the last I saw of them. No one scams their way into free food on my watch."


"A woman complained that her meal should be free because she found a black and white-painted fingernail in her salad.

I looked up. She had the other 9 on her hands."


"A lady was paying her bill. She looked up at me and said, 'I'm a manager at [major electronics retailer] now, so you have to give me the manager discount here.' 

It took 5 minutes of reassuring her that manager discounts only apply at places where you work before she finally accepted she might have misunderstood. She thought it was some secret 'club discount' for upper-level employees all over the country.

I work in a restaurant so it was somewhat extra-disconcerting when she demanded a discount, since her job involves a completely different field of retail."


"I work in a bakery/cafe. A woman approached the counter demanding $100 in store credit because 'that man over there called me a [expletive].' Little did she know 'that man' was my manager on his day off. Why would a manager get a day off? He had completely lost his voice.

The entire staff overheard and slow clapped her as she walked out."


"When I worked at a drive-through, I accidentally told a lady a higher price than her actual total. When she arrived at the window, I said, 'Your total is actually $3.43 instead of $7.47. Sorry about the confusion.'

She then asked me if she could have something for free for her 'confusion,' and demanded angrily to speak to manager when I refused. Best part: I was the manager. Not a thing she could say to make me give her free food for no reason."


"I once worked as a host in an Italian restaurant. I was the only male host there, with 4 other very pretty girls as my coworkers/hostesses. One woman wanted her entire meal to be complimentary because, apparently, her husband wouldn't stop staring at the hostess throughout their entire meal."


"I had a customer demand her meal free of charge because her pancakes were 'too round.' Seriously."


"I had a customer one time come in and order 50 wings, in various sauces. Well my brain got all jumbled and I rang them in as boneless chicken bites instead of wings. Not a big deal, they just had to wait a bit longer, so we give them the boneless chicken that we had already made for free to eat while they wait. Their order comes out, they end up with a huge pile of wings to take home, they pay and leave a good tip, everyone is happy.

Fast forward a week, the customer calls us and complains, demanding free food and asking to speak to my supervisor. The district manager comes into the restaurant to check it out. The computer records showed that we had made up for the error and my manager's account of it matched with mine. So I got to sit in the room when the district manager called them back and informed that they would not be getting any free food.

The best part was, a couple months later I was in the bathroom and the same guy enters. He sees me and immediately acts like we're best friends. 'Oh hey buddy! You remember me?' I stared at him for a second: 'oh yeah, I remember now. You're the guy that called and complained after getting 40 bucks worth of free food.' He went as pale as a ghost as I walked out."


"I serve at a diner-style restaurant. This is not a discount story, but I've seen people get a glass of water, request a lot of lemon slices, and stir in the sugar on their table. Boom, they've got lemonade. Who am I to stop them?"


My girlfriend is a waitress and she tells me something ridiculous practically every night. My favorite story was last week actually. A customer came in and complained (before she ordered) that the food was too expensive, and wanted to know what the restaurant was going to do about it. 

She insisted that my girlfriend give her the employee discount, and that the staff HAD to accommodate her. My girlfriend refused, and the woman demanded to see the manager. The worst part is the management reprimanded her for saying no to the customer's request, and comped the entire meal.


"So my husband and I go to this one local hole-in-the-wall once a month. We always sit in the same area with the same waitress and order the same thing.

One time the waitress forgot to leave the pickles off my burger and I didn't even think about it, just pulled 'em off and enjoyed. She saw them sitting there and almost panicked. The manager came over and I kept saying, 'It's not a big deal! I probably forgot to mention it anyway,' but he didn't care and comped the burger.

The poor waitress looked like she was going to have a meltdown.

We paid the bill of around $12.50 with a $50, and told her to keep the change.

Went there last night, she was our waitress again, the service was awesome and we got free pie!"


Someone had the guts to look me in the eye and say, "The grill marks on the grilled onion on my burger? They looked like devil horns, and I take offense to that!"


"My buddy works with a server named Keith. Keith is a bodybuilder, is quite the stud, and was even on a dating show once.

An older gentlemen once came into the restaurant and ordered a margarita. 'Right away sir,' Keith replies as a good server should, and fetches the margarita.

'What?? I didn't want salt on this!'

'No problem sir, let me take care of that for you sir,' Keith responds, and goes back into the kitchen for a new margarita.

He comes back and places it on the table when the man blurts out, 'That's not a new margarita!'

'Why, yes it is sir, a new margarita with no salt.'

'No!' The man persists. 'You're a liar! You just wiped the salt off the rim!'

Keith's smile drops from his face, and in an instant, he SWATS the margarita off the table, sending it shattering onto the dining room floor.

'Nobody calls me a liar, do you understand that? Now you're paying for that one,' he yells, pointing at the pile of broken glass. 'Would you like another one, sir?'

The man nearly jumped out of his skin in fear. Trembling, he meekly asks for another margarita, agrees to pay for the original, and even leaves a nice tip on top of it.

Nobody calls Keith a liar."


"When I was a server, I once had someone come in, order a meal, not eat it, then want it for free 'because I'm not hungry.'"


I'm not a server, but own a computer repair shop. Some people ask for a 'discount' for no particular reason at all. Just for the sake of it. 

'Can I get a discount?' 

'What, off of a $35 job?' 

'Yeah, I need a discount.' 

'What kind of discount?' 

'Just a discount.' 

'How about if I do it for free?' 

'That'd be great!'

'You know what else would be great? People respecting my business. It's $35.'"


I used to work in food service. I saw many people eat everything but one bite, then want all their money back because they didn't like it or said it tasted bad. Managers would give it to them, too.


"One time a guy ordered a pizza, pre-paid for it and didn't show up. He then showed up 2 days later and demanded a refund because his pizza wasn't there."


"I'm not a waiter but a customer, and my problem is the opposite: when there is a problem with the meal or the service, I merely want it fixed. Often, managers will just comp the meal, rather than resolving the actual issue.

I once had an extended telephone conversation with a regional manager, telling him about problems at a restaurant we regularly ate at. It was worth my time to try to get the problems identified and fixed, so we would have a restaurant we enjoyed again. At the end, he asked for my address to send me a coupon for free stuff, and I could tell from his tone that our concerns were not going to be addressed. 

I don't want free. I want good."


(1/2) :While working the drive-through window at a fast food joint in high school, I had a verbally aggressive woman in a mini-van scream at me because we weren't serving breakfast at 12:30pm. While trying my best to calm her down, she demanded that I comp her entire order of a salad, large Diet Coke, and 3 kids meals.

I said what any rational 17 year old would say. 'Uh... no? We can't do that just because we aren't serving breakfast, ma'am.'

To which she proceeded to throw her entire tray of drinks at me while screaming from the top of her lungs that I was a monster as she peeled out of the parking lot.

Later that evening she tried to file a complaint against me with the company. She exaggerated the details and quoted me as saying, 'I ain't gonna help you, you [expletive] [expletive].' She neglected to mention the part about throwing a tray of drinks at me."



(2/2) "I could have lost my job, but luckily I had multiple witnesses and my awesome manager who backed up my story.

After about a week she came through the drive-through a 2nd time. She even had the nerve to complain, as she was ordering, that she came through last week and was treated very poorly, that she was refused breakfast, and that this meal should be comped. My manager asked her to drive on to the parking lot. She came out and confronted the woman through her car window, stating that she not only assaulted one of her employees but also attempted to have him fired under false pretenses. As a result, we would not serve her, period.

Needless to say, she filed a complaint against my manager as well. This one, unfortunately, didn't get as easily dismissed. She was suspended for a week without pay. 

5 years later, I saw my manager completely at random in a department store. I thanked her for sticking up for me and told her the job was never the same after she left. She confided to me that being suspended was actually one of the best things that happened to her, as she had quit the job soon after and was now a district supervisor for the chain she had moved to."


"I saw a woman send back sushi at a Japanese restaurant because it wasn't cooked. Apparently she didn't understand what 'sushi' actually was."


"I walk right up to the table, and before I can even say hello and spit out my name, I am greeted with, 'I want the reuben with fries. I want some ranch dressing to dip them in too, but I'm not going to pay that ridiculous $0.50 charge. My server charged me last time, and I haven't been back for more than a month!'

So I did exactly what she asked. Reuben, fries, and ranch... at an inflated cost of $0.75 due to us making the ranch now instead of buying it.

It was worth not getting her tip."


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