Shocked People Share The Most Messed Up Thing A Family Member Has Done

Weve all got some kind of skeleton in the closet, but some are admittedly worse than others. Way. Worse.

Here, people dish the dirt on the most messed up thing a family member has done. 

Strap in. Some of the these are heavy. 

I had a cousin who was addicted to heroin and his parents were always doing stuff to bail him out and keep him from being homeless. One time they put down a deposit and paid rent for a furnished apartment for him. He ended up selling the furniture for drug money. 

Another time they rented a mobile home for him and couldn't figure out why the water bill was so high. Turns out he was charging his homeless friends $1 to take a bath or shower and that was going on pretty much around the clock.


I asked my uncle, who is a mechanic, if he could install new belts on my Honda since it would be much cheaper then taking it to a shop. He told me he would do it for me, I just had to buy the parts. I bought the parts, took the car to him, and came back a few hours later. He told me he was finished and I paid him $200 for a $450 job, which was dope.

A few days later, my cousin texts me a picture of some parts that his dad asked him to put on eBay. They were all the parts that he said he installed on my car. My cousin thought they may be from me since he knew what job his dad was doing for me. I called my uncle and he denied it firmly. I still had the receipt and matched the bar codes to the ones on my receipt, so I could tell they were clearly mine. My cousin, who is also a mechanic, installed them for free for me a week later.

My uncle still denies it and kept my $200. I don't talk to that pleb anymore even if he's around at family gatherings.


My sister's ex-fianc really charmed everyone in the beginning. We thought he was the sweetest Southern gentleman you've ever met. 

Fast forward to a year later: he got my sister into drugs. They lost all their money and moved in with my mom. He would abuse my sister and my mom. My mom wasn't really a hoarder, but she had a lot of things in her home. This man was a neat freak. So while my mom was at work, he would "clean" out the house by throwing her belongings into the trashcan outside and setting it on fire. These belongings included my late father's things that were sentimental, like his clothes. Also any and all picture albums of our family growing up. He threw away and burned everything. I have no pictures of my dad or myself from when I was younger anymore. 

We had a German Shepherd from when my dad was alive. He let the Shepard loose and called animal control about a stray dog. I think that hurt the worst because we had that dog for years. My mom loved him in the beginning, so she gave him my father's wedding ring because they were going to marry; he pawned that for money. He also sold my laptop for drugs. 

I blamed my sister for everything for a long time. I let her borrow rent money once, but little did I know that she was going to use that for drugs. She ended up leaving him, but they do have a beautiful child together. That's the only good thing about the whole situation. He is and always will be a monster.


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My dad's crowning achievement, in college, has since become illegal in two states.

Step 1: He and several buddies go to a Cadillac dealership at 5:00pm on a Friday. This was before credit cards and automatic banking.
Step 2: They wrote a check for the asking price of one of the shiny new models, and drove off with it.
Step 3: They sell the car at a used Cadillac dealership across town.
Step 4: The used dealer calls the new dealer, and tells him that the car was sold with the dealer plates still on, and the price tag still in the window.
Step 5: New dealer figures that the check the kids wrote is going to bounce, so he calls the cops.
Step 6: My dad and his friends spend the weekend in jail.
Step 7: The banks open monday morning. The check doesn't bounce.
Step 8: My dad and his friends sue the dealers and the state for wrongful imprisonment, and get a settlement of thousands of dollars more than the cost of the car.

Basically, the plan was to seem as shady as possible and get wrongfully arrested for it. They had the lawyer set up before they bought the car. Dad used his share to pay for his, and another friend's, tuition for the year.

The state passed legislation protecting dealers from this kind of thing within the month, and the state to the immediate north adopted the law as well, 30 years later.


So, I was about 2-3 when my dad got my mom a job with his boiler makers union. Awesome pay, great benefits, the whole nine. And my mom, she takes a liking to her boss. So they leave for Europe together and long story short my sister was conceived in the Eiffel tower elevator.

So she comes home "to be with family", but her boss is not with her. She comes home to my father, who works and supports her as she carries and births another man's baby.

And then he raises this child for 19 years. Not only does he treat her as well as he treats me, but she's the baby and she gets extra spoiled. (I hold exactly none of this against her, she's a good kid and I love her so much.) He takes such good care of us and helps us buy and pick and fix our first cars, he does all the labor around the farm, and he's there for us through absolutely anything.

So he's supporting my mom, her two sisters, and me and my sister, all while my mom and the oldest sister play up minor disabilities to get social security on top of the $3k+ my dad pays them each month. I say that they were minor because my mom and one aunt have all the energy in the world when they feel like going shopping or treating themselves to a meal out. The other aunt is the middle sister, she's legally blind and so sweet; I've no idea how she came from the same place as the other two.

Meanwhile, my sister's biological father sent money every birthday and Christmas for my sister. I'm talking like $3-5k for her. She received none of it, even after she turned 18. She often ended up deeply overdrawn in her lunch money school account. Her senior year, she worked two jobs. And my mom and older aunt had hoards of clothing and items they bought for themselves that never came out of the box or bag, tags still on.

Fast forward to this year.

I was overseas over this last winter and spring to be with my long distance partner. We found an opportunity to spend more time together before he goes away for several months, so I asked my dad for a loan to extend my ticket. He said yes without a second thought, and even sent me some extra to spend with my partner.

Then he passed away suddenly in April, less than a week after I was supposed to come back to the US.

My mother had him cremated before I even had the chance to come home. There was no funeral service, even though the VA or Legion would have given him one for free.

Shortly thereafter, it comes to light that he had a pension through his union. My mother is actually prepared to fight to keep it all before she learns I also am a named beneficiary. My sister is not, because it was written before she was born. My mother agrees to split the lump sum for his death in such a way that we think she's willing to share it all equally.

Nope. Now she's refusing to share the lump sum too, so now I split my checks with my sister. All this over some checks that only go until November anyway.

And after cutting my sister out, my mother tried to get us to pay for half of his cremation. You know, the one I wasn't even able to be there for. Yeah, no.

In addition to all of the above, she's also a narcissist, and an all around abuser. Her and my older aunt would often back each other in fights and power plays.

My father was the greatest man I have ever had the great pleasure of knowing. He was endlessly kind, generous, thoughtful and caring. He taught us everything from generousity to how to replace a wheel bearing in a 99 VW Jetta.


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My brother threatened to kick in my front door and kill me (I was 6 months pregnant), my husband, and our 2-year-old son. He had stolen the phone I had purchased for my dad and I turned it off. He wanted me to turn it back on.

Meth is bad, kids.


During my father in-law's unexpected sickness and death, my brother in-law got greedy. While my wife was staying with my father in-law at the hospital, my brother in-law proceeded to loot my father in-law of as many of his earthly possessions as he could load up, and took it all to his house; my wife has never been allowed to go through these personal possessions. 

After moving my father in-law to hospice, to cover his tracks, my brother in-law proceeded to tell the entire family that I had stolen large amounts of money from my father in-law. There was no truth to this whatsoever in any shape, form, or fashion. And in fact, after my father in-law's death, my brother in-law embezzled the estate fund's $50k from the account. My wife ended up suing him and he had to return half. This act tore the family apart - all because of simple greed. It's been 6 years and I think about it ever day, still...


My grandmother said she needed a place to stay one night due to issues with her housemate. She slept on the couch... For the next ten years. She made no effort to get her own place despite having a very good retirement income and still working part time as a nurse. She loved to hit the casino though...


My sisters used to pretend to put me in the oven. Apparently (I was only about 3 at the time, I don't remember) they put me in a wok and seasoned me.


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I was deployed twice overseas and each time I returned home not a single member of my family ever came to see me return. I was the only person returning with my group that had no one there to greet me. The entire four years I was state side, not a single member of my family came to visit. One of my older brothers married a girl from Samoa and my parents flew there for their wedding. My other older brother is in the Army and my parents have traveled to attend all his major military events. I come from a very conservative Mormon/Catholic family in Wyoming and we have generations of veterans in our family. I was the only member of my family to be an Eagle Scout and graduate from college. 

I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I've finally made peace with myself after years of battling sadness mixed with anger. Now that I have my own son, I realize that what I went through was lesson to ensure my son will never experience what I had to go through.


My brother and I had younger sisters who were twins. One time we tied different colored bandanas around their respective waists (they were like 18 months at the time) and made them fight each other for our entertainment. They were vicious.


My grandmother died when I was four, and a couple years later my grandfather got remarried to another woman. What my grandfather did after the marriage is what's messed up. He completely abandoned all his family for his new wife's family, he sold off or gave all of my grandmother's stuff to his new wife, and the last thing he said to me before I never saw him again was, "I'm not your grandpa." Imagine being a six-year-old who's only father figure and hero said that before walking out forever.


My sister lied to a social worker to have us investigated for child abuse and neglect, leading to our foster child being removed from our home even though the claims were found to be false. She also spread the gossip that we were being investigated which hurt some friendships.

That foster child she got removed? Not only did she mess up that baby's life, but she also destroyed my other kids because one day their sibling was home and the next - gone with no warning. We had prepared them for foster kids leaving, but this foster child was within weeks of being adopted by us.

To this day, my sister maintains that she did the right thing because we "didn't need more kids".


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Last week, my mother and sister were visiting. They're both pieces of work, but they've never done anything that bad. One day, I go out shopping with my sister, who is 13, and we got talking about her dad, my former stepdad, when we stop by a candy store. I tell her, "Don't you hate it when Jason (her dad) takes his tax?" My sister looked at me really funny and asked me to elaborate. 

I tell her about how he used to demand 15% of everything I got when I was living with my parents while they were married. 15% of my Halloween candy, 15% of my money from my lemonade stand when I was 9, 15% of my tip and wage from my waitressing job when I was 18 on top of paying rent (about $700 a month). He even demanded my food when I made dinner (I have specific allergies so I needed to eat separate food from my family). These aren't the only things he's done but they're the cheapest. By sister was shocked, and I realized he had only ever done it to me. It was quite jarring to realize I was the only one he was targeting.


One of my uncles borrowed $20,000 from my other more successful uncle to start a business, and refuses to pay his more successful brother back because he's "got so much money already." The more successful uncle refuses to sue him because that's not what family does, but they are no longer on speaking terms.


I have an uncle who always mistreated his wife. Like, to the point of assault. On one occasion, she got into her car and ran him over multiple times. Broken leg, foot, ribs, collar bone, etc. He ended up staying at my dad's house for something like 9 months while he recovered. They got back together. He told her, "Well, you finally got me back."


My girlfriend's cousin assaulted his own sister when he was 18 and she was around 8. He went to jail for a year or so. His mother makes her daughter hang out with him. Seriously, this woman makes her daughter hang out with the man who assaulted her because "they're a family."


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I was severely physically and mentally abused by my parents every single day until I was 16. They continued to mentally abuse me until age 20. Sometimes the beatings and berating would last for hours.

The worst part is that my extended family did nothing to stop it. I told some of my aunts and cousins about what was happening, and they relayed that information back to my parents. The beatings only got worse after that.

I truly had no idea what to do or where to go while this was going on. I now suffer from severe PTSD. It only gets really unbearable after a trigger; the convulsions are horrifying and draining.

They literally ruined my life, and at this point it's been impossible to try to rebuild confidence given the severity of my mental illness.


Imagine my surprise when I found out that my uncles weren't really hunting raccoons. Now I at least know why they would laugh and try to invite my father despite him being a city guy who never learned to shoot. 

My father was more vocal about his racism, whereas I had never heard anything racist from my uncles and they seemed liked good people. I loved them and they looked after me a lot while I was growing up. Learning about them assaulting people for fun just made a whole lot of small stuff click in my head. I almost lost my dinner when I learned the truth.


My brother got my early Alzheimer's father to sign a loan putting the house up, then purposefully defaulted, resulting in my mother being evicted. My mother and father ended up in separate homes, and died a year apart. Then he took all the insurance money and left the grave without a stone.

There's a special place next to the devil for my brother.


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